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Stolen sperm & cheese injustice: The most bizarre lawsuits in US history

The United States is known for being the most litigious country on Earth, and home to 80 percent of the world’s lawyers. Some of the most bizarre and frivolous lawsuits in the world have taken place in the US. Today, there are over 1.3 million lawyers across the nation who generate millions of lawsuits every year. With that many lawyers ...

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US has largest debt in world history, dollar to lose status as No.1 currency – Jim Rogers

The US dollar is becoming less appealing for investors as American debt continues to soar and the greenback is printed to cover it, says investor Jim Rogers. He sees the alternative coming from BRICS countries. The American currency will lose the status of main reserve currency much sooner than 2030, Rogers said at the Valdai Club’s discussion session, held as ...

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$21 trillion lost: Largest theft in history buried under guise of US national security – Lee Camp

Comedian Lee Camp on his show Redacted Tonight recalls the first-ever audit of the Pentagon, which is taking 2,400 auditors to do the job, trying to understand where $ 21 trillion in unsupported adjustments went. In his show, Camp recalled that a couple of years ago professor Mark Skidmore of Michigan State University heard Catherine Austin Fitts, former Assistant Secretary ...

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The Russian Revolution in tweets: #1917LIVE history role-play now a book & you can download a copy

A massive historical re-enactment of the Russian Revolution on Twitter in 2017 is now an interactive printed book. Anyone interested can get a copy from a new website promoting the book which has just gone online. In 2017 RT launched #1917LIVE – a social media project about one of the most intense moments in Russian history – the Revolution of ...

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Estonia holds largest drills in its modern history with over a dozen NATO allies

A massive military exercise called Siil 2018 is underway in Estonia, with 15,000 troops from over a dozen nations participating. Estonia rallied one percent of its population for the drill, the largest draft in its modern history. The majority of the troops taking part in the exercise, which started on Wednesday and will last till Sunday next week, were provided ...

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A brief history of Facebook’s privacy hostility ahead of Zuckerberg’s testimony

The Facebook founder will be questioned by the Senate Judiciary and Senate Commerce Committees later today — in a session entitled “Facebook, Social Media Privacy, and the Use and Abuse of Data.” Mark Zuckerberg is also due to testify before Congress on Wednesday — to be asked about the company’s use and protection of user data. As we’ve pointed out already, his written ...

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Restoring strategic balance: The history of why Russia needs those scary missiles (VIDEO)

The history behind Russia’s hypersonic weapons stretches back decades. RT has prepared a handy video explaining why Moscow feels it needs the armaments after more than twenty years of US military expansion. On March 1, Russian President Vladimir Putin revealed a new class of weapons that can bypass US missile shields: The Kinzhal, a hypersonic missile that can travel at ...

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Founder of MMM, biggest Ponzi scheme in Russia’s modern history, dies in Moscow

Sergey Mavrodi, the founder of the infamous MMM financial pyramid, has died in a Moscow hospital, aged 62. RT looks at how Mavrodi pulled off his massive investment fraud and went on to build a bitcoin pyramid in China. Mavrodi was rushed to a hospital from a bus stop late on Monday night, after he complained of a chest pain, ...

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Putin thanks voters for “greatest support in modern Russia’s history”

President Vladimir Putin has thanked all Russians for re-electing him, promising deep and stable positive changes in everyone’s lives, and asking political opposition to abstain from populism in their criticism of authorities. In an address that was broadcast soon after the Central Election Commission announced the official results of the March 18 presidential poll, Vladimir Putin said that over 76 ...

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Equifax exec charged with insider trading, profiting $1mn in ‘largest data breach in US history’

Former Equifax executive Jun Ying has been charged with insider trading by the SEC after he allegedly sold off over $ 1 million worth of shares before the company’s high-profile data breach was disclosed last year. Ying was indicted by a federal grand jury on Tuesday, after allegedly making over $ 1 million in profit while avoiding potential losses of ...

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