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‘Illegal’ Sagrada Familia cathedral set to pay millions for construction permit… 136 years too late

Magnificent. Iconic. Landmark. ‘Illegal’ is probably not on anyone’s list of adjectives for the unfinished Sagrada Familia cathedral in Barcelona. It should be, though – for 136 years, building has been going on without a permit. Barcelona’s most-visited tourist attraction is also Europe’s longest-enduring construction site – the foundation for the monumental Sagrada Familia cathedral was laid in 1882. Its ...

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Sarah Sanders' photo with Kanye is illegal, DC ethics group says

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington called out Sarah Sanders for tweeting a photo with Kanye West when the rapper visited the White House, citing a 1939 law barring federal employees from getting too political. The nonprofit ethics watchdog claims Trump’s press secretary violated the Hatch Act, which prohibits executive branch employees from using government property to engage in ...

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US-funded site in Georgia may have conducted illegal experiments on humans – ex-minister

A US-funded medical facility in Georgia may have been involved in illegal experiments on Georgian citizens, former Georgian security minister has claimed, citing leaked documents he obtained. Igor Giorgadze, a former state security minister turned-opposition figure, has made the groundbreaking revelation during a press conference in Moscow on Tuesday. He said he managed to acquire over 100,000 pages of documents ...

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Video of Macron puzzled by ‘illegal’ migrants who say they lived in France for 8 years (VIDEO)

French Twitter users have ripped Macron apart after a video featuring his conversation with ‘illegal’ migrants, who have lived in France without documents for 8 years, went viral. Many thought the whole conversation was a farce. The exchange between the head of state and a group of Algerians in Marseille, a popular destination for migrants from North Africa, was captured ...

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They have to go back: Hungary’s Orban calls for deporting illegal migrants to Africa

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has said that illegal immigrants in Italy must be deported back to Africa instead of relocated to other places in Europe and that Hungary is willing to help with the process. Orban was speaking during a press conference following a meeting with Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, who has come under fire in recent days ...

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Trump calls out Google for ‘rigged’ search results, ‘illegal’ censorship, vows to take action

President Donald Trump has accused search giant Google of deliberately highlighting negative news about his administration, and “controlling what we can and cannot see.” Trump vowed that the situation “will be addressed.” “Google search results for ‘Trump News’ shows only the viewing/reporting of Fake New Media. In other words, they have it RIGGED, for me & others, so that almost ...

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Fury after Gingrich encourages Republicans to politicize woman murdered by illegal immigrant

The Republican Party could score big in the midterms if Mollie Tibbetts, a woman thought to have been murdered by an illegal immigrant, becomes a “household name,” Newt Gingrich has mused, inciting fury on social media. The longtime GOP sage and former Republican Speaker of the House and presidential candidate contacted Axios to make sure that the outlet was covering ...

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Belarus cops bust swingers party, arresting 52 for illegal orgy (VIDEO)

A swingers party in Belarus was crashed by the most unwelcome of guests, as police officers swooped in to shut down the illegal orgy at a cottage near the capital, Minsk. The sleazy party was in full swing on Saturday night when special forces raided the event and arrested more than 50 people. Extraordinary video footage from the scene shows ...

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Facebook allows Radio Liberty to promote illegal political ads while touting stricter rules

Facebook now appears to watch RT’s every step, but it has allowed the US government-funded Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty to publish political ads targeting Americans, while introducing restrictions for other media. The alarm over a federal-backed outlet targeting its Facebook ads at US audiences was sounded by the New York Times. The paper said that the move constituted a “potential ...

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‘Totally unheard of & perhaps illegal’: Trump responds to secret lawyer tapes

US President Donald Trump has responded to reports that his former attorney Michael Cohen secretly recorded their conversions, calling the move “totally unheard of and probably illegal.” Taking to his favorite method of communicating with the masses, Trump’s tweet Saturday was the president’s first response to Friday’s report in the New York Times that claimed tapes seized by the FBI ...

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