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Proposal to split California into 3 states goes to ballot

A proposal by billionaire venture capitalist Tim Draper to split California into three states has gathered enough verified signatures to be put to a vote this November. After campaigning began last August, the CAL 3 campaign had gathered 600,000 signatures supporting the split by April this year. Now that the California Secretary of State’s office has confirmed the validity of ...

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‘Nobody goes for vegetables’: KFC’s ‘vegetarian chicken’ polarizes opinions (POLL)

The company’s entire business model rests on the greasy goodness of fried chicken, but American franchise KFC is preparing to ditch the fowl in favor of a vegetarian option. Recently, the purveyor of “finger lickin’ good” southern fried chicken announced that it is working on a vegetarian-friendly chicken alternative for its meals. According to KFC, the recipe won’t be ready ...

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Woman drives children in cages as ‘no room in car,’ gets charged after VIDEO goes viral

A Memphis grandmother has been arrested after a video went viral which appeared to show her releasing two children from animal cages in the back of her car. Leimome Cheeks, 62, was charged with two counts of child endangerment after allegedly locking the two girls inside a pair of pet kennels. Footage of the incident was widely shared and re-uploaded ...

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Robert De Niro launches lazy F-bomb at Trump on live TV, crowd goes way too wild

Actor Robert De Niro used the opportunity of the Tony Award ceremony to fling insults at the US president. Two expletives earned him a standing ovation and a shower of admiration from the liberal crowd. De Niro, a respected Oscar-winning actor, opened his introduction of rocker Bruce Springsteen with a brief quip: “I’m gonna to say one thing. F*ck Trump. ...

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Ballot box blaze: Baghdad’s largest voting warehouse goes up in flames (PHOTOS)

Iraq’s largest ballot paper warehouse has caught fire with flames destroying parts of the complex. The blaze comes as the country prepares for a parliamentary election recount. The inferno at the storage center broke out on Sunday, with early reports from the Iraqi Interior Ministry suggesting that some votes cast on May 12 have been damaged. READ MORE: Iraq’s first post-ISIS ...

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Kanye West’s livestream of new album goes down in flames

When Kanye West chose a relatively unknown app to broadcast a livestream of his highly anticipated new album, expectations for the music were high. Expectations that the app could handle it, however, were far from met. Kanye instructed his nearly 30 million Twitter followers to download the semi-obscure app on Thursday, hours ahead of his listening party to unveil his ...

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Burger King outlet shuts down after footage of mice crawling on buns goes viral (VIDEO)

A Burger King in Delaware has been temporarily closed by the health department after an investigation, triggered by an online video of mice pillaging a pack of rolls, found numerous rodent droppings across the restaurant. “Pallets that rolls were on had mouse droppings. Mouse droppings were observed on the floor near the ice machine, water heater, under storage, near syrup ...

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There goes the neighborhood: Canada & Mexico vow to strike back at US in trade war

US neighbors Canada and Mexico have pledged to retaliate against new tariffs imposed by the White House on steel and aluminum. Officials from both countries accuse the US of protectionism. Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland said Ottawa would take reprisals against the measure by imposing its own tariffs on US exports of steel, aluminum and other products. According to the ...

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French chateau worth millions goes up for grabs for under $14

A French chateau, complete with a swimming pool, a cottage and even a gardener, could be yours for less than $ 14 thanks to an online raffle. The stunning property in eastern Dordogne is set in 34 acres and is worth $ 1.5 million. It’s owner, British woman Ruth Phillips, has decided to raffle the house, and she says that ...

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