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Ex-Google CEO: Internet will split in two, with China controlling half

Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt predicts that the internet, as we know it, will split in two within the next decade, with one side led by China. However, Google seems okay with Chinese rule, once it gets to be involved. “I think the most likely scenario now is not a splintering, but rather a bifurcation into a Chinese-led internet and ...

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22% of people in the US & half living in its largest cities don’t speak English at home

More than 66 million people in the US speak a ‘foreign’ language at home, the Center For Immigration Studies has discovered, and almost half of the residents in its five largest cities don’t speak English with their families. American heterogeneous society has failed to become more homogeneous over the last three decades, with more people opting to speak their native ...

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1 in 4 Americans & almost half of millennials deleted Facebook in wake of privacy scandals – study

After Facebook was accused of censorship and hammered by privacy scandals, a new study has found that one in four Americans have deleted the app from their phones. Among young people, this number is even higher. In the wake of multiple scandals, a new poll by Pew research has found that most Americans are curbing their Facebook usage. Pollsters surveyed ...

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US teens swap books for social media, reading drops from 60 to 16 percent in half a century – study

Researchers are sounding the alarm over US teenagers’ mental health and abilities, as a new study finds they’ve almost completely dropped books for social media. In the 1970s, 60 percent read books and in 2016 – just 16 percent. One in three US teens fell short of picking up a book or magazine of their own choice in 2016, while ...

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AWS cuts in half the price of most of its Lightsail virtual private servers

AWS Lightsail, which launched in 2016, is Amazon’s answer to the rise of Digital Ocean, OVH and other affordable virtual private server (VPS) players. Lightsail started as a pretty basic service, but over the course of the last two years, AWS added features like block storage, Windows support and additional regions. Today, the company announced it is launching two new instance ...

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First half of 2018 sees doubling in the cases of measles found in record-breaking 2017

A record-breaking 41,000 cases of measles have been registered in Europe so far this year, with experts putting the blame squarely on people refusing to get themselves or their children vaccinated against the disease. The first six months of 2018 saw more than 41,000 people infected across the continent, resulting in 37 deaths, according to new statistics provided by the ...

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‘Enemy of the people’: Almost half of Republicans say Trump should be allowed to close media outlets

President Trump’s attacks on the media, whom he dubbed “enemies of the people,” have struck a chord with supporters. A new poll found that 43 percent of Republicans want to give him the power to shut down certain news outlets. Public trust in the press has diminished since the days of Woodward and Bernstein, falling by 30 percentage points since ...

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‘Buffer zone’ for independent California: New Calexit plan would give Native Americans half of state

Supporters of a long-running effort to see California secede from the United States have revamped their plans to include the creation of an “autonomous Native American nation,” which would encompass almost half of the new state. ‘Calexit’ supporters were given the go-ahead in April this year to begin collecting signatures to get the question of Californian independence on a special ...

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More than half of Americans oppose US declaring war on Iran – poll

The majority of Americans would prefer to stay away from military conflict with Iran as tensions mount between Washington and Tehran, a poll has revealed. However, most think the US President would be tempted to start it. Just 23 percent of the respondents of a HuffPost/YouGov survey, published on Friday, approved the idea of the US going to war with ...

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Almost half of Swedes & Danes reject EU, prefer their own ‘Nordic Union’ – poll

Nearly half of Swedes and Danes said they’d rather be in a ‘Nordic Union’ with their neighbors from Norway, Finland and Iceland than in the EU, a fresh poll revealed. Research conducted by pollster Sentio for Norwegian newspaper Klassekampen showed 47 percent support the hypothetical Nordic Union in Sweden and 45 percent in Denmark.32 percent of Swedes and 36 percent ...

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