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‘We'll close our airports!’ Salvini resists Germany’s plans to send migrants back to Italy

Rome has still not reached an agreement with Berlin on the repatriation of asylum seekers who had first registered in Italy, Interior Minister Matteo Salvini said, vowing to close airports to German flights transferring refugees. “If someone in Berlin or Brussels thinks of dumping dozens of migrants in Italy via unauthorized charter flights, they should know that there is not ...

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4 years and counting: Germany’s new warship postponed yet again

German Navy’s newest frigate should have been commissioned in 2014 to replace ageing Cold War-era warships, but it won’t be there until at least the next year due to faulty systems and snowballing cost, local media reported. Commissioning of the ‘Rheinland-Pfalz’, the lead ship of the brand new Baden-Wuerttemberg-class frigates, has now been postponed until the first half of 2019, ...

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Germany’s troubled spymaster gets specially created post in Interior Ministry

The German domestic security chief, who got in hot water for expressing skepticism over media reports of violence against migrants, is to get a newly established post, a remedy for disagreements within the ruling coalition. Hans-Georg Maassen, the former head of the German domestic security agency, the BfV, will be transferred to the position of special adviser to the interior ...

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‘Stop Islamization’: AfD supporters march through Germany’s Rostock amid massive counter-protests

Supporters of the right-wing populist Alternative for Germany (AfD) party have staged a rally to protest against the alleged “Islamization” of Germany’s city of Rostock. Thousands of people took part in counter-protests. The protesters carrying German national flags and holding banners and placards that read “Come, we save Rostock!” and “Stop Islamization!” marched through the city center to the square ...

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Short sighted? Germany’s state of the art Puma tank not suitable for tall soldiers

Germany’s cutting-edge Puma vehicle might have trouble doing what it was designed for – carrying and protecting troops in the battlefield. Its troop compartment came to be too low for tall soldiers, a media report revealed. The Bundeswehr is expected to take delivery of 350 Pumas – a state-of-the-art infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) jointly built by Kraus Maffei-Wegmann (KMW) and ...

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Germany’s ‘hottest female cop’ swaps service for leisure (PHOTOS)

Uniformed service came to be too tough for Germany’s “hottest policewoman” who decided to take her time off and spend half a year chilling out and wearing revealing attire – much to the delight of her 500,000 Instagram fans. Issuing traffic tickets, settling family disputes and boring night shifts are now a thing of the past for Adrienne Koleszar, police ...

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Germany’s bloody secret: Politicians & arms producers cozy up, sell weapons to anyone (VIDEO)

Despite having one of the toughest gun export laws in the world, Germany enjoys a comfy place among the top weapon exporters. How is that possible? A newly released Redfish documentary has some of the answers. “The laws are very strict and the practice is very-very leisure and very easy. Everyone was wondering how could it be that Germany has ...

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‘Bomb Romania!’ Russia declassifies secret files from first days of Nazi Germany’s attack on USSR

Russia has published secret WWII documents to mark the 77th anniversary of the Nazi invasion of the USSR. The files include an order from the Soviet command on June 22, 1941, which called for the bombing of Axis member Romania. The project is devoted to one of the most terrible pages of Soviet history – the start of the Great ...

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Germany’s migration chief is sacked amid an asylum agency fraud scandal – but is the problem solved?

The ousted head of Germany’s refugee agency was central to an unfolding asylum application fraud scandal, but firing her won’t fix core “structural problems” in the country’s migration system, a geopolitical analyst has told RT. After serving just 18 months as head of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF), Jutta Cordt was fired this week by Interior Minister ...

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Washington uses sanctions to push its gas to Europe – Germany’s largest energy company

The US is interested in force-feeding its liquefied natural gas on the European gas market so it seeks to stop Russia’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline, Thilo Wieland, a board member of German energy company Wintershall, said at SPIEF. “The United States is openly using the sanctions mechanism to promote its interests on the European gas market,” Wieland told Sputnik news ...

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