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Supermassive black hole annihilates star, launches jets at speed of light (IMAGE)

Astronomers have captured a supermassive black hole rip apart a wandering star and shoot out a spectacular jet – the first time the aftermath of a black hole destruction has been observed. Scientists tracked the tidal disruption event (TDE) with radio and infrared telescopes in a pair of colliding galaxies called Arp 299 – some 150 million light-years from Earth ...

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Wilders’ Mohammed cartoon contest gets green light from Dutch counter-terror agency

Dutch anti-Islam firebrand Geert Wilders has confirmed that a Prophet Mohammed cartoon contest will be held in his party’s secure offices in Dutch parliament, after receiving approval for the event from security officials. The divisive right-wing politician and leader of the country’s largest opposition party, the Freedom Party, took to Twitter on Tuesday to announce the news. “Dutch Counter-terrorism Agency ...

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Cambridge Analytica shuts down in light of ‘unfairly negative’ press coverage

Cambridge Analytica is done. In light of the sprawling controversy around its role in improperly obtaining data from Facebook users through a third party, the company will end its US and UK operations. In a press release confirming the decision, the company said that bad press around the Facebook incident has “driven away virtually all of the Company’s customers and ...

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1,374 drones light up the skies to break Guinness World Record in China (VIDEO)

A Chinese drone company has colored the night with 1,374 luminous dancing drones, to set a Guinness World Record for most UAV’s flown at the same time. The spectacular performance was staged above the tourist city of Xian in Northwestern China on Sunday. The quadcopters simultaneously took off from the ancient town walls and created various colorful 3D formations in ...

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RT sheds light on Skripal saga inconsistencies as OPCW releases report (VIDEO)

The world has been quick to blame Russia for the poisoning of Sergei Skripal, despite no evidence being presented. As the OPCW report is released on the incident, RT digs into the controversial issues of the saga. Ever since Skripal and his daughter Yulia were poisoned in the UK town of Salisbury on March 4, the name of the nerve ...

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Russian gas pipeline gets green light from Germany as US tries to kill project

Germany has issued a permit for the construction and operation of an offshore section of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline in the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) of Germany in the Baltic Sea. Read more “The BSH [Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency of Germany] issued the permit for this approximately 30-kilometres-long route section in accordance with the Federal Mining Act,” the ...

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Google explores how light fields shape VR environments in new free app

Lighting can make or break the right photo — when it comes to static environments inside virtual reality that users can move around in, this becomes exponentially more true. Today, Google released a new app for VR devices focused on helping users make sense of “light fields.” They’ve also got a blog post running down some of the research work ...

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Ecobee’s new voice-powered light switch moves closer to whole-home Alexa

Alexa is already everywhere in a lot of homes, thanks to the affordability and ease of installation/setup of the Echo Dot. But Alexa could become even more seamlessly integrated into your home, if you think about it. And Canadian smart home tech maker ecobee did think about it, which is how they came up with the ecobee Switch+. Ecobee is ...

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Astronomers detect light from first-ever stars in pioneering discovery (VIDEO

Astronomers have discovered evidence of the first light in the universe, believed to have emanated from the earliest stars. It all happened some 180 million years after the Big Bang. The remarkable breakthrough was made using a simple but high-tech antenna in the remote Western Australia outback to detect radio signals from the first stars. The research led by Arizona ...

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The new Light Phone 2 keeps things basic but adds e-ink and ‘essentials’

Light is back with a new twist on its anti-smartphone phone. But this time, instead of doing just one thing, the Light Phone 2 does a few, and exists somewhere between the original Light and your overwrought iPhone – though still far closer to the first-generation Light phone overall. The new design features a matte finish e-ink display, which occupies ...

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