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US changing its tune in Afghanistan as 'barbaric' Taliban becomes bulwark against ISIS

After more than 15 years of war, the US appears more open to dialogue with the Taliban. RT’s Ilya Petrenko explores why the US has cooled its rhetoric about the “barbarian” enemy that now controls large parts of Afghanistan. As Petrenko reveals, Washington’s longtime adversary in Afghanistan is becoming more palatable by the month, with a State Department official going ...

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Virginia GOP senate candidate relieved Michigan didn’t vote for ‘far left ISIS commie’ for governor

Michigan nearly elected an ISIS-loving communist as its next governor, according to a GOP senate candidate, who offered up his illuminating analysis after a liberal Muslim lost the state’s Democratic gubernatorial primary. Virginia Senate candidate Corey Stewart upstaged thousands of other persuasive Twitter pundits with his particularly fresh take on Abdul El-Sayed, the Muslim gubernatorial candidate who came in in ...

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‘You can’t just leave that place’: Woman sentenced after joining ISIS husband in Syria talks to RT

Living in constant fear, hiding from shelling with her children and no way out – a Russian woman who was sentenced to prison for being part of a terrorist group after following her ISIS husband to Syria shared her story with RT. In February this year, Zagidat Abakarova from the Republic of Dagestan in southeastern Russia received an eight-year jail ...

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Russia commends IDF for not falling for ‘large-scale provocation’ of ISIS in Syria

The Russian military thanked Israel for foiling a daring ISIS plot in Syria. The militants attempted to lure the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) into striking Syrian government troops, but Israel did not fall for it. Moscow “thanked the IDF leadership” for effectively destroying Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) targets and “preventing a large-scale provocation” staged by the militants, the Russian ...

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At least 38 killed in string of attacks in Syria’s southwest, ISIS reportedly behind carnage

At least 38 people have been killed in a series of attacks, including suicide bombings, that hit Syrian southwest on Wednesday, health authorities confirmed to state TV. A suicide bomber blew himself up in the market area in the southwestern Syrian city of Sweida, Sana state news agency said. Law enforcement reportedly killed two more suicide attackers before they could ...

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ISIS kidnappings soar in Iraq, despite declared victory over militants, but ‘media stays silent’

Despite the Western Coalition declaring victory over Islamic State in Iraq last year, the militants’ activity is surging. More Iraqis are kidnapped every month, as state media stays silent, a government security adviser told RT. The Western Coalition declared Iraq “completely liberated” from Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) in December, but the militants’ activities didn’t cease – in fact, they ...

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US man captured in Syria charged with aiding ISIS

A man from Michigan, recently transferred into US custody after being captured by US-backed militias in Northern Syria, has been charged with providing material support to the terrorist group Islamic State. The indictment, dated July 19, alleges that US-born Ibraheem Musaibli, 28, “knowingly provided and attempted to provide material support to ISIS [later known as Islamic State, or IS] in ...

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1 year of liberation: Mosul people living among rubble & dead bodies while ISIS still around

Dead bodies, ruined houses and the risk of Islamists coming back are only a few perils people in Mosul have to cope with. Life in the liberated city is still full of fears, hopelessness and grief, RT’s Ruptly agency revealed. It’s been a year since the US-backed Iraqi forces defeated Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) in the city of Mosul ...

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