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'Not our way:’ Moscow won't break into US diplomatic compounds in case of closure

Russia does not plan to answer in kind to Washington forcing its way into Russia’s locked consulate in Seattle, which Moscow sees as a violation of international law, Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson said. Last week, US officials called a locksmith to break into the sealed Russian consulate in Seattle, which was vacated by Russian diplomats after Washington ordered it closed, ...

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‘Venice is not a theme park’: Locals tear down tourist turnstiles into city (VIDEO)

A step designed to make Venice more “livable” for residents, instead became a lightning rod of protest for inhabitants of the Italian city, which has a population of under 60,000 but receives up to 30 million tourists annually. Luigi Brugnaro, the city’s conservative mayor, ordered the installation of temporary turnstiles ahead of the popular May holidays in some of the ...

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Deadly trap: Austria probes whether its UN peacekeepers let Syrian police drive into ambush

Austria has launched a probe into whether its UN peacekeepers in the Golan Heights allowed Syrian police to drive into a deadly ambush launched by smugglers in 2012. Local media was told their behavior was “100% correct.” The probe was opened after a video of the incident was published by the Austrian weekly Der Falter. The outlet says it received ...

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Amazon admits Alexa could be hacked and turned into spy device

Researchers at the security firm Checkmarx discovered the Achilles heel of the Amazon’s Echo speakers – a bug which allows the device to listen to its surroundings long after it should have shut down. The bug does not allow the recordings to be passed on to hackers, but they would remain with Amazon itself, the company said, as quoted by ...

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Schoolchildren trick Russian officials into erecting monument to banned internet messenger Telegram

A group of children in a Russian village used a donation from a local legislator to erect a memorial to the banned Telegram messenger near the building that hosts the village administration. The monument is made of plywood, painted blue and looks like a paper plane, which is one of the emblems of the Telegram messenger. An inscription on a ...

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Leader’s ambition risks turning street protest victory into mob rule in Armenia – experts

After ousting the PM, an Armenian protest leader attempts to ride the momentum, but risks plunging the inherently vulnerable country into chaos with a damaging power grab, observers tell RT. Armenia, a small post-Soviet country with a baggage of economic and geopolitical problems, was gripped by a wave of mass protests for almost two weeks. They were triggered by a ...

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Car hits Russian… conspiracy theorists go into ‘Putin did it’ overdrive

News that a Russian scientist linked to the development of the nerve agent A-234 (‘Novichok’) was hit by a car has sent Western conspiracy theorists into total meltdown mode. Scientist Vladimir Uglev was hit by a car while crossing the road near his home in the Black Sea resort town of Anapa on Tuesday. This would have gone unnoticed as ...

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US violating domestic & intl law by breaking into Russian consulate in Seattle – embassy(LIVE)

Published time: 25 Apr, 2018 17:50 Edited time: 25 Apr, 2018 17:54 The US government is violating domestic and international law with its decision to break into Russia’s locked consulate in Seattle, the Russian embassy in Washington said in a statement. The diplomatic building was evacuated earlier this week due to an order from Washington, which expelled 60 Russian diplomats ...

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Prosecutors seek UK’s help in probe into mysterious death of late Russian oligarch’s ally

The Russian Prosecutor General’s Office has requested legal assistance from British agencies in the investigation of the violent death of Nikolay Glushkov, a convicted criminal and a close associate of oligarch Boris Beresovsky. “In accordance with the 1959 European Convention on Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters, we have forwarded a request for legal assistance in an investigation launched into the ...

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Nothing to see here, folks – it’s just a dog crashing an electric tricycle into a China shop (VIDEO)

A small shop in China was smashed by an electric tricycle after a dog took control of the vehicle, accidentally hitting the gas when he was left unattended in the cabin by his owner. The stunning pet ride was caught on camera. The footage, said to be taken in Taizhou, a city on the east coast of China, shows a ...

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