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Netanyahu threatens Israel will 'act alone' against Iran in Syria

Israel will stop at nothing to contain Iran, even if it has to act alone, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said. The PM accused Tehran of plotting to destroy Israel from Syria, where it has been helping fight terrorists at the government’s invitation. “Iran is scheming to entrench itself militarily in Syria,” Netanyahu claimed as he addressed the Jewish Federation of ...

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Israel must push for 1mn West Bank settlers, enough talk of two states – minister

Israel’s Jerusalem affairs minister is calling for sheer numbers to root out the very idea of a sovereign Palestinian state. He says about a million Jewish settlers in the occupied West Bank should do the trick. Speaking at the “On the Way to a Million” conference in Jerusalem on Tuesday, Ze’ev Elkin said: “This will happen – it is only ...

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Israel denies entry to 7 French officials for ‘supporting boycott movement’

Seven members of a 20-person delegation from Europe have been denied entry to Israel for apparently calling for a boycott on products made by Israeli companies in occupied Palestinian territories, local media report. The delegation, which includes French members of the European Parliament, members of the French parliament and mayors of French cities, is expected to arrive next week. Read ...

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Israel will continue 'acting in Syria', Netanyahu tells US & Russia

Published time: 13 Nov, 2017 20:39 Edited time: 13 Nov, 2017 20:59 Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu says he has made clear to the US and Russia that Tel Aviv will continue to “act in Syria.” It comes after Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin reaffirmed joint efforts to support a ceasefire in the Syrian region bordering Israel and Jordan. “We are ...

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Israel ready to go into Syria to 'protect Druze village'

Published time: 4 Nov, 2017 04:10 The Israeli military, which has been launching airstrikes against Syria, could be preparing to cross into its territory now. It says it’s ready to act to protect the Druze village of Hader, located on the Syrian side of the Golan Heights, after a car bomb killed nine people and injured 23 others there. “In ...

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‘Freelance foreign policy’? Tory Minister Priti Patel held undisclosed meetings in Israel

Published time: 3 Nov, 2017 10:53 Edited time: 3 Nov, 2017 12:04 Tory MP Priti Patel held undisclosed meetings in Israel without telling the Foreign Office while accompanied by an influential pro-Israel Conservative lobbyist, it has been reported. She has been accused of breaking the ministerial code of conduct. Patel, the international development secretary, met the leader of one of ...

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6 militants killed as Israel blows up Gaza tunnel, armed groups vow retaliation

Six Palestinian militants have been killed as Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) blew up a tunnel stretching from the Gaza Strip into Israel’s territory. The killings provoked fierce reaction from Palestinian armed groups who vowed to respond. The army “neutralized a terror tunnel leading into southern Israel from the vicinity of Khan Younis,” military spokesman Lieutenant-Colonel Jonathan Conricus told reporters, referring ...

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Israel puts bill to ‘ensure Jewish majority’ in Jerusalem on hold to ‘coordinate with US’

Published time: 29 Oct, 2017 14:01 An Israeli bill that would make several Jewish settlements part of the city of Jerusalem, solidifying a Jewish majority, has been put on pause by the government due to pressure from the US, local media report. The controversial bill has been in discussion since last year. It would establish a ‘Greater Jerusalem’ by designating ...

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‘Red line into illegality crossed’: UN expert mulls sanctions on Israel over Palestine occupation

A UN human rights expert has accused Israel of violating a number of international laws and resolutions while suggesting legal action, including travel bans, against the Middle Eastern state. Tel Aviv countered by saying the UNHRC “has lost all touch with reality.” “Israel’s role as occupier in the Palestinian Territory – the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and Gaza – ...

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‘Hurtful to Palestinians’: Albert Hall told to cancel event celebrating UK role in creating Israel

Palestinians in the UK are outraged at plans to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration, a colonial-era document that paved the way for the creation of Israel. Festivities include a huge event at London’s Royal Albert Hall. The November 2, 1917 declaration, which supported calls to establish a national home for the Jewish people in Palestine, is a ...

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