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Federal judge rules that embedded tweets can represent copyright infringement

A recent ruling by a New York federal judge could have significant implications for how copyright laws are enforced. The ruling was made in a case where Justin Goldman accused publications including Breitbart, Time, Yahoo, Vox Media and the Boston Globe of violating his copyright by embedding into their stories tweets with his photo of New England Patriots quarterback Tom ...

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Judge who upheld Julian Assange's warrant questioned over links to security services

Julian Assange’s supporters are questioning the integrity of the judge who upheld his UK arrest warrant, accusing her of being influenced by the British authorities and the secret service. Earlier this week, Judge Emma Arbuthnot rejected arguments presented by Assange’s legal team over why he breached bail conditions by seeking political refuge at the Ecuadorian embassy in 2012. Read more ...

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Judge awards graffiti artists $6.7mn after 'callous' landlord destroys buildings (PHOTOS)

A New York judge has awarded a group of graffiti artists $ 6.7 million after buildings that displayed their work were destroyed to make way for luxury condos. The artwork had been displayed for decades in an area of Queens known as ‘5Pointz.’ The graffiti had become a huge tourist attraction, drawing in thousands of visitors daily until it was ...

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UK judge upholds Julian Assange’s arrest warrant

A UK judge has ruled against dropping Julian Assange’s arrest warrant, declining to set him free from the Ecuadorian embassy where he’s been holed up since 2012. He sought refuge at the embassy after he skipped bail. Assange, 46, absconded in 2012 to enter the Ecuadorian embassy, to avoid extradition to Sweden over allegations of sexual assault and rape. However, ...

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Slim chance UK will let Assange off the hook as judge to rule on arrest warrant appeal

Julian Assange, holed up in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London for over five years, is set to find out whether a warrant for his arrest is dropped. He is wanted by Britain for skipping bail when he sought refuge at the embassy. Chief Magistrate Emma Arbuthnot said she would make her ruling on the arrest warrant on February 6. The ...

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UK judge says extradition of 'hacker’ Lauri Love to US will not take place

The UK’s Lord Chief Justice says that British ‘hacker’ Lauri Love should not be extradited to the US to stand trial. He has been accused of hacking the secure networks of the Federal Reserve, NASA and the FBI. An order to extradite him should be quashed, the Lord Chief Justice added. The court erupted in applause when the judgment was ...

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German judge removes cross during trial of Afghan migrant, faces backlash

A Bavarian judge who ordered the crucifix to be removed from the courtroom during the trial of an Afghan migrant has faced a backlash. The defendant says he does not mind being tried under the cross. Klaus-Juergen Schmid, a judge in the Bavarian town of Miesbach, has ordered a crucifix to be removed from the courtroom during the trial of ...

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US judge keeps key charge against Menendez, strikes down 4 of 13 counts

A US judge has kept the most serious charge in place in the retrial of Senator Robert Menendez (D-New Jersey), who is alleged to have purposefully filed false financial disclosure statements. A court hearing in the federal corruption retrial case against Menendez took place in New Jersey on Wednesday. US District Court Judge William Walls presided over the hearing. Wells ...

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Texas judge tells jury God wants not-guilty verdict in child trafficking trial

A Texas state district judge reportedly told a jury that God asked him to direct them to a not-guilty verdict in a child trafficking case they were deliberating on. Judge Jack Robison interrupted jurors’ deliberations to say God had been in touch, and told him that they should not convict 32-year-old Gloria Elizabeth Romero Perez, who was accused of continuously ...

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Judge bars Trump admin from rescinding DACA – report

Published time: 10 Jan, 2018 03:50 Edited time: 10 Jan, 2018 04:02 A judge has granted a pretrial injunction, blocking the Trump administration’s rollback of protections for illegal immigrants who arrived in the US as children, according to Reuters. While the order does avert a complete repeal of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals policy, it does not prevent the Trump administration from ...

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