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Judge awards graffiti artists $6.7mn after 'callous' landlord destroys buildings (PHOTOS)

A New York judge has awarded a group of graffiti artists $ 6.7 million after buildings that displayed their work were destroyed to make way for luxury condos. The artwork had been displayed for decades in an area of Queens known as ‘5Pointz.’ The graffiti had become a huge tourist attraction, drawing in thousands of visitors daily until it was ...

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Former student charged for racist graffiti on Michigan campus

Police have charged a former Eastern Michigan University student over three incidents of vandalism that targeted African-Americans, including the spray-painting of ‘KKK’ and ‘n*gger,’ and the command to “leave” the school. On Tuesday, the university was shaken when police announced the suspect was Eddie Curlin, an African-American. A preliminary hearing is set for November 9. “To know that it was ...

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Anti-Semitic graffiti is top hate crime found in subways

Anti-Semitic graffiti was the leading train hate criminal offense investigated this year, inning accordance with the NYPD Transit Bureau. In a report to the MTA board, Transit Bureau Assistant Chief Vincent Coogan said 22 of 31 hate crimes that took place in the subway targeted Jews, mainly through graffiti. Last year, over the same duration, only seven bias criminal activities ...

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Cuomo praises subway riders for removing hate graffiti on train

Gov. Cuomo on Sunday hailed the straphangers who joined forces Saturday to wipe off anti-Semitic graffiti found all over a Manhattan 1 train. “This is what New Yorkers do — we turn hate into love,” Cuomo said in a statement. “That is our message to the nation and to the world. And we won’t back down. Not now, not ever.” ...

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Graffiti Artist Alec Monopoly — I Wanna Tag L.A. With Justin Bieber At ‘Believe’ Premiere

EXCLUSIVE Justin Bieber — who famously tagged his way across South America and Australia — may unleash his spray cans on L.A. … with one of  the most infamous graffiti artists in the world, TMZ has learned. Alec Monopoly will be front and center tonight at the premiere of Bieber’s new flick, “Believe,” at L.A. Live.  He’ll be painting on ...

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Justin Bieber — THREATENED BY AUSTRALIAN MAYOR … Clean Up Your Graffiti, OR ELSE!!!

Exclusive Justin Bieber picked the wrong city to spray tag, ’cause the mayor of Gold Coast, Australia just issued an ultimatum to the “pop princess” — clean up your mess … OR SING FOR ME!!!!! Mayor Tom Tate just issued a video message to Bieber after the singer went graffiti crazy all over a hotel wall during a visit to ...

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