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Navalny’s allies found another political party, choose “Russia of the Future” for name

Supporters of the anti-corruption blogger turned opposition figure, Alekesey Navalny, have made another attempt to register their own political party – only revealing its name at the founding convention to prevent a hijack. The convention was held at the weekend in one of Moscow’s business centers. It was attended by 124 deputies from 60 Russian regions, well over the law-required ...

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Crimean Bridge: Ukraine wants to bill Russia for future 'financial losses'

The head of Ukraine’s Ministry of Infrastructure, Vladimir Omelyan, has estimated potential financial losses stemming from the launch of the Kerch Strait Bridge between Russia and Crimea, and vowed to make Russia foot the bill. “We are roughly estimating our annual lost revenues at around 500 thousands hryvnia [$ 19 million],” the minister told a Ukrainian media NEWSONE. “They are ...

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Buy your future overlord: Creepy robot dog SpotMini up for sale soon

The dog-like robot that can open doors and haunt humanity’s dreams is now coming to a home near you. The creators of the SpotMini – the four-legged (and zero-headed) robot that is gaining global fame for its increasingly sophisticated skills – are ready to make them commercially available. During a TechCrunch conference at UC Berkeley on Friday, Marc Raibert, the ...

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Putin talks past & future challenges, thanks incumbent cabinet ahead of inauguration

Vladimir Putin has thanked the government for their efforts in overcoming past challenges, and briefly outlined future ones, in a meeting with a cabinet that will resign on Monday, the day of the Russian President’s inauguration. “It is important to maintain and develop such new approaches and, in general, to ensure the continuity in work, the continuity and consistency in ...

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What do Meltdown, Spectre and RyzenFall mean for the future of cybersecurity?

Andrew LohnContributor Andrew Lohn</a> is an engineer at the nonprofit, nonpartisan RAND Corporation. The security community is still reeling from the discoveries of the Meltdown and Spectre computer vulnerabilities, and now it seems that a rash of new hardware vulnerabilities called MasterKey, RyzenFall, Fallout and Chimera have been found in the past few months, too. Unlike most previous threats, all ...

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Curing HIV: New study method discovered as experts debate future vaccination

Scientists have developed a new way of studying cells infected with the HIV virus, raising hopes that the elusive cure might be found. According to researchers at Rockefeller University in New York, a new strategy could enable scientists to identify latent cells carrying the virus in patients. Published in Nature Medicine, the method involves the use of protein to enrich ...

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The future of e-commerce in India increasingly looks like an all-American affair

India’s technology industry is bracing itself for the next era of e-commerce warfare, which looks set to be waged and bankrolled by two gigantic corporations located halfway across the world: Amazon and Walmart. Amazon is already deeply committed to the country, where it has pledged to deploy more than $ 5 billion to grow its business, and now U.S. rival ...

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‘Stored in giant thermos bottles’: How a 'cryonics club' freezes people for the future (AUDIO)

Steeped in liquid nitrogen, 92-year-old Robert Ettinger is waiting patiently to wake up. The academic is one of 165 bodies held by the Cryonics Institute, which stores the dead ‘on ice’ in the hope they might one day live again. Located in Michigan, the Cryonics Institute is one of the foremost names in the business of freezing people and pets ...

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