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Hacker selling US military documents online…because someone forgot to change a default password

Sensitive military documents have been put up for sale in online hacking forums after someone forgot to change a default password, according to a security firm that discovered the breach. Documents for sale include maintenance manuals for servicing MQ-9 Reaper drones, training manuals describing deployment tactics for improvised explosive devices (IEDs), documents detailing tank platoon tactics and an M1 ABRAMS ...

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Cause of death of hacker who turned in Chelsea Manning remains a mystery – autopsy report

The cause of death of Adrian Lamo, the hacker best known for giving up army whistleblower Chelsea Manning to the FBI, remains a mystery after an autopsy report ruled it as “undetermined.” The coroner’s office in Sedgwick County, Kansas published its findings Wednesday, three months after Lamo was found unresponsive in his apartment and pronounced dead at the age of ...

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'Hero' hacker who shut down WannaCry faces 4 more charges, including lying to FBI

Marcus Hutchins, the hacker who stopped the WannaCry ransomware and was arrested by the FBI soon after, accused of creating and distributing malware himself, has asked for donations to cover legal costs as he faces more charges. The updated indictment was filed with the Wisconsin Eastern District Court earlier this week. It complements the original six-count indictment against Hutchins from ...

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Canadian Yahoo hacker gets a five-year prison sentence

After pleading guilty in November, the Canadian hacker at least partially to blame for the massive Yahoo hack that exposed up to 3 billion accounts will face five years in prison. According to the Justice Department, the hacker, 23-year-old Karim Baratov, worked under the guidance of two agents from the FSB, Russia’s spy agency, to compromise the accounts. Those officers, ...

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Adrian Lamo, hacker who reported Chelsea Manning to FBI, dies aged 37

Hacker Adrian Lamo has died aged 37. The Colombian-American gained notoriety after reporting whistleblower Chelsea Manning to US authorities in 2010. Mario Lamo, the hacker’s father, revealed the news of his son’s death in a Facebook post on Friday. “With great sadness and a broken heart I have to let know all of Adrian’s friends and acquaintances that he is ...

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Hacker who stopped WannaCry, indicted for malware, gave a forced confession – defense team

Published time: 8 Jan, 2018 04:11 Edited time: 8 Jan, 2018 04:26 Lawyers for a hacker who stopped the WannaCry ransomware that paralyzed computers around the world and almost brought the NHS to its knees, says he was coerced into confessing to spreading malware, being tired and intoxicated. Marcus Hutchins, 23, was arrested in Las Vegas airport after attending the ...

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Canadian hacker pleads guilty in huge Yahoo hack case

A Canadian citizen has pleaded guilty to aiding Russian intelligence officers in a 2014 hack of Yahoo that exposed as many as 500 million accounts. The defendant, 22-year-old Karim Baratov, is the only arrest to come out of the Yahoo hack as the three other individuals facing charges live in Russia, which obviously has no interest in extraditing them to ...

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Fla. GOP operative received troves of documents from hacker

The hacker credited with railroading the 2016 election also shared Democratic voting data to a Republican operative in Florida, who later posted it on a blog. GOP operative Aaron Nevins reached out to Guccifer 2.0 last August after finding out the hacker had breached the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, according to the Wall Street Journal. “Feel free to send any ...

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John Legend's Twitter hacker shares 'vulgar, hilarious' messages

John Legend may have been hacked — but he found it pretty funny. The “All I Need Singer” had his Twitter account hacked on Friday night and the culprit sent out a series of vulgar and funny messages, several of them political. Legend wasn’t too worried about. He informed his fans that he didn’t write the tweets and then vowed ...

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