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Duels to be recognized under Russian law as Lib Dems draft bill following general’s challenge

The Russian Liberal Democratic party has drafted a bill allowing for official duels and detailing rules for such combat. The move comes after the head of the National Guard challenged an opposition figure to a fight over slander. The motion, prepared and drafted by MP Sergey Ivanov states that a duel between Russian citizens should be possible – although it ...

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Treason or respect? Trump draws ire for returning North Korean general’s salute (VIDEO)

Footage of the US President returning the salute of a North Korean general has set off his domestic critics, who have accused Donald Trump of showing respect for a “murderous regime” in Pyongyang. Video released Thursday by North Korea shows the meeting of the two delegations on Monday in Singapore. As Trump goes down the line and shakes the hands ...

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Details unknown: Top generals from US & Russia have ‘constructive’ talks in Finland

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Joseph Dunford and his Russian counterpart, Valery Gerasimov, had a “constructive” meeting in Finland, where they discussed the situation in Syria and European security. Marine General Dunford and Army General Gerasimov met at the Konigstedt Manor in Helsinki on Friday after meeting senior Finnish officials. “It is really good that the United States ...

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‘Intimately involved in torture’: 109 ex-US generals against Gina Haspel’s CIA bid

As many as 109 retired US generals and admirals urged lawmakers to reject Gina Haspel’s nomination as CIA director for being “intimately involved in torture,” and to declassify her role in the notorious interrogation program. Haspel, a career intelligence officer nicknamed the ‘queen of torture’ in some US media, should not be appointed as director of the CIA, the retired ...

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Lift the ban, let in the trans – retired generals to Trump

A group of retired generals and admirals issued a statement today opposing President Trump’s ban on transgender people in the military, calling it “a troubling move backward.” “There is simply no reason to single out brave transgender Americans who can meet military standards and deny them the ability to serve,” the Hill reported the group, which includes Vice Admiral Donald ...

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Russian & US top generals discuss situation in Syria following Trump’s call to Putin

Senior Russian and US military officials have held talks on Syria. Though details remain undisclosed, the exchanges are seen as a reassuring sign that the military is keeping a cool head amid the tense political atmosphere. The head of the Russian General Staff, First Deputy Defense Minister Valery Gerasimov, had a phone call with the Chairman of the US Joint ...

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‘US generals would love it!’: Trump vows to hold ‘reasonably’ cheap parade with ‘lots of flyovers’

President Trump is relentless in his dream of boosting his country’s “spirit” with a grand military parade in Washington DC. He said US generals, and he personally, would love to showcase American might, if the budget allows. “I’d like to have a parade, a lot of the generals would like to have a parade to celebrate what we’re doing,” Donald ...

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‘Bad advice from generals?’ The Mystery of why Trump considers US military weak

Trump believed the generals who told him the military needs money to keep America safe. In point of fact, the US spends more on its military than anyone and is not threatened anywhere, former CIA officer Phillip Giraldi told RT. US President Donald Trump unveiled on Monday his new budget plan, which is expected to add over one trillion dollars ...

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JFK files: Soviets feared ‘irresponsible US generals’ would attack after assassination

The US National Archives released thousands of long-awaited secret documents about the assassination of John F. Kennedy on Thursday. A portion of the documents have, however, been withheld by President Donald Trump on the advice of the FBI and CIA, the AP reports. Here are the key revelations contained in the papers released so far: Soviet fear of all-out war ...

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ISIS jihadi generals ‘arrested as they ran away from Mosul battlefield’

The two terrified terrorists were discovered escaping western Mosul as the US-led coalition moves in to cut the vile terrorists out of the heart of the city. One is believed to have been one of the twisted caliphate’s top booby-trapping expert, while another was a general administrative official. The pair are believed to have been fleeing from the city’s Yarmouk ...

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