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Inside Facebook Dating, launching today first in Colombia

Does deeper data produce perfect matches? Facebook is finally ready to find out, starting today with a country-wide test in Colombia of its Dating feature. It’s centered around an algorithm-powered homescreen of Suggested romantic matches based on everything Facebook knows about you that other apps don’t. There’s no swiping and it’s not trying to look cool, but Facebook Dating is ...

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Fraud kingpin ran multi-million dollar ops from inside immigration detention center

It started with the arrest of 36-year-old woman in Sydney on suspicion of laundering more than $ 480,000 gained by hacking multiple business emails; within a week, police had taken down a $ 3 million international crime syndicate. “We can’t establish at this stage who it’s gone to or what it’s being used [for],” Detective Superintendent Arthur Katsogiannis told reporters ...

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Memphis shooting: 4 shot, 1 left fighting for life after gunman opens fire inside nightclub

Police are investigating after a shooter opened fire in a nightclub in Tennessee overnight, injuring multiple people. Emergency crews were called to the Purple Haze nightclub in downtown Memphis just before 3.30am local time. The Memphis Police Department has confirmed that four people have been shot. All were transported to hospital, with one patient fighting for their life in a ...

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‘Flying infirmary’: VIDEOS show confusion inside quarantined Emirates plane at JFK

Videos from inside an Emirates plane grounded and quarantined at JFK airport show confusion among the passengers. The plane was quarantined after some passengers reportedly fell ill during a flight from Dubai. Emirates Flight 203 landed Wednesday morning, after the pilot noticed passengers coughing and exhibiting symptoms of fever. The plane has since been parked in a staging area at ...

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Here's who was inside the 'cursed' Egyptian sarcophagus (PHOTOS)

The Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities has released details about the skeletons found inside the mysterious sarcophagus unearthed in July and opened despite all the warnings about the ancient curses it might unleash. The ominous black granite sarcophagus, dating back to up to the 4th century BC, was excavated in Alexandria to the protesting cries of Twitter doomsayers everywhere, and was ...

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Omarosa’s tape from inside the Situation Room fuels massive freakout over security

Former White House aide Omarosa Onee Manigault-Newman has unleashed a collective freak-out on Twitter after she revealed she recorded a conversation with chief of staff John Kelly from inside the White House Situation Room. Omarosa made the shock reveal on Meet the Press WHAT CHANNEL on Sunday, where a clip of the covert recording was played. It features Kelly telling ...

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WATCH the mesmerizing dance of chromosomes inside our cells (VIDEO)

Scientists have mapped the movement of chromosomes inside our cells for the first time – a development that may have significant implications for the study of genetic diseases and human health, according to researchers. The study, published in Nature, and carried out by scientists at the University of Texas at Austin, used computer modelling to create a mesmerizing depiction of ...

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Bloodstains & debris: VIDEO inside house where Israeli airstrike killed pregnant woman, her toddler

A pregnant woman and her 18-month-old child were among those killed in the latest Israeli airstrikes, Palestinian authorities said. The IDF launched the attack on alleged Hamas targets in Gaza after rockets were fired at Israel. The fatalities were confirmed by the Palestinian Health Ministry on Thursday. It said that a total of three people were killed overnight in the ...

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Turning inside out: Born-again star may predict how solar system will end

Scientists have been given a sneak preview of the ultimate fate of the solar system after observations of a dying star revealed that it turns itself ‘inside out’ in a rebirth process before its demise. The planetary nebula HuBi1 in the constellation Serpens, was analysed by researchers at the Astrophysical Institute of Andalusia in Granada, Spain, who observed its unusual ...

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Bear rips car to shreds after becoming trapped inside (VIDEO)

A Colorado family may need a new car after a bear became trapped inside and left an unbelievable path of destruction in its wake. The bear found itself trapped inside a Subaru in Conifer, Colorado on Monday. The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office released a video showing the bear being released – and documenting the utter carnage it left behind. “We’ve ...

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