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Number of Muslims running for public office hits record high since 9/11 – report

There has been a surge in the number of Muslim-Americans launching their bids for national and statewide offices, analysts say, crediting the Trump administration’s policies with sparking the moment. The primary season ahead of the November midterm elections is in full swing, and it has already broken some records. AP reported, citing Jetpac, a non-profit company assisting Muslim-American candidates, that ...

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China trade surplus with US hits historic high & timing couldn’t be worse

As the US-China trade war escalates, the latest trade numbers appear to back Washington’s biggest gripe with Beijing. China’s trade surplus with the US has grown to a record high of nearly $ 29 billion in June. Analysts expect to see the impact of the tariffs in the coming months, warning of a less favorable trade balance for China. “We ...

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Markets rattled as Trump kicks trade war with China into high gear

Global stocks dropped on Wednesday after the US released a list of $ 200 billion worth of Chinese exports that could be subject to new ten percent tariffs. The Shanghai Composite in China fell 1.8 percent and Hong Kong’s Hang Seng was down 1.3 percent. China’s currency, the yuan, slid about 0.5 percent against the dollar. Other markets also suffered, ...

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High crime: Georgia cops inadvertently find grow house with $1.2mn-worth of marijuana

Georgia deputies got a lucky break when they stumbled upon a massive, $ 1.2 million marijuana grow house, while making a house call on an unrelated matter in Cherokee County. The Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office paid a visit to the home of Carlos Suarez-Diaz Canton on Friday, looking for a suspect to serve a felony arrest warrant. They found a ...

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American crude price jumps to four-year high on massive US inventory draw

US oil benchmark West Texas Intermediate (WTI) has reached its highest price since 2014 above $ 73 per barrel. Crude prices surged after the United States Department of Energy announced an inventory draw. American crude supplies declined by 9.9 million barrels for the week ended June 22 – the largest weekly decline so far this year. Read more “Record crude ...

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Saudi Arabia to boost oil production to record high – report

OPEC leader Saudi Arabia is set to increase oil production to a record 10.8 million barrels per day (bpd) in July, Bloomberg reports. Read more This is a significant rise from 10.03 million bpd in May. That would surpass the previous high of 10.72 million in November 2016, according to Bloomberg. Riyadh and other OPEC members are under pressure from ...

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Russiagaters aim high and miss again with fresh attempt to link RT to election interference campaign

Democratic lawmakers have finally managed to expose RT’s extensive efforts to influence the 2016 US presidential election — by releasing a list of advertised tweets, most of which actually had nothing to do with the election. Obviously, RT did everything it could to try and keep its nefarious campaign of interference under wraps, but the day of judgement is finally ...

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Low debt & high reserves: Russia's economic strategy paying off

Despite facing years of sanctions from the US and EU, the Russian economy is growing again thanks to a winning formula of borrowing less and saving more. The sovereign debt of Russia is a fraction of that in developed countries like the UK or US. Russia’s foreign debt now stands at $ 525 billion, compared to $ 7.5 trillion in ...

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High five or hands praying? Twitter unveils #TrumpKimSummit emoji

Twitter has created a special emoji for the meeting of President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in Singapore, with some left guessing at what it exactly shows. The emoji features two hands meeting and is available using a number of different hashtags, like #TrumpKimSummit, #SingaporeSummit and #TrumpKim. Some people appeared confused about whether the emoji showed hands ...

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