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‘Foreign recruits’ mulled by German military raise ‘mercenary army’ debate

In a bid to cope with shortage of recruits at home, German army reportedly floats an idea of opening its ranks to foreigners. Critics of the head-hunting proposal say the move might turn Bundeswehr into a “mercenary army.” The German army may put up a call for foreigners to fill in understaffed military positions, according to a report by Augsburger ...

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Facebook should stick to German laws on Holocaust denial, Berlin says after Zuckerberg’s comments

Facebook must comply with Germany’s laws banning Holocaust denial regardless of its own internal polices, authorities gave a warning to the company CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, who said Holocaust denier’s comments should not be removed. “There should be no place for anti-Semitism anywhere!” German Justice Minister Katarina Barley said in a Twitter post in response to Zuckerberg’s recent comments he made ...

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‘4% on military spending will not make world more secure’ – German Foreign Minister

Increased defense spending championed by the US President Donald Trump at the NATO summit will not make the world safer, the German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said, adding that respect for international order is needed instead. “We know that peace and security come at a price,” Maas said in a Twitter post on Saturday, just days after the end of ...

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‘Europe will not be destabilized’: French, German foreign ministers slam Trump

With the NATO summit barely finished foreign ministers from France and Germany have spoken out against the antagonistic conduct of Donald Trump, accusing the US president of trying to destabilize European unity with his antics. While an interview with the commander-in-chief featured in the UK’s Sun newspaper on Friday, German newstands were filled by news of an attack on the ...

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‘Wrong & politically absurd’: German business lobby blasts US over Russian pipeline sanctions threat

US threats to impose sanctions against European companies involved in construction of a gas pipeline link between Russia and Germany have enraged a large German business group. “Threats of US sanctions against European companies invested in Nord Stream 2 encroach on European energy policy,” Wolfgang Buechele, chairman of the German Committee on Eastern European Economic Relations (Ostausschuss), told Reuters. He ...

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Spooked circus elephant nearly crushes German crowd mid-performance (VIDEO)

A circus elephant was pushed and toppled onto an unsuspecting crowd in Germany, prompting animal rights groups to call for an end of forcing wild animals to perform in captivity. On Wednesday, the elephant was performing in Osnabrück as part of a trio in Germany’s largest operating animal circus, Circus Krone. The elephants were carrying female performers when two of ...

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German officials join UK and US establishment worried how Trump-Putin summit will affect NATO

German politicians are nervous over the meeting between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, fearing the US president could take actions that are not in line with NATO, echoing concerns across the channel and the Atlantic. Ahead of the meeting on July 16 in Helsinki, several German officials expressed their worry in interviews with newspapers throughout the country. The transatlantic coordinator ...

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'Law like Third Reich': Protest against extra surveillance powers for German police (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

Thousands of demonstrators have hit the streets of Dusseldorf, Germany to protest against a proposed law that would expand police surveillance powers in the most populous state of North Rhine-Westphalia. The rally saw protesters march through the city center to the state parliament to speak out against the proposed legislation, which would allow police to monitor and intercept phone calls ...

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Leader of German Social Democrats confirms agreement on migration – no unilateral action, no camps

Published time: 5 Jul, 2018 19:27 Edited time: 5 Jul, 2018 19:44 The German ruling coalition has reached an agreement on migration policy, German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer and the head of the Social Democratic Party, Andrea Nahles, have confirmed. The new policy envisages speeding-up the processing of asylum requests but would not involve the creation of any special camps ...

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German interior minister Seehofer offers resignation in migration clash with Merkel – reports

Bavarian CSU leader and Interior Minister Horst Seehofer has offered to resign from both of his government posts due to severe disagreements with German Chancellor Angela Merkel over her migration policy, local media report. While Seehofer, who has spearheaded the opposition to Merkel’s approach to tackling immigration problems, has not officially submitted his resignation, sources at a closed CSU presidency ...

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