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Minister joins calls for anti-Semitism czar in Germany’s next government

Published time: 17 Dec, 2017 15:33 Germany’s acting interior minister has lent his support to the creation of an anti-Semitism commissioner in the country’s next government. Thomas de Maiziere nailed his colors to the mast in an interview with German newspaper Bild am Sonntag, following demonstrations in Berlin in which people protesting the US decision to recognize Jerusalem as the ...

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United States of Europe? Germany’s Schulz wants to consolidate EU, kick out those who disagree

Published time: 8 Dec, 2017 05:12 Edited time: 8 Dec, 2017 05:16 The Chairman of Germany’s Social Democratic Party (SDP) wants to redesign the EU into the ‘United States of Europe’ by 2025 under a single constitutional treaty. Those who disagree with the federal constitution, under Martin Schulz’s proposal, would automatically have to leave the EU. European hopes to create ...

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Merkel coalition talks crash: What options left for Germany’s ‘eternal chancellor’?

Angela Merkel’s gift for substituting compromise for vision will not bail her out now that deep-seated rifts have appeared across the German political establishment, but at least for the moment, all solutions to the crisis go through the 12-year Chancellor. At her peak, Mutti (“Mum”) was hailed as a mother figure for the entire nation, prudently and calmly cutting across ...

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How will Germany’s political turmoil affect Brexit negotiations?

Published time: 20 Nov, 2017 20:05 Germany is in the throes of a full-on political crisis after talks to form a new government collapsed over the weekend. But how will Germany’s constitutional crisis impact Brexit Britain? Chancellor Angela Merkel sought an alliance with the liberal Free Democratic Party (FDP) and the Greens, but both parties turned their back on her. ...

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Merkel replaced Germany’s slaughtered Jews with their 'worst enemies' – Karl Lagerfeld

Published time: 14 Nov, 2017 16:10 German fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld has accused Angela Merkel of replacing the millions of Jews killed in the Holocaust with their “worst enemies,” apparently referring to the German leader’s policy of accepting refugees from mostly Muslim countries. “One cannot – even if there are decades between them – kill millions of Jews so you ...

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Nuclear high: Inside Germany’s bunker cannabis factory (VIDEO)

Published time: 25 Oct, 2017 08:53 A German Cold War-era nuclear bunker is being given a new, hazier lease on life. The Memmingerberg bunker in Buxheim, Bavaria, is to be used as a cannabis nursery. The bunker, unveiled on Tuesday, will be the country’s largest legal cannabis producer. The building was designed to protect NATO allies in a nuclear attack. ...

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Urinals for MEN & WOMEN to be introduced as Germany’s public toilets go gender-neutral

In a 99-page policy document called ‘The Toilet Concept for Berlin’, the German capital have pledged to bring in public urinals for both men and women.  The paper states: ”In the future urinals which can be used by all genders should be offered.”  The provision of urinals for women “could be a subject for the continuation of the [toilet] concept ...

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How Germany’s second biggest bank could DOWN Merkel: Losses spell disaster for chancellor

Commerzbank recorded massive losses of more than €400million (£361m) yesterday and is huge reversal of last year’s €380million profit. The 147-year-old Frankfurt-based giant has slashed 9,600 of 45,000 jobs and has earmarked a further €807million (£720m) to mitigate against job cuts following severance agreements with works councils. German banks suffered especially harshly in the financial crisis as American securities – ...

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Security expert warns Germany’s borders are ‘as open as a barn door’

Criminals, people smugglers and migrants of “unexplained identity” are finding it exceptionally easy to enter Germany, said Arnd Krummen, responsible for borders at the German Union of Police.  He said the North Rhine-Westphalia region, which borders the Netherlands and Belgium, was especially porous.  Mr Krummen told Die Welt: “The German border is open like a barn door. “On the western ...

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Trump complains about Germany’s finances after Merkel criticism

Trump is now mad at Merkel. The President fired off a tweet Tuesday morning hitting Germany for its financial problems, after German Chancellor Angela Merkel spent the previous two days warning that Trump was breaking the bond between the two nations. “We have a MASSIVE trade deficit with Germany, plus they pay FAR LESS than they should on NATO & ...

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