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‘There is no God’: Stephen Hawking thought alien life or time travel more likely than divine creator

Legendary physicist Stephen Hawking did not believe in the existence of God, his final book reveals. The posthumous manuscript also delves into alien theories and the dangers of artificial intelligence. More than six months after Hawking passed away at the age of 76, his family have pulled together what they believe to be some of the scientist’s most compelling answers ...

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Is this ‘life on Mars’? New project makes walking on red planet a virtual reality (VIDEO)

NASA scientists can experience life on Mars using VR software that maps out the Red Planet’s exact landscape, thanks to data collected from NASA’s Curiosity Rover. OnSight, a mixed-reality software, allows the space agency to give its scientists the chance to take a “virtual field trip” to Mars where they can study the planet’s geology using data collected from NASA’s ...

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‘End of love story’: Poll says for 2/3 of EU citizens life wouldn’t be worse without the bloc

Nearly two-thirds of EU citizens think that life wouldn’t be worse without the bloc, a recent survey revealed. It probably highlights the end of a love story between Brussels and those living in the union, an analyst told RT. The report which says there is a significant divide between the leadership and the people within the EU was released by ...

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Washington Supreme Court rules death penalty unconstitutional, changes death sentences to life

Washington State’s Supreme Court has ruled that the death penalty is unlawful under the state constitution and has converted all eight current death sentences to life in prison. The justices said that the death penalty is “invalid” because it is imposed “in an arbitrary and racially biased manner” and “fails to serve any legitimate penological goals.” 🚨🚨🚨HUGE news: Washington Supreme ...

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Food or art? Meals frozen in time make light of dangerous, daily life in icy Antarctica

Dishing up gourmet eats can be a breeze for some. To spice things up a bit, French scientist Cyprien Verseux took the culinary arts outdoors to amaze and educate by cooking – or trying to – in -60 degrees C Antarctic temperatures. The French leader of Antarctica’s Concordia Station and astrobiologist shared the silly snaps on Twitter to show what ...

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‘Lost volcano world’ teeming with life discovered thousands of meters below remote seas (PHOTOS)

An expedition to map remote parts of the ocean off Australia has yielded a startling discovery – a “lost world” of volcanoes where towering underwater peaks reach higher than sierras in the Andes mountain range. Uncovered by a Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) vessel during a trip 400km east of Tasmania, the subaquatic world appears to be teeming ...

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Lindsey Graham gets his ‘thug life’ memes in afterglow of Kavanaugh saga

Published time: 7 Oct, 2018 22:49 Sen. Lindsey Graham didn’t mince his words defending Brett Kavanaugh as his Supreme Court nomination was debated, slamming his political opponents and smugly dismissing protesters. So ‘thug life’ memes were called for. The videos of him interacting with protesters, or rather shrugging off protesters, have gone viral as supporters professed their love to the ...

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Hugs could buffer against life sapping conflict stress – study

A simple hug may be all one needs to protect against physically draining stress levels often present after a blazing argument or individual conflict, a new study into interpersonal touch has found. Hugs are typically associated with affection and a general fuzzy feeling of friendliness. READ MORE: Scientists unveil plan to stave off global pandemics with a Noah’s Ark… of bacteria ...

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‘Robotic skins’ brings inanimate objects to life and gives them purpose (VIDEO)

Yale researchers have created a new ‘robotic skin’ design that can pretty much turn any inanimate object into a multifunctional robot at a moment’s notice. The transformative ‘skins’ were developed in partnership with NASA under the premise of sending repurposable hardware into space. The skins are made up of sheets of elastic, embedded with pairs of sensors and actuators, which ...

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Live long & prosper: Real-life Planet Vulcan orbiting ‘Star Trek’ sun & could host life

Astronomers have boldly gone where no man has gone before in announcing that Star Trek’s fictional planet Vulcan is real – and even has a sun just like ours. The planet is twice the size of Earth and has a 42-day-long year. Since the show’s writer associated Vulcan with a real star, named 40 Eridani A, curious scientists and sci-fi ...

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