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Merkel replaced Germany’s slaughtered Jews with their 'worst enemies' – Karl Lagerfeld

Published time: 14 Nov, 2017 16:10 German fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld has accused Angela Merkel of replacing the millions of Jews killed in the Holocaust with their “worst enemies,” apparently referring to the German leader’s policy of accepting refugees from mostly Muslim countries. “One cannot – even if there are decades between them – kill millions of Jews so you ...

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‘Foreign, European Jews’ caused ‘great problems’ in Middle East – Prince Charles in 1986 letter

Published time: 12 Nov, 2017 21:00 In a newly revealed letter dating back to 1986, Prince Charles blamed the “influx of foreign, European Jews” for aggravating the Arab-Israeli conflict, voicing hope some American president would have the “courage to stand up to the Jewish lobby” one day. The note, written on November 24, 1986, was found in a public archive ...

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Poroshenko shares pic of Nazis deporting Jews, claims it’s Ukrainians being sent to Siberia

Published time: 24 Oct, 2017 10:26 Edited time: 24 Oct, 2017 10:47 President Petro Poroshenko sparked a backlash online after tweeting an image of Jews being deported to an extermination camp – in a post to mark the anniversary of the deportation of Ukrainians to Siberia. Poroshenko was hoping to remind the world of the USSR’s forced evacuation of Western ...

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11 arrested, water canon deployed as Orthodox Jews protest military draft in Jerusalem (VIDEO)

Published time: 23 Oct, 2017 22:18 Eleven people have been arrested as hundreds of ultra-Orthodox Jews took to the streets of Jerusalem to decry the detention of their young co-religionists who didn’t show for enlistment to the Israeli armed forces. Around 1,500 members of the so-called “Jerusalem faction” of the Israeli ultra-Orthodox community protested in several locations across the city ...

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Polish historian who claimed Nazi invasion ‘didn’t look bad for Jews’ gets govt. medal

A Polish historian, who claimed in a notorious article the situation with Jews “did not look very bad” after the 1939 Nazi invasion of Poland, has been awarded an education ministry medal, for what it said was his “special contribution” to education. The story surfaced after Anna Zalewska, Poland’s National Education Minister, awarded Tomasz Panfil, a history professor at the ...

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Gronk Zings Jews, Blacks, 'Fat Ass' at David Ortiz Roast

GronkZings Jews, Blacks, ‘Fat Ass’ … At Big Papi Roast 6/23/2017 7:59 AM PDT Breaking News And now, the comedic stylings of Rob Gronkowski …  “You wanna know why Jews do play football??? To get their quarter back you cheap f*ck.” WAKKA WAKKA WAKKA! Yeah, that was the kind of material Gronk was workin’ with at the Roast of David ...

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Justin Bieber's Former Neighbors Claim Singer Committed Hate Crime Against Jews

Justin Bieber Former Neighbors Claim Singer Committed Hate Crime Against Jews 4/26/2017 1:00 AM PDT EXCLUSIVE Justin Bieber‘s former neighbors — the ones whose house he egged — claim the singer committed a hate crime by hurling anti-Semitic comments their way, but even they admit it was not the Biebs who made the comments. Jeffrey and Suzanne Schwartz have gone ...

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Melissa McCarthy Ridicules Jews as Sean Spicer on SNL (VIDEO)

SNL Sean Spicer’s Easter ‘Mistake’ …Ridicules Jews, Passover 4/16/2017 6:51 AM PDT [embedded content] Melissa McCarthy cranked up her Sean Spicer tone-deafness to 10 on Saturday Night Live … and went after Jewish people and Passover.  McCarthy performed her Spicey in an Easty Bunny suit, lampooning Sean for his comments last week about Syria’s Basjar al-Assad and Hitler. Melissa’s been a huge ...

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Stan Van Gundy: Trump's travel ban like Hitler registering Jews

The NBA’s anti-Trump chorus is led by a trio of coaches — and Stan Van Gundy has emerged as its loudest voice. The outspoken Pistons coach joined Golden State’s Steve Kerr and San Antonio’s Gregg Popovich in sounding off on President Donald Trump and his immigration ban on Monday. But Van Gundy took his counterparts’ criticism up a notch by ...

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Sean Spicer defends White House statement after omitting Jews

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer strongly defended President Trump amid criticism over omitting the killing of 6 million Jews or anti-Semitism in a statement released on International Holocaust Remembrance Day. “The president went out of his way to recognize the Holocaust and the suffering that went through it and the people that were affected by it and the loss ...

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