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Repost of fake Churchill quote on ‘future fascist’ left gets Texas governor skewered on Twitter

Texas Governor Greg Abbott felt the full wrath of the internet after naively tweeting a 9gag-watermarked meme that called the Antifa “the fascists of the future” and attributed the words to Winston Churchill. Abbott was met with torrents of ridicule and snark after sharing a photo of the former British prime minister, accompanied by one of his many memorable “quotes.” ...

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‘I want my daughter to have a future’: Returning Syrian refugees explain urge to come back home

As the Syrian Army moves closer to regaining control over the last remaining militant-occupied areas, a growing number of refugees are returning to begin rebuilding their lives. RT asked some of them why they are coming home. Between January and October of last year, 700,000 Syrians returned home from abroad, according to UN data. One man who’s already moved back ...

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US must return to nuclear deal before future talks with Tehran – Rouhani aide

A return to the 2015 nuclear deal is the key to future talks between the US and Iran, an adviser to President Hassan Rouhani said. President Donald Trump is ready to negotiate, but believes the existing deal is “a waste of paper.” “Respecting the Iranian nation’s rights, reducing hostilities and returning to the nuclear deal are steps that can be ...

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NYT columnist fantasizes in article from a future in which Trump loses 2020 election to rival Warren

It is the year 2020 and Donald Trump has just lost his bid for reelection for president of the United States — at least in the mind of one New York Times scribe, who has envisioned a Trumpless future in his latest column. Columnist David Leonhardt has penned an article billed as a “sneak peek” at analysis from November 4, ...

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The future of personal aviation? Startup unveils ‘safe & affordable flying car’ (VIDEOS)

A Silicon Valley startup has unveiled an all-electric flying vehicle that can travel up to 25 miles at a speed of 62 mph. Known as the BlackFly, the aero car requires no special skills to operate and no formal licensing in the US. The futuristic-looking personal aviation vehicle designed purely for consumer needs was developed at the Silicon Valley-based Opener, ...

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Saudi King absolves troops of any future accountability for their conduct in Yemen war

A royal decree by Saudi King Salman has ‘pre-exonerated’ all troops fighting in Yemen from any accountability issues they may face over their conduct in the war, in which thousands of civilians have been killed and wounded. A statement announcing the early pardon, released by Saudi Arabia’s state news agency SPA, said the pardon extends to “all military men across ...

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Is America’s ‘crumbling’ infrastructure not ready for the future? RT’s Boom Bust investigates

RT’s Boom Bust show is looking into problems with infrastructure upgrades in the United States. The show is going to investigate America’s infrastructure from roads and rails to gas pipelines and the electrical grid. US President Donald Trump was seeking $ 1 trillion to rebuild what he called a ‘crumbling’ infrastructure. “The problem the states have and local leaders have ...

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A vision of the future? 28-year-old socialist stirs up New York politics

A 28-year-old socialist has shaken up New York politics and sent shockwaves through the Democratic Party by defeating 10-term incumbent Joe Crowley in the party’s congressional primary. The political newcomer, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who was working as a server in a New York restaurant just nine months ago, is a former volunteer for Bernie Sanders’ 2016 presidential campaign and comes from ...

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‘UK & US want OPCW powers expanded to justify future attacks against Syria’

London’s effort to empower the UN chemical watchdog with the right to assign guilt serves Western interests in finding loopholes and justifications for new attacks against Damascus, investigative journalist Rick Sterling told RT. “The UK in alliance with the US is hoping to have the OPCW able to assign blame and provide a rationale for future attacks by the US ...

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‘UN vote on Gaza violence shows isolation of US, Israel & proves this oppression has no future’

The UN resolution condemning Israel shows overwhelming international recognition that what’s going on in Gaza is wrong and that there’s no future in continuing this oppression, investigative journalist Rick Sterling told RT. The UN has adopted a nonbinding resolution condemning Israel’s excessive use of force during clashes in Gaza which have left more than 120 Palestinians dead since the end ...

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