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This happy robot helps kids with autism

A little bot named QTrobot from LuxAI could be the link between therapists, parents, and autistic children. The robot, which features an LCD face and robotic arms, allows kids who are overwhelmed by human contact to become more comfortable in a therapeutic setting. The project comes from LuxAI, a spin-off of the University of Luxembourg. They will present their findings ...

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‘Trigger happy killers’: US Army gets furious response after it tries to celebrate Emoji Day

Published time: 18 Jul, 2018 11:10 Edited time: 18 Jul, 2018 11:47 Someone in the US Army thought celebrating World Emoji Day by posting a picture of troops with emojis in place of their faces was a good idea. What they received in return was not exactly smiley faces. The picture posted by the US Army seemed odd, partly because ...

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Don’t Worry Be Happy!

Happiness for many people can be reach every single day! For other people even if they know that should be happy to stay in the happy mood! They struggle towards this ideal lifestyle. With this pictures below, you can come on pook! having the fun that you are looking for! 😋 Below we have actually collected several of Happiest Photos Ever ...

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Belgian model spices up Jerusalem’s Western Wall with nude photoshoot – but not everyone is happy

A Belgian model known for her provocative photoshoots has stirred up controversy after posing nude on a Jerusalem rooftop – with the Western Wall, one of the city’s most sacred sites, in the background. Read more The photograph of 26-year-old Marisa Papen is part of an exhibition in the Belgian coastal town of Knokke. Titled “Road to Liberation,” the photo ...

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Happy birthday, covfefe: Remembering some of Trump’s craziest tweets

One year ago, ‘covfefe’ entered the world’s vocabulary due to a tweet by President Donald Trump. RT looks back at some of Trump’s craziest tweets since he became president. Trump uses Twitter as his primary mode of communication with the world, delivering policy positions and bestowing catchy nicknames on his enemies. Most Americans think the president tweets too much – ...

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Happy GDPR day! US news sites blocked, FB sued as EU privacy rules come into force

Blocked from viewing US news outlets, overwhelmed by emails, Europeans shared memes and cheered. Facebook and Google, though, may have little to cheer about, now that they’re sued for “forced consent” over new privacy rules. The new set of strict regulations, also known as the General Data Protection Regulation (or briefly GDPR), was passed in April 2016 and came into ...

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Happy b-day, Mueller probe! What happened to the 'Russia collusion,' though?

The special investigation into alleged Russian interference in the 2016 US presidential election will hit the one-year mark this Thursday, having so far produced zero evidence of collusion between Donald Trump and the Kremlin. Read more US Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation has been the constant backdrop of Donald Trump’s presidency, but the focus of his probe has wandered off ...

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Family, good health & rewarding jobs: Russians reveal what makes them so happy

Over 80 percent of Russians describe themselves as happy people, according to a nationwide poll. When asked what made them happy, they named loving families, children and good work as major factors. According to the survey results released by the state-run public opinion research center on Thursday, 83 percent of Russians currently think of themselves as happy. The proportion was ...

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Facebook wants to fix the ‘Happy Birthday’ spam problem by using Stories

Have you ever turned off Facebook’s notifications or even deleted the app entirely on your birthday, simply to avoid the non-stop barrage of alerts that someone had posted “Happy Birthday!” to your timeline? A fix may be in the works, as it turns out. An update to how Facebook will handle birthday notifications was given a brief mention during today’s ...

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‘Happy to watch her do my program’: Olympic champ Zagitova challenges US skater after criticism

15-year-old Russian skating star and PyeongChang champion Alina Zagitova has challenged US skater Ashley Wagner to try and perform her Olympic program before she decides to criticize it. Speaking exclusively to RT’s Ilya Petrenko, Zagitova was asked to comment on the American figure skater Ashley Wagner, who lambasted her free-skating program in an overly emotional tweet. Wagner, who was not ...

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