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Chinese refiner dumps US crude in favor of dollarless imports of Iranian oil

Dongming Petrochemical, an independent Chinese refiner, said it has halted crude purchases from the US and turned to Iranian imports amid escalating trade tensions between Beijing and Washington. Dongming Petrochemical has nearly 6,300 employees, total assets of 30 billion yuan ($ 4.5 billion) and the primary processing capacity is 15 million tons per year, according to the company website. Chinese ...

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Blowtorches in the night: Israel briefs US media on Iranian archive heist

Leading US media have reported new details about a Mossad operation to break into an archive of nuclear-related documents in Iran, which the Israeli PM showcased in April as proof of Iran’s evil intentions. The two articles published on Sunday by the New York Times and the Washington Post, both of which contain over 2,000 words, offer new details of ...

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Trump’s order for OPEC to reduce prices is insulting – Iranian oil minister

Donald Trump has insulted OPEC member states by ordering the organization to reduce prices, the Iranian oil minister stated, responding to the US leader’s recent criticism of OPEC for keeping oil prices artificially high. “[Donald] Trump sends every day a new message that creates uncertainty in the oil market,” Bijan Zanganeh said in an interview with Iranian broadcaster IRIB. According ...

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Turkey will keep importing Iranian crude

Turkey will not heed the State Department’s call on US allies to stop importing Iranian crude oil by November 4, when the latest sanctions will kick in. Read more “The decisions taken by the United States on this issue are not binding for us. Of course, we will follow the United Nations on its decision. Other than this, we will only follow ...

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India likely to ignore Washington’s call to stop buying Iranian crude oil

India doesn’t recognize unilateral sanctions, so the country is unlikely to comply with the US demand to halt oil imports from Iran, according to India’s top oil official. On Tuesday, a senior State Department official said that the White House demanded countries cut all imports of Iranian oil from November with no exemptions expected to be entitled. Washington announced plans ...

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Oil jumps as Trump asks allies to cut off Iranian oil

The Trump administration is going to extreme lengths to disrupt as much oil from Iran as possible, and the implications for the oil market could be severe. When the Obama administration sought to isolate Iran, it built an international coalition, put in place tight sanctions, and tried to curtail Iran’s oil exports. It worked, knocking around 1 million barrels per ...

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US threatens sanctions against countries that fail to cut off Iranian oil imports

Washington may slap sanctions on governments that fail to reduce Iranian oil imports to “zero” by early November, a senior State Department official has warned. But some partners seem reluctant to follow the demand. The US administration has been pushing its allies to follow US President Donald Trump’s lead after he decided to pull out of the landmark nuclear agreement ...

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US will suffer ‘another Vietnam’ in Syria, Iranian leader’s top aide warns

A senior adviser to Iran’s supreme leader has condemned the United States’ uninvited military presence in Syria, warning that the conflict in the country could become a second Vietnam War for Washington. Ali Akbar Velayati, a top aide on international affairs for Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, blamed the United States for the creation of Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) and said ...

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China can substitute US oil with Iranian crude to ‘infuriate Trump’ – analyst

Beijing’s retaliatory measures against US tariffs can include penalties on oil coming to China from America. A cut in Chinese purchases of US oil may benefit Iran’s sales. Read more “The Chinese may just replace some of the American oil with Iranian crude,” said John Driscoll, director of consultancy JTD Energy Services, as quoted by Reuters. “China isn’t intimidated by ...

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Iranian crude exports rise despite US sanctions

Iran’s crude oil exports hit 2.7 million bpd in May, higher than its average volumes over the past year, while the US withdrew last month from the Iran nuclear deal and re-imposed sanctions that would kick in later this year. Last month, Iran’s crude oil exports stood at 2.4 million bpd, while condensate—ultra light oil—volumes hit 300,000 bpd, the Iranian ...

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