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House and Senate put Zuckerberg on notice: “You are the right person to testify before Congress”

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been rather scarce lately, despite a host of woes besetting his company — but Wednesday he emerged from his cocoon to offer a limp apology, admit they had no control over data like that used by Cambridge Analytica, and that he “will happily” testify before Congress if he’s the right person to do so. Well, ...

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Inappropriate meetings & ineffective intel: Key findings of House Committee on Russia probe

The House Intelligence Committee has released a summary of their 14-month probe, which says Donald Trump and his associates did not collude with Russia. Apart from some peculiar lines, it looks like a recap of media headlines. The full report, which is “based on 70-plus witness interviews and more than 300,000 documents collected,” is not going to be made public for ...

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'No collusion': House Intel Committee votes to end Russia probe

The House Intelligence Committee has voted to formally end its Russia probe. Lawmakers found no evidence of collusion between associates of President Donald Trump and Russia. The committee also voted to release the report, which was authored by Republicans. It will first be sent to the intelligence community so that classified material can be redacted, but is expected to be ...

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FBI removes explosives from Texas bombing suspect’s house

US federal authorities have removed home-made explosive devices and bomb components from the residence of a 23-year-old man, the suspect in a series of package bombings in Austin, Texas. FBI and ATF bomb specialists were deployed to remove explosives after federal agents found components “similar” to those used in bombs set off across Texas. “The house was cleared without finding ...

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House GOP plans to subpoena DOJ for more than 1mn documents related to Clinton email probe

Unhappy with the “very slow” ways of the Justice Department, Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee want to subpoena it for one million missing documents related to the probe into Hillary Clinton’s private emails. The committee has received only a “tiny percentage” — about 3,000 of 1.2 million — of the documents they have requested, chairman of the committee, Rep. ...

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Jim Carrey faces Twitter backlash for ‘monstrous’ portrait of White House spokesperson

Published time: 19 Mar, 2018 17:10 Edited time: 19 Mar, 2018 17:18 Comedian Jim Carrey turned to art (loosely defined) to mock President Donald Trump’s press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders. His derisive portrait was widely rebuked on social media, however. The ‘Bruce Almighty’ star unveiled his magnum opus to his 17 million Twitter followers over the weekend. “This is the ...

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White House staffer left encrypted email passwords at bus stop – report

A White House employee carelessly left his encrypted email password at a bus stop, according to a report. A picture of the bootprint-smeared note was posted online. White House staffer Ryan McAvoy left his ProtonMail account and passwords at a bus stop near his office, news outlet The Intercept reported Saturday. A source noticed the information written on a piece ...

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Media say Trump is about to fire National Security Adviser McMaster, White House denies

Reports in US media about President Donald Trump’s plans to fire National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster have prompted the White House to issue a denial. This comes days after Trump fired Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. On Thursday, CNN and the Washington Post, citing sources with knowledge of the situation, reported that Trump has been actively searching for a replacement ...

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White House backs UK decision to expel Russian diplomats over Skripal saga

The White House has approved of the UK government’s decision to expel 23 Russian diplomats from the UK after blaming Moscow for the poisoning of a former double agent and his daughter in Salisbury. “The United States shares the United Kingdom’s assessment that Russia is responsible for the reckless nerve agent attack on the British citizen and his daughter,” the ...

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Republican candidate in tight Pennsylvania House race refuses to concede defeat

Democrat candidate Conor Lamb has claimed victory in Pennsylvania’s razor-tight special House election. But, in a dramatic twist, Republican candidate Rick Saccone is refusing to concede defeat. There was just a few hundred votes between the two candidates in the competitive race for the conservative 18th District seat on Wednesday morning. Democrat Lamb claimed victory late on Tuesday, but Saccone ...

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