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Google Home Hub up close and hands on

While the rumors and leaks didn’t leave much to the imagination ahead of today’s event, I will admit to being a bit surprised by the shape Google’s Home Hub actually took. The renders didn’t do justice to the actual product. For starters, the seven inch screen splits the difference between the Echo Show and Spot in an interesting way. It’s ...

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‘Our hands are not tied’ anymore: White House approves offensive US cyber strategy

US President Donald Trump has signed off on a new cyber strategy – the first such document in 15 years – outlining defensive priorities and threatening offensive action against foreign hackers. “Today the president signed a national cyber strategy, the first fully articulated cyber strategy in 15 years,” National Security Adviser John Bolton told reporters on Thursday. “The strategy takes ...

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Frantic search for missing radioactive device in Malaysia amid fears it may fall in wrong hands

Malaysian authorities have revealed an industrial device that contains an unknown amount of radioactive material has been missing for 10 days after it disappeared from the back of a truck on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur. Authorities from the police and Atomic Energy Licensing Board (AELB) fear the device, which has been missing since August 10, contains an unknown amount ...

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Haley hands $9mn to Venezuelan refugees, raises regime change days after attempt on Maduro’s life

US envoy to the UN Nikki Haley visited the Colombia-Venezuela border to announce a $ 9-million aid package for refugees there. She took the opportunity to muse on the ouster of Nicolas Maduro, days after an assassination attempt. While on a visit to Colombia to endorse the newly elected President Ivan Duque, Haley also traveled to the border with Venezuela. ...

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‘Hands off the crucifix’: Pope Francis adviser slams League’s ‘blasphemous’ bill

An adviser of Pope Francis is campaigning against the mandatory introduction of crucifixes in all public areas across Italy, insisting an initiative put forward by Italy’s League party on Tuesday was tantamount to “blasphemy.” Reverend Antonio Spadaro hit out at the bill, which was introduced for debate in the national parliament this week. He said during a press conference: “If ...

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Facebook finally hands over leave campaign Brexit ads

The UK parliament has provided another telling glimpse behind the curtain of Facebook’s unregulated ad platform by publishing data on scores of pro-Brexit adverts which it distributed to UK voters during the 2016 referendum on European Union membership. The ads were run on behalf of several vote leave campaigns who paid a third company to use Facebook’s ad targeting tools. ...

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Help from above? Chicago mayoral candidate hands out stacks of cash to voters

Willie Wilson, a millionaire Democrat businessman running for mayor of Chicago, handed out hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash to potential voters in a church on Sunday, allegedly to “help them pay property taxes.” Speaking in a black church at an event on Chicago’s crime and poverty-stricken south side, Wilson passed out notes from a thick stack of cash, ...

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'Their hands are all over it': China behind N. Korea's condemnation of US talks – Graham

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) has accused Beijing of being behind Pyongyang’s condemnation of recent talks with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, while handing out bizarre threats to North Korea’s leadership. Speaking on Fox News Sunday, Graham said: “I see China’s hands all over this,” adding that there is “no doubt” in his mind that China is “pulling the ...

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‘Blood on his hands’: #Resistance rushes to blame Trump for Annapolis attack

There is no love lost between President Donald Trump and mainstream US media, which he has repeatedly called “fake news.” His critics are now using those words to blame him for inciting a shooting at a local newspaper. Five people were killed and three more injured after a gunman attacked the Capital Gazette newsroom in Annapolis, Maryland on Thursday. The ...

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Hands on with the Echo Dots Kids Edition

Earlier this year, Amazon introduced an Echo Dot for kids, with its $ 80 Echo Dot Kids Edition device, which comes in your choice of a red, blue, or green protective case. The idea is to market a version of Amazon’s existing Dot hardware to families by bundling it with an existing subscription service, and by throwing in a few extra ...

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