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Hurricane Michael claims 1st victim as it cuts swathe of destruction into Florida (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

A man was killed by a tree that crashed into his home in Gadsden County, Florida, on Wednesday, as hurricane Michael plowed into Alabama and Georgia leaving behind a path of destruction in the Panhandle. The hurricane Michael, that made its landfall near Mexico Beach, Florida, as a category 4 storm on Wednesday afternoon, has ravaged the Florida Panhandle with ...

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Turkish TV airs VIDEO of missing journalist walking into Saudi consulate, black van leaving

A Turkish TV station has aired CCTV footage of missing dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi walking into the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul last Tuesday, with a black van later arriving and presumably taking him away. Footage of Khashoggi entering the consulate on October 2 was broadcast by private Turkish news channel 24 on Wednesday, followed by a video of a black ...

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Turn your Google Home Mini into Google Home Mickey

Behold the Google Home Mickey. It’s an official collaboration with Google and Disney that OtterBox is selling for $ 20. The base props up Google’s best-selling smart speaker and gives it iconic mouse ears and red suspenders in the process. It also helps the Mini project by propping it up at an angle. Oh, and the power cord happens to ...

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Russian man lodges 8-inch knife into skull to ‘help him breathe’… miraculously survives

A seemingly mentally-ill man who stabbed himself in the skull with an 8-inch knife in an attempt to ‘help him breathe better’ has been successfully operated on. The blade is said to have gone between the two halves of his brain. Doctors said it was a miracle that Yury Zhokhov, 41, of Russia’s Rostov Region, is still alive. He was ...

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Chinese investment into computer vision technology and AR surges as U.S. funding dries up

Tim Merel Contributor More posts by this contributor The Reality Ecosystem: What AR/VR/XR needs to go big China could beat America in AR/VR long-term Last year 30 leading venture investors told us about a fundamental shift from early stage North American VR investment to later stage Chinese computer vision/AR investment — but they didn’t anticipate its ferocity. Digi-Capital’s AR/VR/XR Analytics Platform showed ...

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Car drives into group of people in Berlin cafe, at least 5 injured

Published time: 5 Oct, 2018 11:30 Edited time: 5 Oct, 2018 11:54 Five people have been injured after a car dove into a café in Charlottenburg in western Berlin, local media reported. The police said the driver apparently lost control of the vehicle due to health problems. The car, an Audi, skidded off the road and ran into the café ...

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Airbnb bans host for telling hijab-wearing British PhD student she wouldn’t ‘fit’ into neighborhood

Homestay website Airbnb has booted a host from its platform after the host declined to accept a Muslim guest, telling a British PhD student she would not “fit” into their neighborhood due to her veil. 25-year-old British neuroscience student Nurjahan Saleque is doing her PhD in Hamburg, Germany. Tired of her commute, she saw an apartment on Airbnb closer to ...

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Russian pension reform bill signed into law by Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed into law a motion ordering an increase to retirement age while allowing for a rise in payments and offering additional guarantees for citizens approaching the end of their working lives. Increase in retirement age and pension payments A package of bills regulating pension reform was published on Thursday and its main part will come ...

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A horse walks into a French bar… and no one finds it funny, chaotic VIDEO shows

Horses are normally very stable animals but that doesn’t stop them going berserk every now and then, as shocked patrons of a French bar found out recently when a bucking bronco disturbed their quiet gathering. After tearing away from its handler at a French racecourse in Chantilly the young horse decided to run into the nearby bar where it sparked ...

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Apple adds student ID cards into Apple Wallet to access buildings, buy food and more

The education market has long been one of the cornerstones of growth for Apple’s hardware business, and today the company is leveraging its popularity in it, specifically among college-aged students, to build out a newer effort. Today, Apple started to integrate university student ID cards — used to access buildings, pay for food or books, and any other transactional campus ...

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