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US pulling out of WTO puts global security at risk – RT’s Going Underground

Published time: 18 Jul, 2018 17:30 US President Donald Trump has been bashing the World Trade Organization, a system that was created in American interests. What would happen if America leaves the WTO, RT’s Going Underground asks. The show talked to the Deputy Assistant US Trade Representative under former President Obama, Professor Matt Gold. He warns about the “downward spiral” ...

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‘They’re going out of business’: Trump takes on New York Times, Washington Post

Twitter is cracking down on fake accounts – and Trump has suggestions as to which accounts to axe, accusing the New York Times and the Washington Post of peddling fake news. He added that both papers will shut within seven years. With a full schedule on the horizon – the NATO summit in Brussels, a working visit to the UK ...

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Going green? Somali terrorist group’s plastic bag ban aims to protect ‘humans and animals’

The Somali terrorist group al-Shabaab, an Al-Qaeda affiliate that has carried out suicide attacks and massacres across East Africa, has issued an eco-friendly edict banning plastic bags. Al-Shabaab’s radio station, Radio Andalus, announced on Sunday that the terrorist organization could no longer stand idly by and allow discarded plastic bags to pollute southern Somalia’s scenic beauty, saying that the dreadful ...

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Fly me to the moon: Tickets to space going on sale in 2019

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos will start selling passenger tickets for trips into space as early as next year, according to Blue Origin, the space-tourism startup owned by the billionaire. The company expects its New Shepard suborbital vehicle to carry the first space tourists to orbit in 2019, according to Blue Origin Senior Vice President Rob Meyerson. The top manager hasn’t ...

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‘I’m not going anywhere!’: Trump keeps up attack on ‘unhinged’ Maxine Waters

President Donald Trump continued his offensive on Democrat congresswoman Maxine Waters, branding her the “unhinged face of the Democrat party.” Trump’s tweet comes after Waters called for the public harassment of Trump staff. “Congratulations to Maxine Waters, whose crazy rants have made her, together with Nancy Pelosi, the unhinged FACE of the Democrat Party,” the President tweeted on Wednesday. “Together, ...

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Trump & Kim ‘going for a signing’ after ‘very good’ talks

Published time: 12 Jun, 2018 04:59 Following what he described as a “top of the line” personal meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, US President Donald Trump said they are set to sign an unspecified document. “A lot of progress – really very positive. I think better than anybody could have expected. Top of the line, very good. We’re ...

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Going bigger, coming closer: Here’s why SCO’s Qingdao summit was worth following

In a robust show of unity, leaders of eight SCO member states, including Russia and China, arrived for a get-together to talk security and trade, and hail expansion of the bloc – in sharp contrast with the calamitous G7 meeting. This year, leaders of the eight-member Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) convened in the eastern Chinese city of Qingdao. Here are ...

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Yuan going global as China boasts largest foreign reserves & infrastructure megaprojects

China is ramping up efforts to promote yuan as a global currency. After the crackdown on outflows and devaluation in 2015, the renminbi is once again gaining momentum. The record share of yuan in global trade was at 2.8 percent three years ago, according to Bloomberg. Its share shrank to 1.7 percent in April, but is on the rise again. ...

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Win Gina! RT looks at how WH is going flat-out to make ‘torture queen’ head of CIA

With days until Gina Haspel’s Senate confirmation hearing for the directorship of the CIA, the Trump administration is doing everything to push her through – overcoming objections from those reluctant to have a torturer in charge. Haspel’s nomination has been controversial from the start because of her role in the CIA’s abuse of terrorist suspects, which won her nicknames such ...

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‘I’m starting a candy company & it’s going to be amazing’: Musk trolls Buffett in bizarre spat

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has vowed to start a candy company, in what appears to be a bizarre trolling response to comments made by fellow billionaire Warren Buffett. Buffett was responding to criticism Musk made earlier this week regarding one of his core investment principles –the moat– meaning the competitive advantage of a company. Musk dismissed the strategy as “lame” ...

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