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Migrant deadlock: Just 18% of Germans say Merkel will find EU-wide solution, poll reveals

Less than a fifth of Germans believe Angela Merkel is capable of negotiating an EU-wide deal that would see migrants returned to European states where they were first registered, a survey has revealed. Time is running out for Chancellor Merkel who was given less than two weeks to secure an EU-wide accord that would see migrants returned to the European ...

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United States has just launched a trade war – China

The world’s two biggest economies are now officially in a trade war after the US imposed a 25-percent tariff on $ 50 billion worth of Chinese goods, the China’s commerce ministry said on Friday. Read more In response, China said it planned to impose tariff measures of similar size and intensity. Beijing has published its own list that targets $ ...

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Calls to ‘kill the Boer’ make all farmers targets, not just whites – South African official

Calls to kill Boers in South Africa are directed against farmers of all races, not necessarily whites, according to the head of the agriculture department, Mike Mlengana. “That is not the stance of our government… by the way if it is ‘kill the Boer, kill the farmer,’ it’s killing me, because I am the Boer,” said Mlengana, as quoted by ...

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Seattle reverses controversial tax Amazon opposed, just a month after approving it

In an embarrassing and mystifying about-face, the Seattle City Council has repealed a tax it passed unanimously just a month ago that would require large companies to pay a fixed amount per employee; the money would have been used to combat homelessness. Amazon was the most high-profile opponent of the tax, but not the only one by far, and apparently ...

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Did Trump just fail the G7? RT looks at US leader’s short trip to the summit

The world has seen increasingly tough talk between G7 leaders and Trump, who seemed to show disrespect towards the group. But did he actually fail the summit in Canada? RT takes a closer look at the feuds gripping the G7. Divisions between US President Donald Trump and the six other leaders of G7 countries arose during the first day of ...

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Which world leaders is Putin on first-name terms with? Not just the ones you’d expect

Vladimir Putin says personal relationships with all world leaders are important, but tellingly singled out several politicians with whom he drops official titles. During his four hour-plus Q & A in Moscow on Thursday, Putin was asked which world leaders he addresses using the informal version of you – ‘ty’ – as opposed to the formal ‘vy.’ Noting that, of ...

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Mueller coming for evidence? No problem, just smash your phones, Hannity says

Special Counsel Robert Mueller is reportedly asking witnesses for their cell phones as his Russiagate investigation drags on. Fox News’ Sean Hannity has some simple advice for the witnesses: smash your phones. White House Special Counsel Robert Mueller – charged with investigating alleged links between President Donald Trump’s campaign team and Russia – is requesting that witnesses turn in their ...

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ISS might be 'split' into segments in just a few years as part of private business takeover

The head of NASA says the International Space Station (ISS) might not exist in its current form in 2025 and instead be divided into components, some of which could be dumped completely. The plan is a part of a privatization bid. Newly-approved NASA chief Jim Bridenstine said that the days of the ISS being a unique platform of broad multilateral ...

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Hong Kong parking spot bought for $433,000 & flipped for $760,000 just 9 months later

A new world property record has been set in Hong Kong where a single parking space was just sold for HK$ 6 million ($ 760,000). It is now the most expensive place on the planet to park your car. The parking spot at the luxury Ultima apartment complex is located in Hong Kong’s Kowloon district. It was initially bought in ...

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