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South Korea ready for military talks with Kim Jong-un's regime in sidewipe at Donald Trump

South Korean president Moon Jae-in wants to hold the talks later this week to diffuse tensions with the rogue state. There was no immediate response from North Korea to the proposal for talks later this week.  North and South Korea technically remain at war but Moon has pledged to engage North Korea in dialogue as well as bring pressure to ...

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US earmarks cash for 'unreliable' missile defence as North Korea threatens 'ANNIHILATION'

The act will see $ 696 billion added to the US defence budget, with $ 12.5 billion earmarked for missile defence programmes. It comes amid concerns US military bases could be at risk if targeted by Kim Jong-un’s newly developed Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBM’s). Earlier this week the hermit kingdom’s propaganda unit claimed the successful launch of a Hwasong 14 ...

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North Korea threatens to 'annihilate' US as Kim attempts to bully Trump over sanctions

Weeks after North Korea launched its first intercontinental ballistic missile, the UN announced plans to impose another set of sanctions on the communist state to condemn the test launch. Kim’s underling also blamed President Donald Trump for pushing the UN to impose the sanctions. The foreign ministry spokesman reportedly said: “Should the United Nations Security Council adopt another ‘resolution on ...

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Donald Trump ‘should GIVE AID to North Korea’ not impose sanctions, US envoy declares

The astonishing claim did come with a caveat, that the aid should only be given to the secretive states residents if transparency of distribution is secured. Mr King said: “Aid at the civic level should also be extended to the North under the same condition.” The diplomat has also criticised the decision to place sanctions on Kim Jong–un, which he ...

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South Korea conducts massive live-fire drill as Seoul fears invasion by Kim Jong-un’s army

Tensions on the border have been rapidly building over recent months as despot leader Kim Jong-un continues to push his nuclear weapons programme. Last week, Pyongyang tested its latest intercontinental ballistic missile – which is reportedly capable of reaching Alaska some 5,500km away. And now the warmongering dictator has boasted it would be a piece of cake to nuke both ...

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China's trade with North Korea SKYROCKETS despite Trump & UN's plea for harsher sanctions

Data from Chinese customs show the trade between the two nations has grew by £1.98 billion in the first six months of 2017. North Korea has imported 29.1 per cent more from China this year, equivalent to £1.29 billion, however China has imported 13.2 per cent less from North Korea from the months of January to June. Highlighting the legitimacy ...

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North Korea EARTHQUAKE: Hermit state ROCKED by tremor

The 6.0-magnitude quake was measured at 348.2 miles (560 km) below the seabed, and unlikely to cause any damage. Its epicentre was 125 miles (201 km) south-east of the North Korean city of Chongjin. A Pentagon spokesman has said initial indications show the earthquake is not the result of another nuclear test. More to follow… Daily Express :: World Feed

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Ready for war – Moment US destroys missile using THAAD as North Korea threat rises

As tensions heat up on the international stage, this new dramatic footage shows how the US would intercept an intermediate-range ballistic missile, (IRBM) similar to North Korea’s. Released by the US Missile Defence Agency (MDA) the drill shows an IRBM fired from a US Air Force C-17 cargo plane over the Pacific Ocean, near Hawaii.  The THAAD was launched at ...

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North Korea 'building slave army to work abroad & using profits to fund missile programme'

Human rights groups say this state-controlled traffic amounts to a slave trade, but that North Korean labourers actually want to be sent to Russia because the conditions are so desperate in the hermit kingdom. A Russian home repairs company boasts to customers about how North Koreans are cheaper, more disciplined and more sober than natives. Yulia Kravchenko, a 32-year-old Vladivostok ...

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US shoots down test ballistic missile in THAAD defence drill as North Korea tensions rise

The simulated IRBM was designed to replicate the kinds of missiles that could threaten America, including Kim Jong-un’s arsenal of weapons. The test was the first-ever of the THAAD system against an incoming IRBM, which experts say is a faster and more difficult target to hit than shorter-range missiles, and comes after North Korea claimed it has successfully tested a ...

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