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UK High Court blocks compensation suit against Google’s ‘Safari workaround’

An attempt to bring a class-action style litigation in the UK to claim up to £3BN in compensation from Google for ignoring iPhone user privacy settings has been blocked after the High Court judge ruled the case cannot proceed. The case pertains to actions by Google between 2011 and 2012 when it allegedly harvested personal data from Safari users without ...

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Serbia puts military on high alert over incident involving ‘Kosovo special forces’ – local media

Serbia’s President Aleksandar Vucic has ordered the country’s armed forces to be on the highest combat readiness, local media reported. All police units have also been placed on high alert. Vucic’s order was handed over to the chief of the Serbian army general staff, Serbian agency Tanjug reported citing the president’s office on Saturday. READ MORE: Balkans shouldn’t be forced to choose ...

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Kavanaugh says he was a virgin in high school, never sexually assaulted anyone

US Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh has denied the accusations he sexually assaulted a woman in high school and exposed himself to another in college, demanding a fair hearing to clear his name. Kavanaugh, nominated by President Donald Trump to fill the vacancy on the Supreme Court created by the retirement of Justice Anthony Kennedy, was interviewed by Fox News’s ...

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Dozens of Detroit schools test positive for high levels of lead & copper in drinking water

More than half of Detroit public schools have tested positive for high levels of lead and copper after their drinking water was inspected over safety concerns. Elevated levels of lead and copper were detected in the water of 57 schools, according to the Detroit Public Schools Community District (DPSCD). The body is still awaiting results for 27 more schools. Michigan’s ...

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Lobster pot: Restaurant gets shellfish high on own supply prior to cooking

A seafood restaurant in Maine is pioneering a new ‘humane hotbox’ method of getting lobsters stoned on marijuana before they are cooked. While the idea may seem doobie-ous, the owner feels there is no alternative. Charlotte’s Legendary Lobster Pound in Maine, opened in 2011, recently started using marijuana smoke to sedate the crustaceans before they are killed and cooked. “I ...

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Indian duo resort to ‘kissing’ cobras for venom high

Two Indian men who’ve seemingly become resistant to opioids after taking them for over a decade have found a way, which is bizarre at best and lethal at worst, to get a high – kissing cobras. The neurotoxin that a king cobra can emit in a single bite is enough to kill 20 people or one elephant, according to National Geographic. ...

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3 teens wounded, some ‘critical’ after drive-by shooting outside Chicago high school

Three teenagers were wounded and two are said to be in critical condition following a drive-by shooting near the Chatham Academy High School on Chicago’s south side. As the victims were walking along 91st Street on Monday, a light-colored sedan pulled up along the sidewalk and a masked gunman stepped out of the car and opened fire, striking all three. ...

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Cassini’s parting gift: Hexagonal vortex hundreds of kilometers high discovered on Saturn

As the first anniversary of the climax of the Cassini mission approaches, the European Space Agency (ESA) has revealed the probe’s parting gift: evidence of a hundreds-of-kilometers tall, hexagonal vortex at Saturn’s north pole. NASA’s Voyager mission first discovered the unusual northern polar structure in the 1980s but the Cassini mission afforded a more detailed, multi-wavelength perspective which unveiled the ...

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'Highly medicalized culture' in US leads to high risk of multiple drugs fatally interacting – study

One in 12 of US children who use prescription drugs on a regular basis is at risk of a major drug interaction that could stop their heart, a new study says. The authors cited America’s tendency to turn to pills over other options. The study, conducted by researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago, found that one in every ...

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Soon you’ll be able to watch high school football on Twitter

Just at the NFL is gearing up to kickoff its regular season, Adidas has announced that it will be partnering with Twitter to livestream high school football games on the platform. The “Friday Night Stripes” series (Get it? Get it?) will include eight games, featuring teams from California, Georgia, Florida, Nevada and Indiana. The series starts September 7 (a day ...

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