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Facebook independent research commission, Social Science One, will share a petabyte of user interactions

Back in April, Facebook announced it would be working with a group of academics to establish an independent research commission to look into issues of social and political significance using the company’s own extensive data collection. That commission just came out of stealth; it’s called Social Science One, and its first project will have researchers analyzing about a petabyte’s worth ...

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Merkel slams Trump’s ‘Russian captive’ comment, defends Berlin’s ‘independent policies’

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has issued a curt rebuke of Donald Trump and his assertion that Germany is a “captive” of Russia, telling journalists in Brussels that Berlin is a sovereign nation that makes its own decisions. Read more Having just arrived in Brussels for the start of a two-day NATO summit, Merkel found herself swamped by media pressing her ...

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Turkish & US troops coordinate ‘independent’ patrols near Kurdish-held town in Syria

Turkish and US troops have begun separate patrols along the line dividing the Turkish-controlled areas from the Kurdish-held town of Manbij, northern Syria, after Ankara and Washington agreed a “roadmap” on the Kurds’ withdrawal. “As per the Manbij Roadmap and Safety Principles previously agreed upon, independent patrol activities by soldiers of Turkish Armed Forces and US Armed Forces have begun ...

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‘Prove that you are independent’: Russian MP Poklonskaya invites Trump to Crimea

Ex-chief Crimean prosecutor and now-Russian MP Natalia Poklonskaya invited President Trump to visit Crimea to see how true his alleged statement – that Crimea is Russian – is. Poklonskaya made the invitation soon after Buzzfeed quoted two unnamed diplomatic sources as saying that at a recent summit, US President Donald Trump told G7 leaders that Crimea is Russian because everyone ...

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Microsoft promises to keep GitHub independent and open

Microsoft today announced its plans to acquire GitHub for $ 7.5 billion in stock. Unsurprisingly, that sent a few shock waves through the developer community, which still often eyes Microsoft with considerable unease. During a conference call this morning, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, incoming GitHub CEO (and Xamarin founder) Nat Friedman and GitHub co-founder and outgoing CEO Chris Wanstrath laid out ...

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Black Friday: Spanish public broadcaster employees mourn the death of independent news

For the third week in a row, journalists at the Spanish public-service broadcaster RTVE wore black on Friday to protest PM Mariano Rajoy’s party meddling in their news coverage, which they fear damages the channel’s credibility. The staff at Radio Television Espanola rebelled against the refusal of the Spanish ruling conservative Popular Party (PP) to support the opposition’s bid for ...

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‘Futile to mimic West’: Philippines’ Duterte wants Asia to pursue an independent foreign policy

Asian nations should pursue an independent foreign policy to achieve their own development goals, without mimicking the West or seeking its blessing, the Filipino leader has suggested to members of the Asian Pacific community. “Asia’s development experience shows us that it is futile to simply mimic the West,” Rodrigo Duterte told delegates at the closing dinner of the 51st Asian ...

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'US doesn't want strong & independent Brazil backing Latin America' – Brazil's Lula da Silva

The political chaos in Brazil is a result of collusion between local elites and the US, which doesn’t want a strong new independent player in Latin America and beyond, former Brazilian president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva told RT. Lula da Silva, 72, who served as Brazil’s president from 2003 until 2011 and is one of the most popular politicians ...

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Your guide to the 2018 Russian presidential election candidates: 2. Vladimir Putin (Independent)

Russians will vote for a new president on March 18, with seven challengers facing Vladimir Putin. RT is previewing the election this month, and the second featured candidate is the incumbent himself. Who? – Vladimir Putin Party? – None this time around. Instead, he’s running as an Independent. However, he has the tacit support of United Russia, which is chaired ...

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