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Car rams into pedestrians in Shanghai, China, 18 injured

Published time: 2 Feb, 2018 03:35 Edited time: 2 Feb, 2018 03:50 A minivan plowed into pedestrians in downtown Shanghai Friday morning leaving 18 people injured, three of them seriously. The minivan was carrying gas tanks and caught fire during the incident, according to witnesses cited by China’s People’s Daily. The cause of the crash is being investigated. Fire trucks ...

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‘The real rocket man’: Flat-Earther to launch himself into orbit from ghost town

Flat-Earther ‘Mad’ Mike Hughes intends to finally launch himself into orbit in a homemade rocket on Saturday – right over the Route 66 ghost town of Amboy, California. An earlier attempt to launch the steam-powered rocket was thwarted at the last minute by a US federal agency, saying Hughes had no permission to use public land. READ MORE: Launch to ...

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NOAA fisheries open investigation into minke whale deaths

The US National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration has deemed deaths of minke whales along the east coast last year an ‘Unusual Mortality Event’ (UME). UME, the designation for an occurrence involving a significant die-off of any marine mammal population has spurred a federal probe, NOAA Fisheries announced Wednesday in a teleconference with reporters. The investigation will span along the East Coast, ...

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Nigerian man beaten by mob for ‘turning human into a goat’

A Nigerian man was lucky to escape with his life after being viciously attacked by an angry mob who accused him of turning a person into a goat in the Nigerian state of Rivers, local media reports. The bizarre incident allegedly took place in Rukpoku, less than 20 kilometers north of the city of Port Harcourt in southern Nigeria, according ...

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Israeli diplomat mocked after revealing parliamentary probe into whether Tamimi family were ‘actors’

The Israeli parliament investigated a conspiracy theory claiming the family of jailed activist Ahed Tamimi were a group of actors hired to promote the Palestinian cause, a new interview has revealed. The probe was initiated two years ago by Michael Oren, deputy minister for diplomacy and former ambassador to the United States, who was mocked online after revealing the secret ...

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Research into full-body tracking at Facebook hints at broader AR/VR ambitions

It’s no secret that Facebook is big on both AR and VR, both for entertainment and communication purposes. And new research suggests it is working on AR applications that could not just modify or replace your face, but your entire body. A blog post today has the AI Camera Team showing off a bit of work clearly aimed at doing ...

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‘Politics seems to be slipping into sports’ – hockey pundits on Russian Olympic ban

After the International Olympic Committee (IOC) additionally banned several Russian athletes for the upcoming 2018 PyeongChang Games, including members of the ice hockey squad, RT spoke to some of the hockey veterans. The news about the list of the IOC-approved Russian athletes, which didn’t include a number of the team’s leading medal contenders, appeared on Tuesday. The list also didn’t ...

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Moscow accuses Washington of ‘blackmailing’ Europeans into altering Iran nuclear deal

Washington is essentially “blackmailing” European signatories to Iran’s nuclear deal to amend its conditions, Russia’s envoy to EU said, urging the parties to preserve the status quo created by the landmark agreement. Following Donald Trump’s repeated bashing of the historic 2015 deal, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson announced on Monday that the US is dispatching a diplomatic team to Europe ...

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Whose fault? Tesla crashes into fire truck, driver blames autopilot (PHOTOS)

A Tesla Model S has rear-ended a fire truck parked on a freeway in the US. The driver, however, says it wasn’t his fault, blaming the state-of-the-art technology instead. On Monday morning, the Tesla car, going 65mph, hit a parked fire truck, the Culver City Fire Department tweeted. The firefighters were there attending to a “freeway accident,” when their truck ...

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‘Queen of hate’ Katie Hopkins’ home could be turned into migrant shelter

A fundraising page has been set up for members of the public to buy right-wing writer Katie Hopkins’ home – so it can be turned into a refugee shelter. Read more Daily Mail columnist Hopkins has spouted hate about migrants through Twitter since rising to fame.  However, after recently losing an expensive libel case, the former Apprentice contestant has to ...

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