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Statue of Liberty evacuated after propane tank fire

Liberty Island in New York, home of the iconic Statue of Liberty, was evacuated after three 100-pound propane tanks burst into flames. The fire began at a construction site on the island just before noon on Monday. As the blaze took hold, over 3,000 visitors queued up for boats as they were evacuated back to Manhattan. EVACUATED: Visitors to the ...

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Sessions launches pro-Christian ‘religious liberty task force’

US Attorney General Jeff Sessions has announced the creation of a “religious liberty task force,” charged with defending the rights of the faithful to say no to creeping atheism. Speaking at Monday’s Religious Liberty Summit, Sessions said that the task force would help implement the religious liberty guidance the Justice Department issued last October. While the guidance clearly instructs government agencies ...

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Facebook allows Radio Liberty to promote illegal political ads while touting stricter rules

Facebook now appears to watch RT’s every step, but it has allowed the US government-funded Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty to publish political ads targeting Americans, while introducing restrictions for other media. The alarm over a federal-backed outlet targeting its Facebook ads at US audiences was sounded by the New York Times. The paper said that the move constituted a “potential ...

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Russian court fines Radio Liberty over violation of Foreign Agents Law

A magistrate in Moscow has imposed a $ 1600 fine on US-funded media outlet, Radio Liberty, over violation of the law on ‘foreign agents’ in mass media, in particular over the failure to present a report about its activities. “The magistrate of the Tverskoy District Court has found the Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty  guilty of a civil offence and ordered ...

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Anti-ICE protester scales Statue of Liberty, prompting island evacuation & rescue

Visitors had to be evacuated from the Statue of Liberty on Independence Day after a group of activists protesting against the US government’s immigration enforcement agency caused a disruption. Several people hung a banner from the statue’s pedestal calling for the abolition of ICE. After they were arrested, another person managed to climb the monument’s base and stay there for ...

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Facebook ‘sorry’ for censoring nude breasts from iconic French liberty goddess painting

Facebook has apologized for censoring a play advertisement featuring a bare-breasted woman from Eugene Delacroix’s legendary French Revolution painting, which the social media giant called inappropriate. The social media network raised eyebrows recently after its no-nudity policy seemed to go too far once again. Designed to stop pornography and abuse, the policy led to the blocking of the iconic 1830 ...

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Radio Liberty poll on Stalinist purges ends in epic trolling thread

After Radio Liberty asked Russians to recall the fate of their families in times of repression, the thread was flooded with mocking tweets about “grandparents who died childless after 20 years of executions.” In the early hours of Monday, on the 65th anniversary of Joseph Stalin’s death, the Russian branch of Radio Liberty posted a tweet reading: “How did your ...

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IOC allow Statue of Liberty on USA hockey helmets; Russian symbols still banned

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) will allow The US Olympic Women’s Ice Hockey goaltenders to wear helmets depicting the Statue of Liberty, despite concerns that they may violate IOC rules on national symbols. Goalies Nicole Hensley and Alex Rigsby both have custom-made masks for the ongoing PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympic Games emblazoned with the image of the iconic statue in ...

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Russia lists 9 media outlets as foreign agents, including Voice of America, Radio Liberty

Published time: 5 Dec, 2017 06:33 Edited time: 5 Dec, 2017 06:58 Nine media outlets have been registered as foreign agents by Russia’s Justice Ministry, in accordance with a recently passed law. The law comes in response to the US Congress’s moves towards RT America. On Tuesday, Voice of America and Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty, including its regional ...

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Ending DACA is a betrayal of us and Statue of Liberty

Eight hundred thousand humans. We see large numbers every day related to tragedy, but it’s only when tragedy strikes the one you love does the magnitude of the situation seem comprehensible. Eight hundred thousand reduced to one. I came here from St. Lucia when I was 3 — 19 years ago. There wouldn’t be going back for me, because I ...

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