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‘Biblical prophecy’: Fox host Judge Jeanine mocked for backing embassy’s Jerusalem move

Donald Trump has fulfilled a “biblical prophecy” by moving the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro declared, while broadcasting from Israel ahead of the site’s inauguration. Pirro compared Trump to the ancient king, King Cyrus of Persia, who proclaimed some 2,500 years ago that Jewish exiles in Babylon could come back and rebuild their ...

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‘C’mon man!’ Judge accuses Mueller investigation of overreach with Manafort

A federal judge in Virginia has questioned Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s case against Trump’s election campaign manager Paul Manafort, saying the indictments have nothing to do with the Mueller investigation’s official purpose. US District Judge T.S. Ellis suggested that Mueller was pressing Manafort on unrelated charges in the hopes that he would provide incriminating information against President Donald Trump. “I ...

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US judge orders Iran to pay billions to families of 9/11 victims

Tehran has been ordered by a US court to pay more than $ 6 billion to victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, despite the fact that most of the plane hijackers were Saudi nationals, and no direct link was ever found to Iran. On Tuesday, a federal judge in New York found Iran, the country’s central bank, and the Islamic ...

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‘Building constructor’ Trump lacks qualifications to judge nuclear deal, Iran’s president says

Iran’s president has expressed doubt over whether Donald Trump is even capable of assessing the merits of the Iran nuclear deal, pointing out that the former “building constructor” has no background on international treaties. Read more The future of the seven-sided agreement has been a top agenda item during French President Emmanuel Macron’s visit to Washington this week – but ...

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Judge says class action suit against Facebook over facial recognition can go forward

Whenever a company may be guilty of something, from petty neglect to grand deception, there’s usually a class action lawsuit filed. But until a judge rules that lawsuit legitimate, the threat remains fairly empty. Unfortunately for Facebook, one major suit from 2015 has just been given that critical go-ahead. The case concerns an Illinois law that prohibits collection of biometric ...

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Judge governors by number of smiling faces in their regions – Liberal-Democratic leader

Nationalist politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky says the Russian president should stop reading reports and analyses from the various regions and start basing his assessments simply on the number of happy faces seen on public web cams. Speaking at the State Council – the top consultative body in Russia dealing with general issues of regarding national politics, the economy, and law – ...

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French judge issues arrest warrant for Saudi princess – reports

A French judge has reportedly issued an international arrest warrant for a Saudi princess. It relates to an alleged attack by her bodyguard on a workman at her flat in Paris, Reuters reported, citing sources close to the case. READ MORE: ‘Kill the worthless dog’: Saudi princess ‘abuses’ Paris decorator, Twitter users enraged The royal, reportedly named in legal documents ...

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Does Trump violate First Amendment by blocking users on Twitter? Judge to decide

Donald Trump’s tweeting impacts news, policy and diplomacy, but is it a “state action” or a personal one? A federal judge is to rule on whether the president violates the First Amendment rights of those he blocks. U.S. District Judge Naomi Reice Buchwald in Manhattan, New York, heard arguments on Thursday as part of a lawsuit brought by the Knight ...

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Cryptocurrencies subject to regulation as commodities, US judge rules

The same rules govern energy, metals & virtual currencies like bitcoin, a federal judge has reportedly ruled. The US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) will regulate cryptocurrency, according to a ruling seen by Reuters. US District Judge Jack Weinstein has ruled the CFTC had the standing to bring a fraud lawsuit against New York resident Patrick McDonnell and his company ...

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‘I was a fool’: Shkreli begs judge for leniency in cringe-worthy letter

‘Pharma Bro’ Martin Shkreli concedes that he was “far from blameless” in a letter to a judge pleading for leniency, according to court filings. He was convicted of fraud after swindling investors out of millions of dollars. Shkreli, once dubbed “the most hated man in America,” earned notoriety after increasing the price of a life-saving AIDS drug by 5,000% in ...

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