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Amazon FreeTime Unlimited finally lands on Apple’s App Store

Five and half years after it launched, one of the more popular apps for kids’ reading and entertainment has finally arrived on the iOS. Amazon FreeTime Unlimited, the e-commerce giant’s subscription service for children 3-12 that gives unlimited access to 10,000 books, movies and TV shows for $ 2.99 per month for up to four users across tablets, phones, e-readers, ...

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Trainee pilot lands plane on California street at rush hour (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

A pilot made a miraculous emergency landing on a busy California street on Friday. The speeding plane somehow managed to avoid cars, people, and a mass of electric cables. The Cessna 172 aircraft made its death-defying landing near Hamilton Avenue and Magnolia Street in Huntington Beach just before 5pm. The pilot, who was reportedly just a trainee, experienced engine trouble ...

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Russian Boeing 737 lands after reported mid-flight engine failure

A Pobeda Boeing 737 reported to have 170 people on board has landed in Moscow with only one working engine. The plane had to turn around mid-flight en route to the Russian city of Astrakhan after its right engine failed. On Saturday morning, the budget airline’s plane had to turn around mid-flight. The pilot made the decision to turn back ...

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Sichuan captain lands aircraft after co-pilot ‘sucked halfway’ out the windshield (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Sichuan Airlines Airbus A319 was forced to perform an extreme emergency landing in China after one of the cockpit’s windshields shattered, nearly sucking the co-pilot out of the plane at 32,000 feet. Flight 3U8633 took off from Chongqing city at 6:26 am on Monday and has managed to climb to 9,800 meters (32,150 feet) when a windshield on the right ...

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Pompeo lands in Saudi Arabia, immediately calls for new sanctions against Iran

The secretary of state has commenced a three-day tour designed to rally American allies in the Middle East, as new sanctions against Iran loom and the nuclear deal with Tehran hangs in the balance. “We are urging nations around the world to sanction any individuals and entities associated with Iran’s missile program, and it has also been a big part ...

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1st non-stop flight from Australia to Britain lands after 17 hours

The first non-stop flight between Australia and the UK has landed at London’s Heathrow Airport. A Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner carrying over 230 passengers and crew completed its 14,498km (9,009-mile) journey from Perth in 17 hours. Captain Lisa Norman, one of four pilots on board, told passengers of Qantas Flight QF9 after touchdown: “I would like to welcome you to the ...

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US-China biotech startup XtalPi lands $15M from Google, Tencent and Sequoia

Google continues to increase its presence in China after it joined Sequoia China and Tencent in a $ 15 million investment for XtalPi, a U.S.-China biotech firm that uses artificial intelligence and computing to accelerate the development of new drugs. The search giant remains blocked in China, but that hasn’t stopped it from making a series of moves in recent months. It is ...

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Civilization VI lands on iPad

In case you wanted something engrossing to keep you distracted from family squabbles this holiday, a special gift just arrived: Civilization VI, which is now available as a $ 30 purchase for iPad via the App Store. The world building simulation game is possibly the most ambitious and expansive ever to hit the iPad, and it has hefty spec requirements ...

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Firefox lands on Amazon’s Fire TV

If you own an Amazon Fire TV, you can now use Firefox to browse the web on your TV. As Mozilla and Amazon announced today, Firefox, which joins Amazon’s own Silk browser on the device, is now available for all your browsing needs. “Bringing Firefox to Fire TV is an exciting new way to reach our users and serve up more ...

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Christmas comes early for May as she lands PMQs zinger on Corbyn (VIDEO)

Published time: 20 Dec, 2017 16:42 Christmas came early for Theresa May at Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday as she was finally given the chance to stick it to Jeremy Corbyn with a joke that actually appeared to hit its target. The House of Commons erupted with laughter when the PM reminded Labour opposition leader Corbyn of a comment he ...

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