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War games: Liberals slam Trump for using ‘language of the enemy’

President Donald Trump’s pledge to end “war games” in South Korea came as a surprise to commentators, and was viewed by many as a weighty concession to Kim Jong-un. To Twitter liberals however, the issue was a semantic one. Trump spun the concession as a money-saving decision, as well as a goodwill gesture to Kim.   “We will be stopping ...

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Drills or no drills? Confusion over VP Pence’s Korea comments after Trump promises halt to war games

Confusion reigns on Capitol Hill after one senator claimed US Vice President Mike Pence said military exercises in South Korea will continue, contrary to statements made by President Donald Trump in Singapore. After meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un on Monday, Trump announced the US will be “stopping the war games” on the Korean peninsula, describing them as expensive ...

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‘Limit it severely!’ Ex-hacker & psychologist clash on PC games after 9yo girl put in rehab (VIDEO)

A 9-year-old British girl entered a rehab center after playing a PC game for 10 hours a day. An ex-hacker and a psychologist, asked by RT to debate the issue, clashed on whether or not gaming could lead to mental disorders. The debate on RT unfolded on the back of reports that a 9-year-old British girl had to undergo gaming ...

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Trump calls Paralympic Games 'tough to watch,' Twitter erupts in fury

When Donald Trump held a ceremony for Paralympic athletes, the honorees didn’t expect to be told that their performances were “tough to watch.” But that’s what the president said – and the Twittersphere isn’t too happy about it. All of the Olympic and Paralympic athletes who competed in Pyeongchang were invited to the White House for the Friday ceremony. It ...

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Google’s ‘Semantic Experiences’ let you play word games with its AI

Google does a great deal of research into natural language processing and synthesis, but not every project has to be a new Assistant feature or voice improvement. The company has a little fun now and then, when the master AI permits it, and today it has posted a few web experiments that let you engage with its word-association systems in ...

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Amazon opens Echo Button games to developers

Echo Buttons are one of the stranger bits of hardware to come out of the Amazon labs in recent memory. Announced alongside the latest Echos, the little light up devices are designed to bring interactive game play to the Alexa Echo system. The company’s already announced a handful of compatible titles, and it seems that list is about to get ...

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Twitter to live stream weekly MLB games in renewed deal

Major League Baseball games are coming to Twitter as a result of a renewed partnership. This Thursday, Twitter will live stream the Texas Rangers versus the Oakland Athletics at 3:35 PM ET. The game will be the first of the weekly day-game live streams of out-of-market MLB games in the weeks ahead, during the 2018 season. The MLB will announce ...

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Google Play Instant lets you try games without having to install them

Last year, Google launched Instant Apps, a way for developers to give users a native app experience that didn’t involve having to install anything. Users would simply click on a link on the search results page and the instant app would load. Today, the company is extending this program to games. Thanks to this, you can now see what playing ...

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Amazon’s new GameOn API helps developers add eSports competitions to their games

Here’s a curious bit of news for your Monday morning: Amazon wants to be the backend for gaming tournaments. They’ve built a new, AWS-powered platform called “GameOn” for third-party developers, allowing them to easily add things like tournaments, leaderboards and leagues to their games. Fittingly for Amazon, there’s a product fulfillment aspect to the new API — competition organizers can ...

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Facebook lets all PC games Live stream and reward viewers

Facebook is challenging Twitch and YouTube for video game live streaming supremacy with the release of its new Games SDK for PC. After testing Live streaming from games like Overwatch from developers like Blizzard since 2016, today Live broadcasting from PC games to the News Feed opens to all developers. And Facebook will let them reward fans who watch by ...

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