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‘Putin is a strong leader, we should never be weak with him’ – Macron

French President Emmanuel Macron says Russian President Vladimir Putin is a clever ‘strongman’ who exploits his opponents’ weaknesses, and who has a completely different view on democracy than his Western counterparts. “I think he’s a very strong man. He’s a strong president. He wants a great Russia. People are proud with his policy,” the French leader said in an interview ...

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Leader of ISIS cell supporters blows himself up to avoid arrest in Russia

The leader of a terrorist cell, which had connections to the jihadist group Islamic State, has killed himself with an improvised explosive device in order to avoid being arrested, Russian law enforcement said. The cell was planning bomb and gun attacks in Russia’s Rostov region, but was identified and thwarted before they could act, the Federal Security Service (FSB) reported ...

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Judge governors by number of smiling faces in their regions – Liberal-Democratic leader

Nationalist politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky says the Russian president should stop reading reports and analyses from the various regions and start basing his assessments simply on the number of happy faces seen on public web cams. Speaking at the State Council – the top consultative body in Russia dealing with general issues of regarding national politics, the economy, and law – ...

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Sanctions against Russia are 'absurd' & harm Italian industry – Northern League leader

The EU’s anti-Russia sanctions are “absurd” and are causing “immeasurable harm” to Italy’s economy, the leader of the Northern League party said, calling for an end to the economic restrictions. Matteo Salvini, who has been the leader of Italy’s right-wing Northern League party since 2013, took to social media to slam the sanctions on Monday. “I hope to be in ...

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Iranian leader worse than Hitler, absolute monarchy is cool – Saudi crown prince

Seemingly discontent with just being the darling of the British establishment, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MbS) is on a charm offensive to win over the American public as well. The crown prince must have figured the surefire way to impress the US political establishment was by glorifying Israel and demonizing Iran, judging by his wide-ranging puff interview with ...

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Top Communist names farm magnate Grudinin as party’s ‘new Russian national leader’

Russian Communists have hailed Pavel Grudinin as their new national leader after assessing the politician’s performance in the recent presidential election campaign. Grudinin spoke at the plenary session of the Communist Party’s Central Committee, where he expressed the opinion that he had not lost the presidential race, Kommersant daily reports. “We have not lost. I should not only have a ...

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Expel Americans from historic Moscow mansion, leader of Russian nationalist party urges

Vladimir Zhirinovsky has proposed having the US ambassador expelled from the famous Spaso House residence in Moscow, and suggested that his party should occupy the building after it becomes vacant. “We have repeatedly proposed using asymmetrical measures. For example, we could reply to the expulsion of our diplomats by depriving the US Embassy in Moscow of the magnificent Spaso House ...

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Rope-a-dope: Senate Republican leader proposes bill to legalize hemp

No one tell Attorney General Jeff Sessions, but hemp – the industrial variety of cannabis – may soon be removed from the federal list of controlled substances, courtesy of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. McConnell (R-Kentucky) announced a bill on Monday that would legalize the growing of hemp as an agricultural product. The Hemp Farming Act of 2018 would legalize ...

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Ex-Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont detained in Germany

Published time: 25 Mar, 2018 10:48 Edited time: 25 Mar, 2018 10:56 Carles Puigdemont has been detained in Germany, according to the former Catalan president’s lawyer. An arrest warrant was issued for Puigdemont in Finland after the former president visited the country for talks with lawmakers. He was returning to Belgium, where he lives in self-imposed exile, when he was ...

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Xi reelected Chinese leader in unanimous vote by lawmakers

Xi Jinping was reelected as president by China’s National People’s Congress for a second five-year term on Saturday. It came a week after delegates voted to remove the limit on the number of consecutive presidential terms. Xi, 64, also serves as chairman of the Central Military Commission and general secretary of the Communist Party of China. His reelection went unopposed, ...

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