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Firefighter sacked over inflammatory ‘joke’ about hunting migrants on US border

A Texas firefighter has been sacked over an inflammatory and ‘racist’ social media post in which he appeared to suggest hunting immigrants along the US border with Mexico. Chris Bush provoked outrage online when he said people should fill feeders, normally used by hunters to lure deer, with “pinto beans” and place them around the Texas border with Mexico. The ...

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‘Defending state terrorism’: Trevor Noah under fire for old joke about 2012 Marikana killings

Liberal comedian Trevor Noah is facing a Twitter backlash for an old resurfaced joke about the 2012 Marikana massacre, during which 47 people were shot and killed by police in South Africa during a miners’ strike. Noah, who hosts the ‘Daily Show’ on Comedy Central, defended the use of lethal force by the South African police, saying that they “used ...

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Trevor Noah defends ‘Africa won' World Cup joke after French ambassador’s backlash

Comedian Trevor Noah defended his joke that Africa, not France, won the World Cup after the French ambassador penned a letter of complaint. Noah’s response further fuelled debate on racial identity in France and the US. “Yes. Yes. Africa won the World Cup! Africa won the World Cup!” the South African comedian said on the ‘Daily Show’ last week. “I ...

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Trump cracks joke with Macron at NATO summit — even the media laughed (VIDEO)

US President Donald Trump’s joke with French President Emmanuel Macron during a bilateral meeting in Brussels during the NATO summit even had journalists laughing. When Macron finished giving a statement in French, Trump quickly responded to tell the French leader he enjoyed listening despite not actually having any idea what was being said. “It sounded beautiful,” Trump joked. “I have ...

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‘Joke of a speech from throne’: French MPs slam ‘Monarch’ Macron’s costly Versailles congress

Ahead of a pompous Versailles congress by French president Emmanuel Macron, quite a few MPs have announced they will snub the gathering over its cost, saying a “President of the Rich” turns the Republic into presidential monarchy. As preparations got under way for the speech to the Congress of the French Parliament – the meeting of the National Assembly and ...

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‘Yeah, it’s funny to make us think there are jobs’: French mayor’s joke about IKEA opening backfires

The Mayor of the French city of Beauvais, Caroline Cayeux, has apologized for a “communication error” after an ill-judged April Fools’ Day joke announcing the construction of new IKEA superstore. “This is excellent news for the dynamism and employment prospects of Beauvais,” wrote the center-right mayor of the commune, which is located 50 kilometers north of Paris, next to a ...

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April Fool? Tesla shares drop in pre-trading after Elon Musk’s joke about bankruptcy

Elon Musk’s joke about Tesla’s bankruptcy on April Fool’s Day appears to be coming to fruition. March was the worst month for the company in seven years, as Tesla’s shares plunged 22 percent in 31 days. Tesla Goes BankruptPalo Alto, California, April 1, 2018 — Despite intense efforts to raise money, including a last-ditch mass sale of Easter Eggs, we ...

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Belarus expels Moscow diplomats? ‘Leading Russia expert’ falls for cheeky April Fool’s joke

Anders Aslund’s deep knowledge of Eastern European politics was no match for April Fool’s, when the supposedly all-knowing Russia commentator fruitlessly cheered fake news about Belarus expelling Russian diplomats. Aslund, who was presented by the American think tank the Atlantic Council as a “leading specialist” on Russian economic policy and Eastern Europe in general, has been featured on the BBC, ...

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‘Joke was on me, I missed flight’ – Amused ad awards chief about RT’s ‘blame us’ campaign

RT’s tongue-in-cheek ‘blame us’ series of advertisements has gained attention at a prestigious marketing conference in Rome, from somebody who missed their flight because of the eye-catching campaign. Launched last summer, the campaign played on the accusations mounted against RT by numerous politicians in the West, including Hillary Clinton. The Democrat presidential candidate said the channel contributed to her loss ...

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BBC's 'GENIUS' satire of Piers Morgan's Trump interview is an ass joke, literally

You can pick apart Piers Morgan’s recent interview with Donald Trump for factual flaws, or mock Trump’s “not a feminist” comment… or you can simply make anal sex jokes, like BBC Two did. Both Trump and controversial ITV Breakfast presenter Morgan offered plenty of ammunition for critics during their “world exclusive interview” on Sunday, January 28: From Trump’s “I’m not ...

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