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Rebuilding Syria: RT films repaired factories & roads as country slowly returns to peaceful life

War-torn Syria is rebuilding after the successful expulsion of militants from large parts of the country. RT’s crew visited strategic factories and roads, as well as peach orchards, as they return to normality. A cable and electrics factory located in the town of Adra outside Damascus was looted clean by militants during the war. As the Syrian government got it ...

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Openbook is the latest dream of a digital life beyond Facebook

As tech’s social giants wrestle with antisocial demons that appear to be both an emergent property of their platform power, and a consequence of specific leadership and values failures (evident as they publicly fail to enforce even the standards they claim to have), there are still people dreaming of a better way. Of social networking beyond outrage-fuelled adtech giants like Facebook and ...

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Dutch anti-migrant politician takes own life after revealing she was raped by ‘Muslim gang’

A city councilor in The Hague and member of the anti-immigrant Freedom Party has taken her own life, hours after posting a video on Facebook in which she claimed she was gang-raped by Muslims as part of an intimidation campaign. Willie Dille, 53, reportedly ended her own life on Wednesday, shortly after sharing a video on social media in which ...

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Haley hands $9mn to Venezuelan refugees, raises regime change days after attempt on Maduro’s life

US envoy to the UN Nikki Haley visited the Colombia-Venezuela border to announce a $ 9-million aid package for refugees there. She took the opportunity to muse on the ouster of Nicolas Maduro, days after an assassination attempt. While on a visit to Colombia to endorse the newly elected President Ivan Duque, Haley also traveled to the border with Venezuela. ...

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Samsung teases Note 9’s extended battery life in new video spot

Based on the many, many Galaxy Note 9 leaks we’ve seen in the past few weeks and months, it seems like a pretty safe bet that the upcoming phablet won’t look all that different from its predecessors. The phablet does, however, appear to have a lot going under the hood. The most recent piece of news hinted at a massive ...

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Life on Mars? Scientists discover underground 'lake' at south pole

Scientists have discovered what they believe is a lake hidden below a mile of ice at the south pole of Mars. The water was detected by radar and is situated below the southern polar ice cap of the red planet. Read more The discovery was unveiled in a study conducted by the Italian Space Agency. The evidence comes from the Mars ...

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Did the moon once support life? It’s likely, according to a new scientific study

Life could have existed on the Moon billions of years ago, according to a new scientific study, which concludes that the necessary environmental conditions could have existed there, at not one but two points in history. The research, published in the Astrobiology journal this week, does not say definitively that there was ever life on the Moon, but argues that ...

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Clinton on Life Alert?

Hillary Clinton’s health was again the subject of Twitter speculation, after she appeared at a festival last weekend wearing a necklace that looked suspiciously like a ‘Life Alert’ panic button. Clinton was appearing at OZY Festival, a weekend event of music, food, political discussion and liberal ‘comedy’ in New York’s Central Park. As well as rocking a Homer Simpson-style Hawaiian ...

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Russian tycoon wins compensation from model and sex coach over ‘disclosure of private life’

Russian billionaire Oleg Deripaska has won 1 million roubles in compensation from two people who disclosed details of his private life by describing a yacht trip with a former senior government official. On Monday a court in Russia’s Krasnodar Region ordered Anastasiya Vashukevich and Aleksandr Kirillov to pay Deripaska 500,000 roubles (just under $ 8,000) each as compensation for damages ...

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