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There’s a secret text adventure game hidden inside Google — here’s how to play it

Google loves a good Easter egg. There are dozens upon dozens of different eggs hidden across Google’s product portfolio, from using Google Search to flip a coin to exploring the Doctor’s TARDIS in Google Maps. Think you’ve seen them all? A seemingly new egg has just been discovered: a playable text adventure game, hidden right within Google Search. Here’s how ...

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Spy porn crackdown: Seoul tasks 8,000 workers with searching for hidden cams in public bathrooms

South Korea’s capital has expanded its crackdown on the ‘hidden cam’ porn industry, ordering daily inspections of all public bathrooms for spying devices. It comes after a series of mass protests against the porn genre. Seoul authorities unveiled the new plan on Sunday aimed at ensuring that the city’s 20,554 public restrooms are free of secret cameras. Around 8,000 workers ...

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Hidden internal directive on Syria that got no UNSC approval DOES exist – Russian Foreign Ministry

The UN has devised internal guidelines for limiting cooperation with Syria until a “political transition” takes place there, and it was drafted without any consent from the Security Council, the Russian Foreign Ministry has said. The document in question is entitled ‘Parameters and Principles of UN Assistance in Syria,’ the ministry wrote in a statement to RT. It was issued ...

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Crouching stork, hidden leopard: Stunning moment bird escapes claws of hungry predator (VIDEO)

An agile bird miraculously managed to escape from a leopard that had been hiding in the dense grass of a safari park in Tanzania. The stunning moment was caught on camera by a tourist. The incredible video shows a stork cautiously wandering around the long grass moments before a leopard leaps into the air, trying to attack the bird. But ...

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Hidden Amazon page drops hints about a ‘Fire TV Cube’

Rumors have been floating around for a few months now of a new device from Amazon that would mash-up the media streaming capabilities of its Fire TV line with the voice assistant abilities of the Echo. After leaked images turned up showing a cube-shaped device that seemed to fit the bill, people started referring to this still as-of-yet unannounced device ...

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Little white lie: Skater Medvedeva reveals Russian flag was hidden on OAR kit

Olympic silver medalist figure skater Evgenia Medvedeva has revealed that Russian athletes secretly kept the national flag under a white scarf buttoned to their jackets while competing as neutrals at PyeongChang 2018. In a video posted to her Instagram account on Sunday, the two-time world champion, who was on her flight from PyeongChang to Moscow, unclasped the white scarf from ...

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Did Corbyn send a hidden message to try and recruit Tory Brexit rebels?

Brexit may have divided an entire nation but it appears to be cementing the most unlikely of alliances in British Parliament as Tory rebels and Labour MPs find themselves unusually on the same side. United in their anger over the EU/UK divorce and their disapproval of Prime Minister Theresa May’s handling of the split, two groups are beginning to come ...

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Hidden for 120,000 years: British scientists’ mission to lost Antarctic world

A team of scientists is due to embark on a Valentine’s Day mission to explore a mysterious Antarctic marine ecosystem hidden for the last 120,000 years. The area only became accessible when a one trillion-ton iceberg, four times the size of London, broke from the Larsen C ice shelf last July. The international team, led by the British Antarctic Survey ...

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Drone strikes cannot be hidden in total secrecy, tribunal tells British govt

Published time: 4 Jan, 2018 13:18 UK drone strikes, ‘kill lists,’ and the legal justification for targeted assassinations cannot be shrouded in complete secrecy, a tribunal has ruled. Disclosure, it said, should be balanced against the public interest. Attempts to uncover details of legal advice on Royal Air Force (RAF) drone strikes targeting jihadists in Syria in 2015 had been ...

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Hundreds of HP laptop models found to have hidden keylogging software

Published time: 11 Dec, 2017 19:21 Edited time: 11 Dec, 2017 19:23 A security researcher has revealed that some HP laptops have hidden software which can log everything typed on its keypads. More than 460 models have been affected, dating back to 2012, according to the list released by HP. The discovery was made by researcher Michael Myng who found ...

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