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‘Who are you man?’ Marco Rubio gets into heated exchange with interview-crashing Alex Jones (VIDEO)

An interview with Senator Marco Rubio on the sidelines of a hearing about social media was disrupted by the recently deplatformed conservative speaker Alex Jones, who apparently came to complain about political bias of big tech. The Florida Republican was answering questions by journalists when Jones, the man behind the controversial show Inforwars, interjected. US companies like Facebook and Twitter ...

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Man rams truck into Fox News building in Dallas, leaves ‘suspicious package’ at the scene

Published time: 5 Sep, 2018 12:20 Edited time: 5 Sep, 2018 12:55 A man crashed a truck into the side of Fox 4 News building in Dallas, according to the channel’s Twitter. He left behind a suspicious bag, it added, saying that a bomb squad is at the scene and most employees have been evacuated. Photos from the scene show ...

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Trump vs the world? Belligerent unilateralism turning US into ‘rogue state’, analysts tell RT

Donald Trump poses a serious threat to Germany’s relationship with Washington, a veteran German diplomat has warned. But experts told RT that the US leader’s unilateralism has global implications that reach far beyond Berlin. Former German ambassador to the US Wolfgang Ischinger expressed his fears that Donald Trump’s litany of unsettling policy moves – from pulling out of the Iran ...

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Russian ban on blood-chilling ‘contact baiting’ of hunting dogs comes into force

Following heated discussion and a conflict between the upper and lower chambers of parliament, Russia has eventually introduced the law banning ‘live baiting’ – the training of hunting dogs using live captured wild animals. The changes were announced on Tuesday on the Russian State Duma’s website. The bill was passed by the State Duma in February this year and signed ...

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Fuel tanker smashes into bridge in Japan during massive typhoon (VIDEO)

A hulking tanker ship smashed right into a bridge linking Osaka Kansai airport with the Japanese mainland. The collision happened as Japan is being battered by the largest typhoon in 25 years. In a dramatic video, the ship can be seen dashed against the bridge. The vessel, which weighs more than 2,500 tons, did extensive damage to the bridge, but ...

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Kosovo-Serbia land swap could send whole region into turmoil

A land swap between Kosovo and Serbia could trigger a chain reaction in the Balkans, spelling the end for a number of former Yugoslav countries – and give a new reason for the US to keep troops in Europe, analysts have told RT. The idea of land swap between Serbia and Kosovo along “ethnic lines” resurfaced this summer, reportedly floated ...

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US meddled in Russian affairs by trying to turn its citizens into informants – Kremlin

Published time: 3 Sep, 2018 11:35 Edited time: 3 Sep, 2018 12:50 In recent years the US has been meddling in Russian affairs by “very crudely” trying to recruit Russians as informants, while exerting moral and other types of pressure on them, a spokesperson for the Kremlin said on Monday. Dmitry Peskov was commenting on the recent story published in ...

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‘We crashed, but it's OK’: Passenger records dramatic VIDEO after airliner skids into river

A passenger recorded a short video after a Russian Boeing 787 slid off a runway in Sochi, crashing into a river and catching fire on both wings. “We crashed, but it’s OK, I guess,” a man can be heard calmly saying in a short clip recorded minutes after the airliner crashed into a river in the southern Russian city of ...

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‘Airborne’ Tesla vaults railway track, smashes into schoolyard (VIDEO)

An Ontario man is facing dangerous driving charges after he was filmed driving a Model S Tesla erratically across a set of railway tracks before smashing into a school yard. Surveillance footage shows the horrifying smash unfolding in a leafy residential area of Barrie, Ontario. Barrie Police Department has now charged a 46-year-old man with dangerous driving following the single-vehicle ...

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‘Unsettled’ child caused horrific smash by driving ambulance into motorcyclist (VIDEOS)

Rhode Island police are investigating how a special needs child seized an ambulance resulting in a horrific smash with a motorcyclist. The juvenile drove the vehicle after being brought to a local fire station to calm down. The shocking incident unfolded after a mother and her son, who suffers from ADHD and autism, were transported by police to Central Coventry ...

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