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First images of ISS crew after emergency landing (PHOTOS)

Published time: 11 Oct, 2018 11:57 #СоюзМС10: космонавт Роскосмоса Алексей Овчинин и астронавт @NASA Ник Хейг сейчас находятся в Жезказгане и проходят обследование перед вылетом. Генеральный директор Роскосмоса Дмитрий Рогозин (@Rogozin) принял решение о транспортировке космонавтов на Байконур. pic.twitter.com/b1IzKZZI8O — РОСКОСМОС (@roscosmos) October 11, 2018 DETAILS TO FOLLOW Let’s block ads! (Why?) RT World News

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Google adds creator credit to Images

Google’s attempting to smooth out its relationship with photo rights holders by bringing some additional contextual data to its Image Search. In a blog post today, Product Manager Ashutosh Agarwal highlighted the company’s plan to associate Creator and Credit metadata with images served up via search. The company notes that finding out who created a given image — and who ...

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Japan’s ‘hopping rovers’ successfully land & send first images from Ryugu asteroid (PHOTOS)

A pair of tiny JAXA robots, released by the Hayabusa2 probe, have successfully landed on the Ryugu asteroid and began transmitting images from the surface of the “potentially hazardous” object four years after the mission launch. The first images from the astronomical object flying at some 300 million kilometers from the Earth were received by Japan’s Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) ...

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‘Babes for Trump’: Instagram account collects images of hot supporters (PHOTOS)

A risque Instagram account named ‘Babe for Trump’ is showing that it’s not just far-right advocates and run-of-the-mill Republicans that support the 45th US president, but sexy conservatives too. Much like calendars featuring pinup models, the account is designed to get viewers hot and heavy while making a pretty penny by shifting some pricey Trump centric merchandise. Many of the ...

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Lockheed Martin receives bloody images instead of cool weapons photos in failed Twitter campaign

Lockheed Martin’s social media appeal to send them the best photos of its products went horribly awry, as unimpressed Twitterati responded with gruesome images of the horrors of war. The world’s largest defense contractor and one of the top defense manufacturers posted a tweet last week, asking Twitter users to send them an “amazing photo” of a Lockheed Martin item. ...

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Satellite shots show epic scale of world's longest oversea bridge (IMAGES)

Satellite images are showing off just how enormous China’s almost-finished mega-bridge is. Stretching for 34 miles, it connects Hong Kong, Macau, and the mainland’s southern city of Zhuhai. The bridge is expected to become the world’s longest cross-sea bridge when it opens to traffic later this summer, cutting travel time in half for commuters. Photos captured by satellite imagery service ...

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See the trippy propaganda images attacking the midterms on Facebook

Facebook just confirmed that an unknown group is waging a propaganda war against the U.S. midterm elections. Using images and event invites to rallies in Washington next week, the attackers are attempting to sow discord into the American political landscape. Facebook has not identified whether Russian intelligence organizations were responsible, like with their 2016 election attacks, as this operation was ...

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Groundbreaking images of the Sun shed light on its dynamic corona (VIDEO)

New detailed images of the Sun’s outer atmosphere – called the corona – reveals that the solar layer is not smooth as was previously thought, but is structured and dynamic. The sun’s corona is extremely hot, and is the source of solar wind– the charged particles that flow from our star. It has been difficult to understand how the turbulent ...

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Art of distortion: Misleading images fire up immigration debate

Time magazine faced backlash for misleading readers after the revelation that the crying toddler on its cover was not separated from her parents. This iconic image is not the only one that MSM misused covering immigration limbo. The powerful cover shows President Trump towering above the sobbing Honduran child with the caption: ‘Welcome to America.” In an accompanying tweet, Time ...

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Species-identifying AI gets a boost from images snapped by citizen naturalists

Someday we’ll have an app that you can point at a weird bug or unfamiliar fern and have it spit out the genus and species. But right now computer vision systems just aren’t up to the task. To help things along, researchers have assembled hundreds of thousands of images taken by regular folks of critters in real life situations — ...

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