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‘Gender stereotypes’ & ‘sexual objectification’ banned from Stockholm billboards

Scantily-clad blondes on the streets of Stockholm will soon be a thing of the past after the city council voted to give the advertising regulator sweeping new powers to remove adverts it deems sexist or degrading. The law, which will be enforced from next month, was passed Monday after receiving near-unanimous backing from all parties other than the populist Swedish ...

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Google spent about $270K to close pay gaps across race and gender

Google says there are currently no “statistically significant” pay gaps at the company across race and gender. This is based on the company’s most recent pay analysis, where it looked at unexplained pay discrepancies based on gender and race and then made adjustments where necessary, Google wrote in a blog post today. In total, Google found statistically significant pay differences ...

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Sweden cracking down on Islamic schools that don’t support gender equality

Sweden is cracking down on schools that do not support gender equality, according to the country’s education minister. The initiative is part of the government’s overall plan to remove religious influence from schools in general. Gustav Fridolin said Sunday that he has launched an inquiry into tightening the regulation of independent religious schools, by stopping those who do not support ...

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German anthem may soon go gender neutral

Germany might not be the “Fatherland” for much longer, as the country’s equality boss reportedly wants to tweak the national anthem by removing any male-specific language in the pursuit of gender neutrality. The equality commissioner at the Family Ministry, Kristin Rose-Moehring, has called for the lyrics of Germany’s national anthem to become more inclusive, German media reported Sunday, citing her ...

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Bigger spuds: Feminist outrage at gender inequality of ‘world pinnacle in potato racing’

Australian journalist and feminist Melanie Tait has begun a crowdfunding page in protest at the unequal prize money in the potato race at an annual local agricultural show in Robertson, New South Wales. The Robertson Potato Race is held every year in the quaint farming town known as ‘Robbo’ to its denizens and nestled into the New South Wales Southern ...

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Carrie Gracie slams BBC lies over gender pay gap, warning it’s in ‘deep trouble’

The BBC is stumbling towards a “Greek tragedy” over its lies about the corporation’s gender pay gap, according to Carrie Gracie, who told MPs the atmosphere at the broadcasting house has become “toxic.” During a parliamentary committee on Wednesday, the former China editor said the BBC risks indelibly tarnishing its reputation as it falls short of admitting the pay discrepancy ...

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‘Gender trouble’: Museum removes 19th century painting to ‘prompt conversation’

An art gallery in Manchester, England has taken down a painting that features naked women, ostensibly to spark discussion amid the #MeToo movement. Critics say it’s simply censorship. On Friday, the Manchester Art Gallery announced it would be temporarily removing a painting from the 1890s in order to “prompt conversation about how we display and interpret artwork” during a time ...

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BBC top presenters’ salaries slashed by up to 30 percent amid clampdown on gender pay gap

Rather than increasing the pay of female staff the BBC has decided to slash the salaries of the top male earners, in a belated attempt to tackle the broadcaster’s gender pay gap crisis. Four of the BBC’s top presenters – Jeremy Vine, John Humphrys, Huw Edwards and Jon Sopel – are to be the first targets of the BBC’s clampdown. ...

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Monstrous males? Analysis of children’s book villains show strong gender bias

Everyone’s heard the tale of wicked witches hailing from the West but, a new study proves the gender bias doesn’t stop there, as males are twice as likely to be given leading roles and portrayed as monsters in children’s books. Analysis of the 100 most popular children’s picture books in the UK last year found rampant casual sexism in children’s ...

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MP calls for action after BBC men caught joking about gender pay row

The BBC has come under fire over its gender pay gap again after male presenters were caught laughing about the shameful conduct of the corporation. The Beeb’s own staff and an MP have been left reeling, calling for urgent action. Read more John Humphrys and Jon Sopel feature in a leaked video, recorded before Monday’s Radio 4 Today program, in ...

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