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‘Slippery slope’: Alex Jones ban won’t pay off for companies in the long run — Gina Loudon

The simultaneous decisions by Facebook, Apple, YouTube and Spotify to ban controversial right-wing commentator Alex Jones has sparked a furious debate about free speech and overreach by social media giants. But despite the fact that some on the left are celebrating Jones’ demise, banning people from the platforms outright is “bad policy” regardless of what they are saying, conservative columnist and radio ...

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‘Worst person possible’: Gina Haspel closer to top CIA job as Senate committee votes for nomination

Gina Haspel is “the worst person” to lead the Central Intelligence Agency due to her first-hand torture experience, former CIA analyst Ray McGovern told RT. If approved by the Senate, she’ll likely continue the practice, he says. “She is the worst possible person to head the CIA … She was told to do torture, pure and simple,” McGovern, who has ...

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Senate Intelligence Committee votes to advance Gina Haspel’s nomination as CIA director

Gina Haspel is a step closer to becoming the next CIA director after the US Senate Intelligence Committee voted to advance her nomination. It follows weeks of controversy surrounding her involvement with a post-9/11 torture and detention program, launched under the administration of George W. Bush. In the closed session vote, Haspel won ‘yes’ votes from 10 of the committee’s ...

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Gina Haspel faces the Senate, promises not to restart CIA torture program (WATCH LIVE)

Published time: 9 May, 2018 14:54 Gina Haspel, US President Donald Trump’s nominee to be the next CIA director, says that the intelligence agency will not restart a detention and interrogation program under her watch. Speaking before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Wednesday, Haspel said the spy agency would focus on “collection and analysis” missions and that the US had ...

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Win Gina! RT looks at how WH is going flat-out to make ‘torture queen’ head of CIA

With days until Gina Haspel’s Senate confirmation hearing for the directorship of the CIA, the Trump administration is doing everything to push her through – overcoming objections from those reluctant to have a torturer in charge. Haspel’s nomination has been controversial from the start because of her role in the CIA’s abuse of terrorist suspects, which won her nicknames such ...

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‘Intimately involved in torture’: 109 ex-US generals against Gina Haspel’s CIA bid

As many as 109 retired US generals and admirals urged lawmakers to reject Gina Haspel’s nomination as CIA director for being “intimately involved in torture,” and to declassify her role in the notorious interrogation program. Haspel, a career intelligence officer nicknamed the ‘queen of torture’ in some US media, should not be appointed as director of the CIA, the retired ...

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Feinstein asks CIA to declassify Gina Haspel post 9-11 torture documents before confirmation

Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-California) has asked the CIA to declassify documents related to Deputy Director Gina Haspel’s reported involvement in the agency’s post-September 11 torture program. Trump has tapped Haspel to take over as the agency’s next director after current director Mike Pompeo leaves to replace Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State. “As we move forward with the nomination process ...

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Soros-backed anti-Brexit group is ‘undemocratic’ – cofounder Gina Miller

Chief remainer Gina Miller has turned against the pro-EU lobby group she founded, branding it “undemocratic” after reports broke that it is bidding to topple Theresa May and force a second referendum on Brexit. Miller, who was hailed a hero by remainers after winning a case against the government allowing for a parliamentary vote on the final terms of a ...

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Gina Miller jailed after conning clients out of £800,000 to fund lavish life

Gina B Miller, 42, from Mentor, Ohio, United States, claimed to be a psychic medium and went on to warn some clients they would come into harm if they did not pay her cash to improve their “psychic readings”.  Lake County Common Pleas Court heard she told at least 12 people they were at risk if they did not cough ...

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Daniel Cormier: I'm Glad Gina Carano's Pissed … Maybe She'll Fight Again! (VIDEO)

EXCLUSIVE Daniel Cormier is definitely NOT ashamed of the comments he made about Gina Carano — in fact, he’s glad she’s upset … telling TMZ Sports, “Maybe I’ll piss her off enough that she’ll fight again!”  The backstory … Carano was a stud MMA fighter who left the cage for a Hollywood career after losing her last fight to Cris ...

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