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Africa’s second-biggest oil exporter wants to diversify into gold

OPEC member Angola wants to expand its commodity mix into gold and hopes to start producing small quantities of the precious metal next year, its oil and mineral resources minister Diamantino Azevedo told Reuters on Tuesday. The minister does not expect OPEC to impose deeper cuts to its member states this year, and told Reuters that Angola would not exceed ...

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Toxic metal into nuggets: Secrets of gold-pooping bacteria unraveled by scientists

A unique bacteria that produces gold as a byproduct of ingesting toxic metals may be key to the future refinement of the precious mineral, according to new research. The study published in the journal Mettalomics claims to solve the mystery of how the metal-gobbling bacterium, Cupriavidus metallidurans, can consume copper and gold without poisoning itself. Previous research established that the rod-shaped bacteria ...

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SpaceX heavy rocket takes Tesla car into orbit in test blast-off (VIDEO)

SpaceX’s new Falcon Heavy space rocket has launched on its maiden flight. The rocket departed from Launch Pad 39A at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida, carrying a Tesla car into orbit. The launch was delayed twice due to heavy winds in the upper atmosphere, but the countdown finally began for a 3:45pm EST (2045 GMT) blastoff on Tuesday. [embedded ...

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Jet slides on runway & bursts into flames at airshow (PHOTO, VIDEOS)

A South Korean single-seater aircraft skidded off the runway and burst into flames in front of a stunned crowd of spectators during the 2018 Singapore Airshow. The aircraft caught fire after crashing into the grass verge on runway 1 while taking off from Changi Airport at about 1:30 pm local time Tuesday, according to the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore. ...

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‘House of horror & torture’: Redevelopment of Gestapo HQ into luxury condo sparks anger in Hamburg

Families of Nazi torture victims are fuming over the transformation of the former Gestapo headquarters in Hamburg into a luxury condo at the expense of a memorial to those affected by the Secret Police’s atrocities. In 2009, city planners awarded a development contract to Quantum Immobilien to convert a complex of four buildings dating to the 19th century into a ...

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Iraqi troops advance into desert amid anti-ISIS offensive near Saudi Arabian border

The Iraqi army’s chief of operations Major-General Mahmoud al-Falahi said the troops have started an operation to drive Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) from the desert areas of Anbar province, which borders Saudi Arabia, Al-Sumaria TV channel reports. “The army, police, tribal and border forces, backed by the international coalition, began this morning a large operation to clean the Anbar ...

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'Russia threat' used as excuse to funnel trillions into military industry – Russian envoy to US

Washington uses the alleged Russian threat as a pretext for its nuclear build-up, while the real purpose behind the new hawkish nuclear strategy is to pump money into the military complex, the Russian ambassador to the US told RT. “The problem is that the Americans are again using Russia as a bogeyman to justify the rise in military spending and ...

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Home Office rejects recognition of Sharia marriages into UK civil law

The Home Office has resisted calls to compel Muslim couples to register their Sharia marriages under UK civil law, following the recommendations of a review launched by Theresa May into Sharia councils. Announcing its findings on Thursday, the report recommended that Muslim couples should be compelled to register their Islamic marriage in a civil ceremony – or face fines from ...

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Blood covers hospital floors as Turkish Army advances into Syria (VIDEO)

Supplies at Afrin Hospital in northern Syria are running low as beds are packed with wounded civilians, fleeing advancing Turkish forces in their operation against Kurdish fighters. Footage from the scene shows blood being wiped from the floor and relatives in tears as Afrin Hospital becomes overwhelmed with victims. [embedded content] “We were leaving the Raju area when a jet ...

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Car rams into pedestrians in Shanghai, China, 18 injured

Published time: 2 Feb, 2018 03:35 Edited time: 2 Feb, 2018 03:50 A minivan plowed into pedestrians in downtown Shanghai Friday morning leaving 18 people injured, three of them seriously. The minivan was carrying gas tanks and caught fire during the incident, according to witnesses cited by China’s People’s Daily. The cause of the crash is being investigated. Fire trucks ...

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