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‘People just can’t know that’: Democrat senator exposed hiding liberal positions to woo moderates

Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill is deliberately soft-pedaling her liberal positions in order to appeal to moderate voters in a close election, according to new video from an undercover journalist who infiltrated her campaign. McCaskill is facing a strong challenge from Republicans in a heavily Republican state. Her opponent, Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley, has been polling ahead of her since ...

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Putin: Don’t know if it would have been better or worse if Trump had not been elected

Published time: 3 Oct, 2018 12:40 Edited time: 3 Oct, 2018 12:59 Vladimir Putin said he doesn’t know if it would have been better or worse if Trump hadn’t been elected president of the United States. Politics knows no ‘what ifs,’ he added. The Russian President said there was no way of knowing if Russia had benefited from Donald Trump’s ...

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‘I know you’re not thinking, you never do’: Trump spars with ‘loco’ media over trade, Kavanaugh

Eager to promote his new trade deal with Canada and Mexico, US President Donald Trump got a little salty when reporters insisted on asking about Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh instead. During the White House press conference on Monday, Trump insisted on answering questions about the trade deal before addressing the Kavanaugh confirmation controversy. When ABC’s Cecilia Vega tried to ...

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Mote in the eye? What we know about Israel's murky ‘nukes’ as Bibi points finger at Iran

During his UN General Assembly (UNGA) speech, the Israeli PM was adamant that Tehran has secret nuclear sites. As Israel keeps playing the blame game, let’s see if they have their own radioactive skeletons in the closet. Using his cherished ‘presentations,’ Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu came out with his new revelations on Thursday, showing aerial photographs of Iranian sites ...

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What Instagram users need to know about Facebook’s security breach

Even if you never log into Facebook itself these days, the other apps and services you use might be impacted by Facebook’s latest big, bad news. In a follow-up call on Friday’s revelation that Facebook has suffered a security breach affecting at least 50 million accounts, the company clarified that Instagram users were not out of the woods — nor ...

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Does he know the Cold War is over? RT unpacks Trump’s UN sermon against socialism (VIDEO)

Trump sermonized to the UN General Assembly about the evils of socialism – but his lecturing was met with crickets. RT’s Caleb Maupin dives into the US leader’s Cold War-era rant, and why it received a chilly reception. US President Donald Trump railed against Venezuela during his speech on Tuesday, claiming that the South American nation embodies the ills of ...

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Moscow's eye in US sky: Here’s what we know about Russian spy plane cleared by Washington

A Russian plane built for observation flights over the US has finally been deemed fit for the job by Washington. The US and Russia have long agreed to legally spy on each other to ensure neither is building up for an attack. Certification of the Russian Tu-214ON plane has finally been completed after the US agreed to sign the final ...

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Syria to get Russia’s S-300: Here’s what you need to know about the missile system

On the heels of an Israeli air raid on Syria, which saw the downing of a Russian plane, Moscow will now deliver S-300 anti-aircraft systems to Damascus. Here’s a quick guide to the sophisticated weapon and its capabilities. The Syrian Army has long sought to procure the S-300 from Russia, but talks which began in mid-2000 were interrupted by the ...

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College students aren’t submitting absentee ballots …as they don't know how to buy stamps

Today’s college students are facing a major hurdle, and it has nothing to do with physics or calculus. America’s future leaders aren’t turning in their absentee ballots because they don’t know where to buy stamps. Yes, really. Campuses today are filled with students who grew up with the internet, smartphones, and Instagram – not stamps or snail mail. But their ...

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Norway didn’t know much about Libya yet helped bomb it into chaos, state report finds

A Norwegian state report says the officials “had very limited knowledge” of what was going on in Libya, but promptly decided to join the US-led intervention, turning the once thriving North African nation into a terrorist hotbed. Norway rushed to help its NATO allies to pound Libya with airstrikes in 2011, without understanding what was actually happening on the ground ...

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