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‘Dismantling global security’: Russian lawmakers dismiss US claims of Open Skies violations

High-ranking members of the Russian parliament have stated that Washington’s refusal to cooperate with Moscow on the Open Skies Treaty is based on unfounded charges as Russia has always stuck to its obligations. “The United States’ accusations in our address are completely unfounded. Russia is acting strictly in accordance with the existing agreements and their terms – the same applies ...

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MallforAfrica goes global, Kobo360 and Sokowatch raise VC, France explains its $76M fund

Jake Bright Contributor More posts by this contributor Harley-Davidson to expand EV lineup, may include scooters, bicycles Update: EV startups Alta, Energica, and Zero could reboot the motorcycle industry B2B e-commerce company Sokowatch closed a $ 2 million seed investment led by 4DX Ventures. Others to join the round were Village Global, Lynett Capital, Golden Palm Investments, and Outlierz  Ventures. The Kenya based company aims ...

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Google’s lead lawyer moves into a global policy role

Google is promoting its top lawyer, Kent Walker, into a global policy position, CNBC reports. Walker, Google SVP and general counsel, has already been a public voice in the company’s recent privacy tangles, but will move into a formal role as senior vice president of global affairs, overseeing Google’s policy, trust and safety, corporate philanthropy and legal teams. Last year, ...

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BRICS countries the engine that powers global economic growth

Unilateralism, coming particularly from the US, brings the “great growth nations” of BRICS closer and helps them strengthen ties, the CEO of global internet and media group Naspers, Bob van Dijk, told RT. The BRICS group unites the emerging economies of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. The countries represent more than 40 percent of the world’s population. “Most ...

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BRICS trade surges by 30% as global market influence of developing economies grows – Putin

Russian trade with fellow BRICS countries has grown significantly in the last year, and the country wants to keep the momentum going, said President Vladimir Putin in his opening address at the BRICS Summit in South Africa. The 10th annual BRICS summit takes place in Johannesburg, South Africa on July 25-27, where the leaders of governments of the five member ...

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Xiaomi goes after global markets with two new Android One phones

Xiaomi gave Google’s well-intentioned but somewhat-stalled Android One project a major boost last year when it unveiled its first device under the program, Mi A1. That’s now joined by not one but two sequel devices, after the Chinese phone maker unveiled the Mi A2 and Mi A2 Lite at an event in Spain today. Xiaomi in Spain? Yes, that’s right. ...

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US pulling out of WTO puts global security at risk – RT’s Going Underground

Published time: 18 Jul, 2018 17:30 US President Donald Trump has been bashing the World Trade Organization, a system that was created in American interests. What would happen if America leaves the WTO, RT’s Going Underground asks. The show talked to the Deputy Assistant US Trade Representative under former President Obama, Professor Matt Gold. He warns about the “downward spiral” ...

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Global war without oversight: US special forces deployed to 133 countries in first half of 2018

US special forces have already deployed to 133 nations in the first half of 2018, signaling a sharp increase in the Pentagon’s shadowy operations when compared to previous years, according to a new report. Read more America’s Special Operations forces (SOF) are stationed all around the world, where they participate in a wide range of missions, including special reconnaissance, unconventional ...

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US-driven trade war biggest ‘confidence killer’ for global trade – Beijing

China has accused the United States of hurting the global economy by waging trade wars. Beijing says the whole world will retaliate if Washington sticks with its aggressive trade policy. Read more “The US trade war is not just with China but with the rest of the world. By regarding the rest of the world as adversaries, the US has ...

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US trade war could cost global economy $430 billion, IMF warns

The risk of current trade tensions escalating further is the greatest near-term threat to global growth, said the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in its latest World Economic Outlook report. “Our modeling suggests that if current trade policy threats are realized and business confidence falls as a result, global output could be about 0.5 percent below current projections by 2020,” the ...

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