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Football ‘beyond politics’: World Cup official says West’s political game not affecting ticket sales

Western attempts to use politics to undermine the 2018 World Cup are regrettable, but won’t keep fans from enjoying the tournament, Alexey Sorokin, head of Russia’s World Cup organizing committee, told RT’s Sophie Shevardnadze. Read more Speaking on Shevardnadze’s interview program SophieCo, Sorokin said it was unfortunate that some nations have disrespected the spirit of the World Cup by trying ...

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German companies end up losers in US sanctions game with Russia

German firms working in Russia face huge financial losses from the latest round of US sanctions against Russia, the German-Russian Chamber of Commerce has warned. “In a worst-case scenario, the losses of the companies could amount to almost €1.5 billion,” the trade lobby said. The entire German business set-up in Russia is being held hostage, thanks to the pressure exerted ...

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Grand Theft Auto no longer a game, as Russian MP proposes stricter laws

A Russian lawmaker has proposed the abolition of grand theft auto as a separate criminal offence, saying that it maintains a legal loophole that allows offenders to avoid severe penalties. The proposal has been drafted by MP Oleg Nilov (Fair Russia) and seeks to address a longstanding legislative controversy, which imposes a lighter punishment on motor-vehicle theft than the theft ...

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AI game trainer Gosu.ai raises $1.9M to give gamers a virtual assistant

If you play hardcore and competitive games, you want to win, so it would be useful to have someone leaning over your shoulder giving you tips on how to play better. Someone who knows all your moves and behaviors, for instance. That’s the thinking behind Gosu.ai, which has developed an AI assistant to help gamers play smarter and improve their ...

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Warner Bros. is pre-registering people for its Westworld game

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment is capitalizing on the wildly successful Westworld experience at South by Southwest and offering pre-registration for its upcoming mobile game — based on HBO’s series of the same name. Produced by the company’s WB Games in San Francisco through a collaboration with Kilter Films, the game was developed by Behaviour Interactive and will be released later ...

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Google partners with Ubisoft to launch Agones, an open source game server hosting system

When you think of cloud computing, chances are you are thinking about massive server farms that let you edit documents in the cloud and update your CRM system, but thankfully, there’s a playful side to the cloud as well. All of those multiplayer games, after all, have to run somewhere, too. Often, gaming companies write their own systems for running ...

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‘Hilltendo’ for the win: CNN’s Russian troll hunt digs up goofy Clinton video game

The internet appears largely unimpressed by a meticulous CNN investigation linking Russia to an anti-Hillary Clinton video game that was played an estimated 19,000 times in the run up to the 2016 presidential election. ‘Hilltendo’ is a primitive Flash-based browser game in which the player helps Hillary Clinton delete classified emails and scoop up money from medieval Arab dictatorships. It ...

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Hillary Clinton's election blame game zeros in on Facebook

Hillary Clinton has a new target to blame for her losing the 2016 presidential election and, surprisingly, this time it’s not the Russians. According to the Democrat, Facebook is behind for her failure to win the White House. The crux of the argument is that Facebook charged the Trump campaign team less for advertising on the platform and therefore seemed ...

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#BoycottFacebook: Social media giant criticized for ‘tone deaf’ VR shooter game at CPAC

Facebook was slammed online for featuring a demo of a VR shooting game at its booth at the Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) event. Facebook soon removed the game in response to the negative reaction, however. The demo included a game called Bullet Train, where players run around a train station killing enemies. The company was criticized for including the ...

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