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‘Hands covered in blood, holding a knife’: Witnesses share chilling details of Paris attack with RT

Screams, a woman being stabbed in front of witnesses, and the knife-wielding attacker’s hands covered in blood – people reveal blood-curdling details of the terrorist assault in the heart of the French capital to RT. On Saturday evening, the assailant – allegedly a French national of Chechen origin – began stabbing passers-by near Place de l’Opera, a tourist hotspot with ...

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All smiles, hugs & holding hands as North and South Korean leaders meet (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

The two states experienced their warmest moments in decades as the first North Korean leader in half a century to cross the border held hands with his South Korean counterpart and said he wanted to start “new history.” As the doors opened in the so-called truce village of Panmunjom, all eyes were on the North’s leader Kim Jong-un descending the ...

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DOJ hands over Comey’s Trump memos to Congress

Former FBI Director James Comey’s memos about meetings with President Donald Trump have been handed over to Congress. The public will likely see a version from which classified information is redacted. The redacted documents were sent over on Thursday evening to the chairs of the House Judiciary, Oversight and Intelligence committees. The originals, containing classified information, will be securely transferred ...

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‘Can’t build wall if hands are too small’: Mexico’s ex-president trolls Trump with T-shirt (PHOTO)

Mexico’s former head honcho Vicente Fox is fundraising for a cause and throwing shade at Donald Trump, with a T-shirt range trolling the US president’s supposedly small hands. Talk of Trump having abnormally small hands dates back to the Republican campaign trail in 2016, when GOP party rival Marco Rubio levelled the bizarre accusations against then candidate Trump. READ MORE: Troops ...

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Golden digits: Nelson Mandela’s ‘hands’ bought for $10mn in bitcoin

Solid gold castings of Nelson Mandela’s hands have sold for $ 10 million in bitcoin to a Canadian cryptocurrency exchange. The four golden hands are believed to be the only ones left in the world. This is the first time artifacts of Mandela have been sold in bitcoin. A $ 10-million deal was struck with Ontario-based cryptocurrency company, Arbitrade, at ...

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Horror in Khabarovsk: Dozens of cut-off hands found dumped in the snow (GRAPHIC)

A bag with 52 severed hands was found on a river island outside the city of Khabarovsk, in Russia’s Far East. Investigators say the gruesome find was not the work of a rampant serial killer, but the result of unlawful negligence. The chilling discovery was made by local fishermen who initially stumbled upon one hand sticking out of the frozen ...

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Hands up: Ohio sheriff offers gun training to teachers

A sheriff in Ohio is offering free concealed and carry classes to teachers in the wake of the recent school shooting in Florida. Sheriff Richard Jones hopes that more gun-toting teachers will prevent future school shootings. Jones took to Twitter on Sunday to announce he would be offering the free gun lessons. He urged Butler County School Employees to sign ...

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Make it rain on them: Rapper Drake hands out 1 million dollars in free money to Miami residents

Canadian hip-hop artist Drake shocked Miami residents with a warm surprise this February: $ 1 million in cold, hard cash. In his latest video entitled “God’s Plan,” Drake performs random acts of kindness, such as handing out massive wads of cash to local passersby and writing off everyone’s grocery lists at a local supermarket, all while recording their shocked reactions ...

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‘Children pick up things that explode in their hands’ – HRW calls for Raqqa de-mining efforts

Raqqa residents are desperate for more support from the US-led anti-Islamic State coalition for de-mining efforts as hundreds of people have already been killed, says HRW’s Nadim Houry. Hundreds of civilians, including over 150 children, have been killed by homemade landmines in Syria’s Raqqa since its liberation from Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) by the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces, according ...

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‘US attempting to wash its hands of Iraq smacks of historical irresponsibility’

As Iraq recovers from a long series of horrific wars, starting with the US invasion of 2003, the US has to take on the responsibility for destroying the Iraqi nation, analysts have told RT. The government of Iraq needs $ 88 billion in reconstruction funds for areas devastated by war, Iraqi officials claimed at the international donors’ conference in Kuwait ...

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