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Huge flames break out at plastic waste storage facility in Italy (VIDEO)

Published time: 15 Oct, 2018 07:52 Flames and huge pillars of toxic smoke were seen overnight in Milan, where fire engulfed a site used for the storage of plastic waste. Authorities are concerned over the possible release of carcinogenic chemicals into the air. Fire brigades had a busy night on Sunday dealing with a massive fire at a plastic waste ...

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‘We'll close our airports!’ Salvini resists Germany’s plans to send migrants back to Italy

Rome has still not reached an agreement with Berlin on the repatriation of asylum seekers who had first registered in Italy, Interior Minister Matteo Salvini said, vowing to close airports to German flights transferring refugees. “If someone in Berlin or Brussels thinks of dumping dozens of migrants in Italy via unauthorized charter flights, they should know that there is not ...

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‘Prison helped me understand’: Man who shot 6 migrants in Italy says he’s got ‘no racial hatred’

A neo-nazi extremist who randomly shot six Africans in a rampage in an Italian town thinking it would avenge the brutal murder of a young woman, now faces 12 years in jail. Luca Traini told the court he was “wrong” and is “sorry.” Traini, who is now 29, spent the morning of February 3 cruising around the town of Macerata ...

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Caesar’s gift: Hoard of shiny Roman coins discovered in Italy

Italy’s cultural minister has described feelings of great pride, after a hoard of hundreds of ancient Roman coins were discovered in northern Italy. The treasure seems to be in pristine, shiny condition – right out of the amphora. The discovery was made during excavations in the basement of the Cressoni Theatre in the northern city of Como last week, and ...

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Italy PM calls for easing Russia sanctions, Trump says they’ll ‘remain’

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte is interested in relaxing US and EU sanctions against Russia, but has apparently failed to sway US President Donald Trump despite the friendship they struck up over the immigration issue. Conte, who met with Trump in Washington on Monday, said that Italy doesn’t expect sanctions against Russia to be lifted overnight, but that Rome maintains ...

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Man accused of shooting migrant worker in Italy claims he meant to hit pigeon

A man from the north-eastern Italian province of Vicenza has been charged with causing serious bodily harm after allegedly shooting a migrant worker in the back. He claims he was targeting a pigeon, ANSA news agency reports. The migrant was shot from behind while he was working on some scaffolding, seven meters off the ground by a shot aimed from ...

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Italy to lower defense spending next year, despite Trump’s demand for increase

Italy will further lower its defense spending next year, its foreign minister has said. Rome currently spends 1.15 percent of GDP on defense, lagging far behind the two percent benchmark sought by Washington from its NATO allies. Italy’s defense spending is set to slightly fall next year, Foreign Minister Enzo Moavero Milanesi said on Thursday. As of 2018, Italy spends ...

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‘Fake revolution’: Kiev summons Italy envoy after Salvini rips into ‘foreign-funded’ Ukraine unrest

Ukraine is expecting the Italian ambassador for a chat at its Foreign Ministry after Matteo Salvini, Italy’s Interior Minister, slammed the 2014 Euromaidan protests and coup in Kiev as “pseudo-revolution” sponsored from abroad. “On Monday, we’ll be meeting with the Italian ambassador [Davide La Cecilia]. He’s a nice person and we understand that he can’t be held responsible for the ...

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Italy may become 1st EU nation to support lifting of anti-Russia sanctions

Rome will address the question of anti-Russia sanctions by the end of the year, said the Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini at a press conference in Moscow. His statement comes as the European Council announced this month that the sanctions against Russia will remain in place until January 31, 2019. “In our opinion, sanctions don’t benefit anyone, including the Italian ...

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Italy will not buy F-35s anymore, mulls walking out of existing contracts – Defense Minister

The anti-establishment Italian government’s defense minister has said that the country won’t purchase any more Lockheed Martin F-35 fighter jets from the US and will review the existing order for 90 planes. Elisabetta Trenta, the country’s new minister of defense from the Eurosceptic Five Star Movement, has ruled out new contracts with the US for the purchase of F-35 stealth ...

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