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Trump threatens 20% tariffs on all European cars coming into US

Published time: 22 Jun, 2018 14:50 Edited time: 22 Jun, 2018 15:00 US President Donald Trump has issued another warning to the EU, threatening to slap the bloc’s automakers with 20 percent tax levies unless trade barriers placed on American corporations are lifted. The warning comes two days after US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said that the White House had ...

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Cat punted into air on football field, Kansas City hunts cruel kicker (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

Authorities in Kansas City are investigating an incident in which a cat was violently kicked into the air by man on a high-school football field. Video of the cruel stunt was shared on Snapchat last month, according to local government officials in Kansas City. Missouri police are now hoping to identify the kicker, with the state ready to file charges ...

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Saudi Arabia to turn Qatar into an island by digging massive canal – report

Saudi Arabia will reportedly hold bidding among foreign engineering firms in order to dig a huge canal that will separate it from Qatar and basically turn the neighboring state into an island, a local paper reports. Five companies have expressed a desire to participate in the tender, which is scheduled to take place on June 25, sources told Saudi Makkah ...

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‘Germany crime up due to immigration,’ Trump tweets, and media go into frenzy

Donald Trump’s opponents and the media have lambasted the president and accused him of lying, after he made a series of tweets savaging German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s immigration policy and calling for tougher laws at home. “The people of Germany are turning against their leadership as migration is rocking the already tenuous Berlin coalition. Crime in Germany is way up. ...

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Chopper smashes into building during takeoff chaos in Siberia (VIDEO)

A CCTV video has captured the terrifying moment a helicopter’s rotor blades smashed into a building during an attempted take-off in the Tyumen region of Siberia in Russia. In the footage, the Mi-8T helicopter is seen moving forward – but not taking off – and cutting into a building with its propeller. The crash saw the chopper’s rotor blades completely ...

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Taxi accidentally drives into crowd in Moscow – police (VIDEO)

A taxi driver has lost control of his car and driven his vehicle into a crowded sidewalk in Moscow, injuring at least seven people including, two Mexican nationals, who had come to Russia for the World Cup. The traffic accident occurred on Ilyinka street located close to Red Square on Saturday, when the driver suddenly accelerated, hit the pedestrians on ...

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FBI shelved probe into Clinton emails on Weiner laptop for Russiagate – DOJ report

The FBI’s inquiry into hundreds of thousands of emails found on a laptop belonging to former Congressman Anthony Weiner may have been improperly shelved to focus on the agency’s Russia investigation, a DOJ report states. A review of the FBI’s investigations into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server by the DOJ inspector general concluded that federal investigators failed ...

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Stephen Hawking’s words to be beamed into black hole

World-renowned British physicist Stephen Hawking will embark on his ultimate posthumous discovery, as his words will be beamed into a black hole after a memorial service on Friday. Read more As the ashes of the legendary cosmologist are interred at Westminster Abbey between the graves of Sir Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin, his thoughts will be set free to travel ...

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'I taste like buffalo': Man cooks amputated leg into taco feast for friends

An anonymous Reddit user claims to have cooked up part of his amputated leg and served it to a group of friends in a taco feast. The shocking revelation has been backed up with a series of stomach churning photos. Reddit user IncrediblyShinyShart made the unimaginable admission in a thread entitled; ‘Hi all, I am a man who ate a ...

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