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India makes Muslim ‘triple talaq’ divorce punishable by up to 3yrs in jail

Muslim men in India who try to break free of their marriage contract by simply repeating the word ‘Talaq’, or divorce, three times, will face jail for up to three years after the government criminalized the practice. In what is being hailed as a major win for Muslim women’s rights, the government cleared an ordinance banning the triple talaq practice ...

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Nevada woman dies in jail after being denied medical help, DA finds no wrongdoing

Unpaid traffic tickets saw a Nevada woman in jail, where she began to suffer drug withdrawals and seizures. Days later she was dead, after being denied medical care. A report by state investigators, published this week and revealed by the Reno Gazette Journal, found that staff at Mineral County Jail violated multiple policies by denying 21-year-old Kelly Coltrain medical help, ...

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US soldier pleads guilty to assisting ISIS, agrees to 25 years in jail

A Hawaii-based US Army soldier has pleaded guilty to aiding the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) terrorist group. He was arrested last year after pledging allegiance to the group in a ceremony staged by the FBI. Ikaika Erik Kang, 35, sergeant first class of the US Army, entered a guilty plea, admitting his guilt on four counts of attempting to ...

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'Serial dine-and-dash dater' accused of ditching women with tab faces 13yrs in jail

A Los Angeles man faces up to 13 years in prison after he allegedly dined and dashed on the dollar of multiple women he met through dating apps and websites. Read more Paul Gonzales appeared in front of a LA judge on Monday charged with seven counts of extortion, defrauding an innkeeper and one count of grand theft. According to ...

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‘Terrorist tactics’: Russian journalist accused of treason marks his 100th day in Ukrainian jail

The head of RIA Novosti Ukraine news agency, Kirill Vyshinsky, has spent 100 days in detention for alleged ‘high treason.’ The deplorable ‘anniversary’ triggered the renewal of a worldwide campaign calling on Kiev to release him. The journalist was detained by Ukraine’s Security Service (SBU) on May 15 and has remained in jail since then. Ukrainian authorities accuse Vyshinsky of ...

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You could soon spend 10 years in Australian jail if you don’t hand over your phone password to cops

New Australian bill introduces some of the toughest legislation anywhere in the world for refusing to hand over personal data, while other Western countries are scrambling for their own solutions. Existing legislation already allows for imprisonment for up to two years for failing to give investigators access when serious crime is involved, but the new Assistance and Access bill, which has ...

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Accused 'Russian agent' Butina moved to another jail, now in 'borderline torture' conditions

Maria Butina, the Russian gun activists jailed in the US on charges of being an unregistered “foreign agent,” has been moved to a different prison without warning. The Russian embassy says her new conditions border on torture. The Russian embassy in the US, which has been closely following Butina’s case, says she was transferred from her Washington jail handcuffed, without ...

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Accused ‘Russian agent’ Butina subjected to excessive strip searches in US jail – embassy

The Russian embassy in the US has accused American authorities of subjecting jailed Russian gun activist and ‘agent’ Maria Butina to cruel and inhumane treatment, including unwarranted strip searches. Butina was arrested and detained in Washington DC in July on espionage charges. The 29-year old is accused of acting as an agent of the Russian government without informing the US ...

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Victim in viral Russian jail torture video granted state protection

Russian inmate Evgeny Makarov, whose brutal beating by more than a dozen of correctional officers was filmed and sparked public outrage after going viral, was placed under state protection. Read more Makarov received documents designating him as a victim in the prisoner abuse case on Wednesday, the Public Verdict Foundation, a human rights group which represents him, said in a ...

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‘Resistance continues’: Palestinian teen Ahed Tamimi home after 8 months in Israeli jail (VIDEO)

Ahed Tamimi, the 17-year-old Palestinian who slapped an Israeli soldier in her home village, has been released from prison. The girl, praised by many as a symbol of the Palestinian resistance, has returned to the West Bank. The Palestinian teenager and her mother left prison on Sunday after completing an eight-month sentence for slapping and kicking Israeli soldiers. Tamimi’s family ...

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