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‘Hypocritical’: Italy challenges France to admit migrants instead of lecturing Rome over rescue ship

Italy has challenged France to take in migrants it promised to accept under an EU agreement, accusing Paris of turning back 10,000 people. The row flared up after France slammed Italy for turning away a ship with 629 migrants. Earlier Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, said that Italian government did not have any intention to receive “hypocritical lessons” from someone who ...

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Israeli defense minister describes calls for probe into IDF use of force ‘hypocritical’

Israeli officials have rallied behind the IDF after calls at home and abroad for an independent probe into its use of force against Palestinian protesters at the border of the Gaza Strip on Friday. Violence erupted during demonstrations on ‘Land Day,’ an annual Palestinian protest against Israeli settlements. This year, tens of thousands of people gathered on the Israel-Gaza border ...

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Tory Brexiteer warns rich to get money out of UK, invest elsewhere in hypocritical op-ed

A senior Tory politician has urged the wealthy to pull their money out of the UK and invest elsewhere, with the Labour Party quick to brand him a hypocrite. Conservative MP John Redwood, who has a second £180,000 per year job as Chief Global Strategist for investment management firm Charles Stanley, encouraged investors to move their money out of the ...

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Trump was hypocritical on Syria airstrikes but also right

Donald Trump is a conceited bully. When report appeared about the most current chemical-weapons attack on kids and other civilians in Syria, he right away blamed previous President Barack Obama’s “weak point and irresolution” for the tragedy. Trump is everything about Trump, obviously, so his very first impulse is always to scold another person. Donald Trump is a raving hypocrite. ...

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Chris Christie jerk for hypocritical 'awful' Eagles fans comment

Chris Christie should know it’s better to remain quiet and seem like a jerk rather than open your mouth and remove all doubt. But Christie opened wide this week and insulted the entire Philadelphia Eagles fanbase Wednesday on WFAN, saying they are “generally angry, awful people” after his beloved Dallas Cowboys were knocked out of the playoffs. Nobody likes Philly ...

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