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‘Peace behind me, war in front of me’: China shows big guns in epic recruitment VIDEO

Beijing’s top-notch military hardware is showcased in a bombastic recruitment ad which went viral on Chinese social media. The blockbuster-like video was produced for Army Day. The ad titled ‘I Am a Chinese Soldier’ began circulating in China last week. It starts with touching scenes of servicemen departing from their families. “Peace behind me, war in front of me,” the ...

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Shaping printable guns debate as anti-Trump issue a ‘hysteria not based in fact or reality’ – Lionel

A move to ban blueprints for 3D-printable firearms is framed by sponsors as protecting the public after the failure to do so by the Trump administration. But the narrative is detached from reality, media analyst Lionel told RT. In a last-minute intervention this week the authorities of several states blocked the distribution of plastic firearms blueprints by the company Defense ...

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‘3yos can’t protect themselves from guns with pencils’: US lawmakers tell Sacha Baron Cohen

US lawmakers were filmed backing a fake program to teach kindergartners how to use guns to defend themselves in school shootings, as part of a new Sacha Baron Cohen undercover-in-character show. The infamous prankster, who previously took aim at American culture in the 2006 movie ‘Borat,’ is up to his old incognito tricks again with a comedic seven-episode Showtime series ...

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Guns for catapults: Mexican mayor hands out slingshots to police after they fail firearm use test

Police in a Mexican municipality are taking to the streets armed more like Bart Simpson than Dirty Harry after officers saw their guns replaced with slingshots and rocks. Less than a quarter of the officers in the 130-member police force in Alvarado, on Mexico’s Gulf Coast, have passed control tests for the use of firearms – a fact that prompted ...

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Philippines plans to give free guns to ‘clean’ community leaders willing to fight drugs & crime

The Philippines’ Interior Ministry has announced plans to provide some 42,000 community leaders with free handguns to ramp up the statewide battle against drugs and crime, which continues to draw the ire of human rights defenders. The decision to give state-issued handguns to the community leaders – known locally as barangay captains – was announced by the ministry on Wednesday. ...

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Russian hypersonic missile Kinzhal & other big guns shown at V-day parade rehearsal (PHOTO, VIDEO)

The rehearsal for the upcoming V-day military parade in Moscow was the first time that the general public could see Russia’s new air-launched hypersonic cruise missile. And pretty Russian girls were marching on Red Square, too. The new missile, named Kinzhal (dagger), was first announced to the general public in March by president Vladimir Putin as one of several advanced ...

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Guns, immigration boost Trump's approval to 50%

Half of American voters approve of President Donald Trump’s job performance, according to the latest survey by conservative pollster Rasmussen. Read more Trump’s approval numbers have hovered in the low to mid-40s for much of the last year, but have rallied in recent months. His overall job approval rating is now ahead of where Barack Obama’s was at this stage ...

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NBA legend Shaq O’Neal says banning guns not the answer to preventing mass shootings

NBA Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal has spoken out against gun-control measures in the US. Shaq believes these would not eliminate gun violence, and would only increase the risk of possible mass shootings. Read more In an interview with WABC Radio, the former Miami Heat and LA Lakers player said restrictions on buying guns would not prevent possible repeats of ...

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‘Red flag’ bills to keep guns from ‘dangerous’ persons are introduced in Senate

Two bipartisan bills, one to allow courts to temporarily prevent the ownership and sale of guns to people deemed a risk, another to encourage states to pass “red flag” gun laws, have been introduced to the US senate. Senators Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) and Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) have introduced the law, known as the Federal Extreme Risk Protection Act, which would ...

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‘Take the guns first’: Trump backs gun control at bipartisan White House meeting

President Donald Trump sent shockwaves through US politics during a White House meeting with lawmakers, appearing to endorse Democrats’ proposals for gun control while shutting down those from fellow Republicans. Trump sat down with over a dozen lawmakers on Wednesday, two weeks after a former student killed 17 people and wounded 14 others at a Parkland, Florida high school. He ...

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