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Academics 'rewrite' Mein Kampf using radical feminist language, paper accepted

A trio of frustrated academics has perpetrated an elaborate hoax exposing malpractice within academic research by submitting 20 bizarre and deliberately ridiculous papers for publication, several of which were accepted. Portland State University assistant professor of philosophy Peter Boghossian and mathematician James Lindsay are the authors behind the now infamous ‘conceptual penis’ as a social construct paper in which the ...

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Body language spoke louder than words at this years’ UN General (VIDEO)

Published time: 29 Sep, 2018 14:01 As this year’s UN General Assembly session draws to a close, thanks to President Trump, it may be remembered more for its “body language” than all the tough political talk. Whether they were the delegation of a long-standing ally of the US or an adversary, Trump’s speech to the assembly floor elicited a range ...

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‘Brussels only understands language of money, not values’ – Italian Deputy PM Salvini

EU bureaucrats are not interested in values and principles, Italian Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini told RT. He also said nations like France take a hypocritical stance when they bash Italy’s migration policy. Italy will not vote for the EU’s next seven-year budget if there is not an agreement on other crucial issues, like migration, Salvini, who also serves as ...

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Pollution ‘hugely’ impacts intelligence with language skills most affected, research reveals

A new study found chronic exposure to air pollution can take a “huge” toll on one’s intelligence. The average impact of breathing in toxic air is the loss of a whole year of education, the study found. The risks posed by unsafe air to people’s physical health are already well documented, as the World Health Organization claims 4.6 million people ...

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Google updates Location History language after tracking backlash

Four days after admitting that it continues to track users even after the Location History tracking has been disabled, Google has updated its website to more accurately reflect the nature of its location policy.  “This setting does not affect other location services on your device, like Google Location Services and Find My Device,” the updated Google Account Help page now ...

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Google wants Go to become the go-to language for writing cloud apps

The Google -incubated Go language is one of the fastest growing programming languages today, with about one million active developers using it worldwide. But the company believes it can still accelerate its growth, especially when it comes to its role in writing cloud applications. And to do this, the company today announced Go Cloud, a new open-source library and set ...

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‘Two boxers starting a match’: Trump and Putin's gestures dissected by body language expert

Donald Trump appeared uncomfortable but confident before his summit with Vladimir Putin, a body language expert told RT, noting that both leaders looked more relaxed after their meeting – perhaps a sign of the summit’s success. Speaking with the press before launching into a private meeting that lasted more than two hours, Trump and Putin’s posture and hand gestures provided ...

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FB Messenger auto-translation chips at US/Mexico language wall

Facebook’s been criticized for tearing America apart, but now it will try to help us forge bonds with our neighbors to the south. Facebook Messenger will now offer optional auto-translation of English to Spanish and vice-versa for all users in the United States and Mexico. It’s a timely launch given the family separation troubles at the nation’s border. The feature ...

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War games: Liberals slam Trump for using ‘language of the enemy’

President Donald Trump’s pledge to end “war games” in South Korea came as a surprise to commentators, and was viewed by many as a weighty concession to Kim Jong-un. To Twitter liberals however, the issue was a semantic one. Trump spun the concession as a money-saving decision, as well as a goodwill gesture to Kim.   “We will be stopping ...

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Political polyglots: World leaders employ their foreign language skills – with mixed results (VIDEO)

Vladimir Putin’s emergency German language interjections during a recent heated interview with an Austrian journalist has begged the question: Which other world leaders have rolled out a foreign language, for better or for worse? At times, the Russian president’s conversation with Armin Wolf, from Austria’s state ORF channel, became so contentious that Putin found himself switching to Wolf’s native tongue ...

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