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'Trump denied the American people oversight in endless war': Lawmakers react to Syria strikes

Not all US lawmakers have welcomed the “illegal” strike on Syria ordered by President Donald Trump that was allegedly in retaliation for a staged chemical attack in the suburb of Damascus last week. Without having the mandate from the United Nations, Washington and two of its European allies have launched strikes against Syrian targets, seeking to retaliate against President Bashar ...

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UK's search of Russian plane violates international law – Aeroflot, lawmakers

The inspection of a Russian plane, which was carried out by UK authorities in the absence of the crew and without any justification, violates international legal norms, Aeroflot airline and top Russian lawmakers said. Aeroflot confirmed to RT that UK police and customs services performed a search aboard its Airbus A321 aircraft after it landed in the British capital on ...

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When FARA is not far enough: US lawmakers invent new ways to brand RT as propaganda

US lawmakers are suggesting new ways to brand RT and Sputnik as “propaganda,” believing registration as ‘foreign agents’ is not enough. RT is already being censored by having its access to Capitol Hill denied. Concerned that Americans may be watching “foreign propaganda” (or something different than what is offered on the mainstream media menu) Representatives Seth Moulton (D-MA) and Elise ...

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Facebook’s latest privacy debacle stirs up more regulatory interest from lawmakers

Facebook’s late Friday disclosure that a data analytics company with ties to the Trump campaign improperly obtained — and then failed to destroy — the private data of 50 million users is generating more unwanted attention from politicians, some of whom were already beating the drums of regulation in the company’s direction. On Saturday morning, Facebook dove into the semantics ...

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Xi reelected Chinese leader in unanimous vote by lawmakers

Xi Jinping was reelected as president by China’s National People’s Congress for a second five-year term on Saturday. It came a week after delegates voted to remove the limit on the number of consecutive presidential terms. Xi, 64, also serves as chairman of the Central Military Commission and general secretary of the Communist Party of China. His reelection went unopposed, ...

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Hefty & heftier: US lawmakers push Trump to spend more on Russian ‘propaganda fight’

The State Department has a $ 120-million war chest to counter ‘Russian propaganda’ but that’s not enough for top lawmakers, who are demanding that President Donald Trump pumps even more into the costly effort. Members of the House Armed Services Committee demanded that the US president invests more money and finally appoints a leader of the Global Engagement Center (GEC), ...

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Chinese lawmakers vote to remove presidential term limits

The Chinese National People’s Congress has approved the removal of presidential term limits. The move potentially allows the incumbent leader, Xi Jinping, to remain as president for life. The constitutional amendment that removes the previous two-term limit was passed by Chinese lawmakers on Sunday. The draft was approved almost unanimously, with only two ‘no’ votes and three abstentions among almost ...

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‘Positive sign after years of hardline rhetoric’: Russian senator on US lawmakers’ call for dialogue

The call for dialogue from US lawmakers who urged Washington to “urgently engage with Russia,” after President Putin presented new advanced Russian arms, seems to be a step towards policy change, Senator Konstantin Kosachev said. On Thursday, a group of US lawmakers argued for starting a dialogue with Russia “to avoid miscalculation and reduce the likelihood of conflict,” according to ...

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Florida lawmakers pass gun bill that allows arming ‘some’ school staff

Published time: 8 Mar, 2018 00:28 Edited time: 8 Mar, 2018 00:42 By a narrow margin, Florida legislators have passed controversial gun safety legislation limiting sales of certain firearms and providing for the arming of some school staff, in the wake of the recent massacre in Parkland. Senate Bill 7076 passed by a 67-50 vote on Wednesday evening, after over ...

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Russian lawmakers emphasize that Putin’s address was a call for peace and talks

Pre-empting western interpretations of the presidential address to parliament as saber rattling, several Russian lawmakers explained the stating of Russia’s strength. The aim was furthering peace, equality and justice, they said. Head of the Upper House Foreign Relations Committee Konstantin Kosachev told RT that the parliamentary address that Vladimir Putin delivered on Thursday could share the fate of Putin’s 2007 ...

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