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No PACE cooperation in 2019 due to ‘anti-Russian hysteria’ – snr lawmaker

As Russia will most likely not return to PACE in 2019 because the group had postponed the discussion of national delegations’ rights following the lead of Russophobic minority, a senior State Duma MP has said. The comment from MP Leonid Slutsky came soon after the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) announced the decision to postpone till January ...

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Centrist lawmaker seeks total prohibition in Russia to bring alcohol producers to heel

A Russian MP, known for his staunch pro-Christian views, has proposed a nationwide ban on alcohol sales and the launch of radical reforms of the industry in order to reduce the consumption of alcohol. In his letter to Minister of Health Veronika Skvortsova, MP Vitaly Milonov (United Russia) said that Russia’s future was going to “drown in tons of poisonous ...

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Crimean lawmaker describes Poroshenko’s call to say goodbye to Russia as ‘self-consolation’

A Russian federal lawmaker representing the Crimean Republic mocked Poroshenko’s recent comments about Ukraine bidding “farewell” to Russia and joining NATO as “self-consolation” and a rather desperate plea to the West. On Friday, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko called for lawmakers to pass his recent bill on including the path to joining NATO in the Ukrainian Constitution, saying it would be ...

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Russia can completely dump US dollar in 5 years – snr lawmaker

The head of the Russian Lower House Committee for Financial Markets has backed a plan to completely stop using the US dollar, noting that the program can be completed in three to five years. “I think these are all very feasible proposals, though they are not designed to save our banking system, but to implement the measures that would make ...

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Taking candy from a baby: Russian lawmaker wants to ban children from buying sweets

A Russian lawmaker has proposed fighting child obesity with radical measures – banning the sale of candy to children under 14 and marking foods which have a high sugar content with graphic warnings, similar to cigarettes. “Children know no measure in their love of sweet foods: when they have pocket money they often spend all of it at once, and ...

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Freemasons boss sues pro-Christian Russian lawmaker for defamation

The head of the Grand Masonic Lodge of Russia has taken a federal lawmaker, known for his staunch pro-Christian and anti-gay stance, to court, seeking material compensation over alleged public insults to the brotherhood. In his lawsuit the head of Russian Freemasons, Andrey Bogdanov, wants MP Vitaly Milonov (United Russia) to refute the “false and insulting” statements about Freemasonry and ...

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‘For sick people only’: Pro-Christian lawmaker proposes ban on Russian sex shops

A Russian MP known for his pro-Christian and anti-gay views has said sex shop customers are “sick people and maniacs” and urged a nationwide ban on open sales and advertising of sex toys. “The shops that sell goods for adults must cease to exist, they simply must be destroyed. And all their advertising must be destroyed. Sex shops are for ...

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Nationalist Russian lawmaker advocates dedicated agency for protecting animal rights

An MP from Russia’s nationalist-populist opposition party LDPR has asked the deputy PM in charge of agriculture to create an agency to prepare laws for the “maximum protection of animal rights.” “At current moment, there are more and more cases of cruel treatment of animals registered in the Russian Federation. State Duma members receive hundreds of letters from voters demanding ...

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‘Product of chemical synthesis’: Russian lawmaker targets artificial food additives in new bill

A Russian lawmaker has proposed banning the naming of foodstuffs made with excessive artificial components after traditional products such as “sausage” or “lemonade.” MP Vitaly Milonov of the majority United Russia party addressed the Minister of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov in an open letter, insisting the state must toughen rules on product naming in the food industry to prevent ...

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Here we go again! US lawmaker says he was told Moscow played role in Charlottesville riots

A lot has happened on the one-year anniversary of the Charlottesville riots. Donald Trump has said he condemns racism, his critics have criticized him and, true to form, someone in Washington found a way to blame the Russians. When there’s no evidence proving Moscow was behind election-meddling or collusion, it’s time to throw the “Russia did it” bombshell elsewhere. Congressman ...

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