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Anti-Islam book becomes German bestseller less than two weeks after release

A new book highly critical of Islam and Muslims has been flying off the shelves in Germany to become a non-fiction bestseller. Mainstream media panned it for a simplistic approach to the religion. The controversial book titled “Hostile Takeover: How Islam Impedes Progress and Threatens Society” reached the number one spot on Der Spiegel’s non-fiction list after being on the ...

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Integration failure: Report finds 51% Vienna pupils don’t speak German at home

More than half of students at Viennese schools use their native language, rather than German, at home and as they go about their everyday activities, according to a new integration report released by the Austrian government. The 8th annual report, prepared by an independent expert council, has found that the Austrian government’s efforts to encourage those with migrant background to ...

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German Catholic Church abused thousands of children, rape in every 6th case – leaked study

An explosive report on Catholic child sex abuse in Germany has been leaked by two leading German news outlets, revealing that as many as 3,677 people were abused by clergy between 1946 and 2014. Spiegel Online and Die Zeit said the report they obtained concluded that the majority of victims were boys aged 13 or younger, 969 of whom were ...

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‘Bird sh*t!’ German politician tells AfD leader he ‘belongs in dung heap’ (VIDEO)

The German Bundestag served as the scene of a colorful squabble when a politician unexpectedly referred to another’s remarks as “bird sh*t,” shouting that he belongs in a “dung heap.” The audience was initially respectful when the co-leader of the right-wing Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, Alexander Gauland, took to the podium during a Wednesday session to speak about migration ...

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German military strikes on Syria would be ‘absurd & irresponsible’ – Left Party chair

The leader of Germany’s Left Party hit out at the government for mulling potential military strikes against Damascus, just one day after Berlin said it was in talks with allies about possible German military deployment in Syria. “I believe that these discussions are completely irresponsible,” Die Linke (the Left Party) leader Sahra Wagenknecht told German N-TV, adding that discussing such ...

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Merkel reportedly weighing German involvement in Syria, coalition partner says ‘Nein’

Amid reports that the German Defense Ministry is considering getting involved in the Syrian conflict, SPD leader Andrea Nahles, a coalition partner of Angela Merkel, has completely ruled out supporting any such intervention. With the Syrian government, backed by Russian airstrikes, set to crack down on Islamist rebels in the province of Idlib, Nahles said on Monday that she would ...

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Bullying to blame? German pop singer reportedly jumps from cruise ship, search underway

German pop singer Daniel Kueblboeck is believed to have jumped from the deck of a cruise ship and is currently missing. The incident happened one month after he opened up about enduring bullying at school in a Facebook post. Kueblboeck, 33, was traveling from Hamburg to New York on an AIDA Cruises ship when he vanished. The cruise line confirmed ...

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Chemnitz braces for new protests: 2 Afghans arrested over man’s death in east German brawl

Police have arrested two Afghan nationals suspected of killing a 22-year-old man in the eastern town of Kothen, Germany. It comes just two weeks after another German was stabbed to death in Chemnitz. The circumstances surrounding the incident that occurred on Saturday evening remain unclear. The killing may have followed a dispute between the two Afghans and two Germans, Die Welt reports. ...

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'Too young to prosecute': German police drop case of 10yo Afghan boy who raped classmate

German authorities have dropped a case in which a 10-year-old Afghan boy raped a classmate during a school trip while Syrian and Afghan accomplices held him down, as the perpetrators are apparently not old enough to be tried. The incident began when 38 students from a Berlin school went on a field trip to Schloss Kröchlendorff, a castle in Nordwestuckermark, ...

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