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China tells North Korea to stop testing nuclear missiles

China delivered the warning hours after backing tough new UN sanctions.  The 15-strong UN Security Council, including Britain, the US and Russia, voted unanimously on curbs with the potential to slash exports of £2.3billion a year by a third.  The measures ban exports of coal, iron, iron ore, lead, lead ore and seafood and prohibits countries from hiring additional North ...

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Fears North Korea could steal RADIOACTIVE water to make nuclear weapons

GETTY TEPCO stores millions of gallons of radioactive water in tank farms Plans to unleash a tidal wave of highly radioactive waste off the coast of Japan has raised concerns the toxic water could be repurposed for sinister uses.  The chemically-laden water – which comes from the crippled Fukushima Daichii nuclear plant – contains a rare radioactive element, tritium.  The ...

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BREAKING: China demands North Korea halts its DEFIANCE but issues warning to the US

The foreign ministers of China and North Korea started bilateral talks in Manila, the Philippines yesterday following the unanimous decision by the United Nations Security Council to apply tough sanctions on Pyongyang over its missile tests. The rare international meeting which involved the North Korea’s Ri Yong Ho was closed to the media. More to follow… Daily Express :: World Feed

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North Korea now capable of bombing NEW YORK and BOSTON, warns scientist

Other major American cities including Boston are also in danger from despot Kim Jong-un’s missile programme.  The terrifying warning was issued by the Union of Concerned Scientists earlier this week.  David Wright of the group’s global security programme said Kim’s most recent missile test sent a very real warning to the  West. The Hwasong-14 missile was fired hundreds of miles ...

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BREAKING: North Korea hit with HUGE sanctions as missile row escalates

The hermit state has repeatedly ignored worldwide pleas to end its aggressive military programme and fired two missiles last month.  The most recent was especially worrying for Kim Jong-un’s enemies, with experts warning it shows an attack on the US mainland is increasingly likely.  Tonight the UN announced it had unanimously agreed to impose new sanctions.  The Security Council’s sanctions ...

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Inside the world’s militaries: How do North Korea, Russia & US compare as WW3 threat loom

GETTY Worried world leaders have had the chance to roll out their armies and armadas amid global threat Russia and China showed off their might last week with military and naval displays. A mighty armada sailed around the Neeva River in St Petersburg, while thousands of commandoes were marched through Inner Mongolia. Presidents Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping each addressed ...

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North Korea v USA live: North Korea warns US 'on edge of death' – latest news, threats

North Korea threatens to send ‘unexpected gift packages’ to the US US defence expert claims Kim Jong-un could develop H-bomb soon  Kim Jong-un’s latest missile have could hit New York, experts warn  Rex Tillerson tells North Korea ‘we are not the enemy’  Donald Trump slams China for ‘doing nothing’ on the North Korea threat Here are the latest threats, live ...

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US could develop deadly mini-nukes to contain the threat of nuclear war with North Korea

General Paul J Selva warned that America cannot let its nuclear weapons arsenal slip amid the growing missile programmes of North Korea, Russia, Iran, and China. Speaking in Washington DC, the vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said: “There is no substitute for the prospect of a devastating nuclear response to deter that threat.” But he also warned ...

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‘Don’t sleep easy!’ USA sends chilling warning to North Korea as nuclear tension escalates

Amid an ever-tightening spiral of threat and counter-threat, an official close to Donald Trump told Kim Jong-un he would “not sleep easily at night”. It marks the latest worrying development as the situation on the volatile Korean peninsula edges closer towards outright military conflict.  When asked whether despot Kim Jong-un should be “sleeping easy at night”, US National Security Advisor ...

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North Korea tensions soar as US ‘prepares to deploy aircraft carriers’ to peninsula waters

THE US Navy may send two aircraft carriers the Korean Peninsula as a response to North Korea’s latest ballistic missile tests. The USS Ronald Reagan and USS Carl Vinson aircraft carriers are being considered for deployment to the region, according to South Korean military officials. Pentagon officials have reportedly been mulling over whether to fast-track the warships as part of ...

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