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‘Born to kill’: What we know about Texas school shooting suspect

The suspect in the Texas school shooting which left 10 people dead and a further 10 injured has been named by police sources as 17-year-old student Dimitrious Pagourtzis. Here’s what we know about him so far. Pagourtzis was reportedly arrested and charged with capital murder and aggravated assault of a police officer. According to Texas Governor Greg Abbott, the shooter, ...

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Will $100 oil kill the US economy?

Brent is nearing $ 80 per barrel and some analyst see $ 100 not far off. That raises the question about how much of a dent high oil prices will make in the US economy. $ 100 oil is not as painful as it once was. There are a few reasons for that. The US is now a significant oil ...

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Lightning strikes, freak storms kill & injure 200+ across India (VIDEOS, PHOTOS)

Over 80 people have been killed in India by lightning strikes and thunderstorms that swept across five states. With hundreds of others injured, the National Weather Service is predicting more heavy rain and gusty winds. All hell broke loose in India on Sunday, when massive dust and thunderstorms began to spread across five states in India, reining havoc on the ...

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Russian 'bitcoin fraud' suspect held in Greece says prison security beefed up over ‘kill order’

Alleged bitcoin “crime mastermind” Aleksandr Vinnik, wanted in the US, has confirmed that he survived a murder attempt while in prison, adding that since then Greek authorities have beefed up security to protect him. Washington accuses Vinnik of laundering $ 4 billion with the help of the BTC-e bitcoin trading platform. The Russian denies any wrongdoing. Speaking to RIA Novosti ...

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‘They’re trying to kill him’: Pamela Anderson wants Kanye’s help to free Assange

Actress-turned-activist Pamela Anderson has become one of the most vocal allies for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, and now she wants Kanye West’s help in setting him free. Cooped up in the confines of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, the WikiLeaks founder has not set foot outside out of fear that he could be extradited to the US. Amidst all this, ...

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French tourist site Mont-Saint-Michel evacuated after man ‘threatens to kill cops’

Mont-Saint-Michel, a major tourist site in Normandy, France, was evacuated on Sunday following reports of a man threatening to “kill cops”. Mayor Yann Galton told France 3 Normandie France 3 Normandie on Sunday morning that police had launched a search for a man who shouted “I will kill the cops.” Police were sent to the popular tourist attraction after receiving ...

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‘Exploding’ ants discovered: Kamikaze insects kill predators with toxic… well, selves

A new species of kamikaze-style ants has been found in Borneo, Southeast Asia. The ‘exploding’ critters sacrifice themselves to attack predators and defend their colony. The ‘colobopsis explodens’ was discovered by a team of international researchers who identified 15 separate species of exploding ants in the tropical rainforest. Details of the study have been published in Zookeys. The team noticed ...

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Should AI researchers kill people?

AI research is increasingly being used by militaries around the world for offensive and defensive applications. This past week, groups of AI researchers began to fight back against two separate programs located halfway around the world from each other, generating tough questions about just how much engineers can affect the future uses of these technologies. From Silicon Valley, The New ...

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Russian gas pipeline gets green light from Germany as US tries to kill project

Germany has issued a permit for the construction and operation of an offshore section of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline in the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) of Germany in the Baltic Sea. Read more “The BSH [Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency of Germany] issued the permit for this approximately 30-kilometres-long route section in accordance with the Federal Mining Act,” the ...

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‘Trump may kill Iran deal, and that would be bad…for America’

Donald Trump, a fierce critic of Iranian nuclear deal, has so far made no moves to withdraw the US from it. But a continued assault may lead to consequences that would be surprisingly bad for America, analysts warn. The deal’s future becomes even less promising with the exit of Rex Tillerson as secretary of state – seen as a voice ...

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